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Liberum Mundi summary:

2800 years have passed since the Liberation Era. Where the Hero of Freedom liberated humanity from extinction, pushing back and beaten down the unimaginable horrors from the past.Now the world as they know has changed throughout the unforgiving nature that cannot be stopped. Many countries, nations, empires and kingdoms have risen and fallen. Chasing after faith, power, greed, even love. Throughout all of this, some stand tall while some crumbles down.Many see this world as unforgiving and cruel. Yet some see this world as kind and caring. Monsters roam uncheck across the world as frontier villages and citys fall victims. Humans as the dominant species with their different view of ideology, kill each other and destroy them self from both inside and outside. They can never unite as one except that one time with him. While having the constant fear that particular horror might ever arise once more.The kingpin of the Ibiros continent. The Southern United Rucina's Confederation. Simply known as Xin. Is where the story of a certain boy that will force the gears of the past and future fates to turn once more.Now we follow the story of a young boy on his journey forward in this war-torn world.

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