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  • Lethal Flower

  • Genres : Historical
  • Status : Ongoing
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Lethal Flower summary:

Before her brother Alex died from rescuing her, he made her promise. "Hua'er, p-promise me, t-hat no matter what y-you should live... live a happy and normal life. E-even if I no longer by your side I want to see your happy smile and hear your carefree laugh again...j-just like when you are still six...so keep on becoming more strong so no one is gonna hurt you again...a-and even if I'm no longer by...

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Lethal Flower Chapters

Time uploaded
83 Family Time3 weeks ago
82 Bizarre3 weeks ago
81 Spoiler3 weeks ago
79 Punishmen3 weeks ago
76 The Banque3 weeks ago
75 Invitation3 weeks ago
71 Meet Again3 weeks ago
70 Shadows3 weeks ago
69 Shifting3 weeks ago
68 Bai Chun3 weeks ago
67 The Envoy3 weeks ago
66 Arrival3 weeks ago
64 Disguise3 weeks ago
63 News3 weeks ago
60 Too Sof3 weeks ago
53 Frightened3 weeks ago
52 Dilemma3 weeks ago
42 Wary3 weeks ago
41 Unexpectedly3 weeks ago
39 Back To Home3 weeks ago
37 Not Done Ye3 weeks ago
31 The Letter3 weeks ago
30 The News3 weeks ago
29 Repayment 33 weeks ago
28 Repayment 23 weeks ago
27 Repaymen3 weeks ago
26 Payback Time3 weeks ago
24 Discovery3 weeks ago
10 Investigated3 weeks ago
9 Horrified3 weeks ago
1 Awakening3 weeks ago
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