Legend Of The Perfect Emperor Chapter 79

Chapter 79: The Odd Duo

Li Liling stood right outside the entrance of the Dragon Gate Sect, her eyes filled with admiration towards Li Qinqin.

She has not visited Li Qinqin in months, and this is how much she has grown since then? This is not the always quiet Li Qinqin she knows!

"See, elder sister? We got out just fine," said Li Qinqin with a smile.

"B-But" Li Liling turned to look at the guards that were staring at them with disbelief in their eyes. She didn't know what was happening or how it had come to this point.

One moment she was cultivating in the sect and the next she is outside the entrance with her younger sister who she hasn't seen in months.

"Even though we left the sect, where will we go now?" Li Liling asked her.

"I plan on going to the Purple Cloud Continent," said Li Qinqin. "There is something I want to confirm."

"Something you want to confirm?" Li Liling lifted an eyebrow at her words.

Li Qinqin looked at the coin in her hands and nodded with a mysterious aura surrounding her.


For the first time in her life, Li Liling was unable to understand Li Qinqin's thoughts something that she used to be very good at.

"Let's go, elder sister!"

Li Liling smiled at Li Qinqin's enthusiasm and nodded. "Let's go We have a lot to catch up on, don't we?"

Li Qinqin returned her smile with her own. "Yes!" she said with a wide smile on her face that shone brighter than even the morning sun.


Somewhere in the woods, two figures slowly limped around as they supported each other by putting their arms around their shoulders.

These two figures were both wearing robes with the same pattern as though they received them from the same place. And just like how their robes have the same patterns, the condition of their robes was also similar tattered and filled with holes looking like it had been cut many times with a sword.

Except for a few bruises, no blood could be seen on their body; it was as though the one who attacked them did not want blood to mess with their awkwardly hilarious appearance.

"Fuck! These damned bastards from the Overseeing Sect! I swear I will have their heads underneath my feet the next time we cross paths!" spat one of the figures, a young man with a round body, looking as though he was a walking meatball.

"Fei Rou if your fatass didn't provoke them by flirting with one of their disciples, would this have even happened? I know she was pretty and all, but we'll die at this rate..." sighed the other figure, a slim young man with sharp features, looking like a scholar.

"Ke Zhong, you asshole! It was you who didn't want to stop staring at that disciple's butt and got caught like a fool!" Fei Rou said in disbelief of his shamelessness.

Ke Zhong shook his head and said. "I may have been staring, but you were the one who had went in and spoke with her!"

"Fuck you! If I didn't immediately go and apologize to them, we would not have gotten away with just holes on our robes that exposes only our nipples, but holes around our body! We'd be dead!" Fei Rou gnashed his teeth, feeling like punching Ke Zhong whose appearance did not match his character at all.

"Fine, maybe I do have a part in this mess But if your fatass didn't apologize to them with an attitude as though you are their senior, would they even have drawn their swords in anger?!"

Fei Rou looked at him with wide eyes, but he was unable to talk back this time around.

"Good! Then this is a draw!" he then said after a moment of silence. "As expected of a fellow disciple who is junior to me by a few minutes!"

"Fuck you!" Ke Zhong quickly moved his hands and aimed at Fei Rou's exposed nipples.


Suddenly, a scream that sounded like a pig getting slaughtered echoed in every direction.


Fei Rou instantly pushed Ke Zhong away after having his nipples twisted by him.

"You you Out of all the places on my body, you had to aim at that part?! Draw your sword! We will fight to death today!" Fei Rou shouted with tears in his eyes, his hands covering the two holes on his chest.

"Good! Don't think I have forgotten about that day when you kicked me in between my legs and called it an accident! How the hell do you kick a place like that by accident?! Today, we will fight to death!"

Both Ke Zhong and Fei Rou reached for the side of their waist where they usually strap their sword, but alas, their hands grabbed nothing but empty air as they have forgotten that their weapons were taken by the disciples that had caused them to be in this state.


The two stared at each other awkwardly for a moment before returning to their position.

"You better pray to the heavens tonight for helping you escape your death today!" Ke Zhong sneered in a stiff tone.

"As expected from my fellow disciple who is a junior by a few minutes! Your luck may not be as good as mine, but it is damn sure near it!" Fei Rou said, the corners of his eyes twitching slightly.



"Hey I think I have a few broken bones and I cannot walk by myself" Ke Zhong said in his usual tone.

"I happen to feel the same way so I will forgive you for your crimes today!" Fei Rou nodded, still feeling the burning sensation on his nipples.

The two got back together and continued to limp their way towards the city that was still some distance away with each other as support; it was as though what had happened just now did not really happen, and that they were used to exchanges like this...


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