Library Of Heaven's Path Chapter 1038

"This…" Taking the scene into sight, Guild Leader Han suddenly thought of something, and his eyes narrowed. With a quivering voice, he said, "I've got it…"

"Got it?"

"What's going on?"

Seeing that Guild Leader Han had managed to make sense out of what had just happened, the confused crowd immediately turned their gazes to him.

Even the full might attack from the Saint 4-dan Wu shi had barely fazed that seal, so why would pouring a little of… that kind of stuff dissipate it?

"If I am not mistaken, the seal is probably of pure yang attribute, which makes it extremely vulnerable to contamination and water. If it was only plain water, the seal wouldn't have fallen apart that easily. But if one were to use the Spirit Solution of Vigor, it would curb the pure yang attribute of the seal, resulting in its swift dissipation," Guild Leader Han explained.

"Do formations of pure yang attribute have such properties? Why haven't I heard of it before?" Wu shi frowned.

He had met quite a few pure yang formations before, but he had never heard that they could be destroyed so easily with urine. If that was truly the case, wouldn't the existence of such formations be completely meaningless?

"Ordinary pure yang formations don't have such a property, but… if it is a perfected pure yang formation, that would be a different matter. Actually, most formations are vulnerable to contamination. For example, there are reports of a group that was trapped in a Confinement Formation for an extended period of time, unable to break out. However, when one of the ladies in the group gave birth 1 , the spiritual energy powering the formation abruptly dispersed, resulting in the collapse of the formation!" Guild Leader Han said.

"That…" Mu shi nodded in agreement. "I think I have heard of such a matter as well."

It was due to this that there were those who used the blood released by a pregnant woman during childbirth to forge artifacts to destabilize and destroy formations.

After explaining the matter, Guild Leader Han couldn't help but glance at the young man not too far away and remark meaningfully, "But to be able to tell the flaws of the seal with just a single look, Principal Zhang's comprehension of formations has reached an astounding level."

In truth, breaking a perfected pure yang formation wasn't as easy as just pouring the Spirit Solution of Vigor on it. If one failed to find the crux of the formation and weaken it with the Spirit Solution of Vigor right from the start, not only would one be unable to break the formation, the formation might even retaliate.

Taking the seal for example, judging from how it would release a burst of energies whenever it came under attack, it seemed like it had been built with the ability to retaliate against any attacks. Haphazard movements against it could potentially put one in danger.

While Principal Zhang's actions seemed simple, simply pouring the pail of Spirit Solution of Vigor over the seal, in truth, the height at which the pail was at, the force that its contents fell on the seal with, and the area where its contents would land… all of these had to be precisely calculated, not the slightest margin of error would be tolerated.

It was extremely challenging on one's control.

Most probably, only that monster was able to think of such a method to overcome the formation and even succeed on his first try.

One of the combat masters couldn't help but ask, "But such a bizarre method of overcoming the seal… how did the old principal and the others manage to enter back then? Were they really able to think of the same solution as well?"

The others were also puzzled by this bewildering fact.

It was apparent that such a bizarre method could only be thought of and pulled off by the seemingly omnipotent Principal Zhang. Considering the straightforward and austere personality of the old principal, Zhang Yinqiu, there was no way he would ever have thought of or even tried such a method.

After contemplating for a brief moment, Guild Leader Han said, "I am not sure how they got in, but… it is likely that they might have possessed some information that we are unaware of, or perhaps they were in possession of a key that allowed them to bypass the seal!"

Most ancient domains were built with the welfare of the later generations in mind. As such, they often came with a key or a unique artifact that granted those in possession of it a way to bypass the various traps and formations laid all across the ancient domain.

"That might very well be the case." The crowd nodded in agreement.

Indeed. Had it not been for Principal Zhang's help, they could very well still have been stuck at the trial above, completely helpless as to how they should proceed. It was hard to imagine that the old principal and his team could fare any better than them without a key in hand.

Geji! Geji!

While they were talking, the wooden pail had finally been emptied, and the seal began to shatter. A moment later, the massive door opened up before everyone's eyes. At the same time, the heat that was previously emanated from the door also began to dissipate gradually.

"We can enter now!" Seeing that the door had finally been opened, Zhang Xuan tossed his wooden pail to the side and heaved a sigh of relief.

Through the flaws listed in the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan had learned that the formation was a perfected pure yang formation, which made the Spirit Solution of Vigor a perfect counter to it. It was with this knowledge in mind that he had formulated such a daring plan, but who would have thought that it would actually work?

"Alright!" The crowd nodded before quickly moving toward the door.

Wu shi was still the first to lead the way, and only after confirming that there was no danger inside did he beckon the others over as well.

The area outside the door was incomparably hot, but upon stepping into the passageway within the door, the heat seemed to have disappeared all of a sudden. On the contrary, there was even a cooling breeze on the other side of the passageway, as if everything they had experienced just a moment ago was an illusion.

Bewildered by the abrupt changes in his surroundings, one of the combat masters asked, "Was it just my imagination?"

Given how the heat had been emanating from the door, they had thought that the other side of the door would have been so incomparably hot that it would be unbearable. Yet, it was completely different from what they had expected. Not only was it not hot, it was even… cooling?

Was everything that they had just undergone a moment ago nothing more than a figment of their imagination?

That would truly have been eerie!

"Don't panic. Our previous experiences with the intense heat and the lava were real, and what we are feeling at this very moment isn't an illusion either!" Guild Leader Han said in assurance. "It is very likely that there is a formation set up around here that allows one to alter the temperature of the surroundings freely. It is similar to the ones used in Formation Master Guilds, albeit a more extreme version."

Most Formation Master Guilds had a formation that controlled the conditions within it, such as the temperature, so as to create a comfortable environment for the formation masters to work in.

One reason there would be such a steep difference in the environment could be due to a similar formation being set up within the door.

"That's indeed possible…" Hearing the explanation, the crowd nodded in agreement.

Even though it was inconceivable to them that one could induce such a steep change in the surrounding temperature through just a formation, they also knew that the person who had left behind the ancient domain had been an expert far beyond their caliber, so it was unwise to gauge the other party by their standards.

After all, their experiences were limited by their cultivation, so what might have seemed unbelievable to them might not necessarily be impossible. Principal Zhang overcoming the seal with the Spirit Solution of Vigor was one example of that.

"It isn't a formation."

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded. The one who had spoken was neither Wu shi nor Zhang Xuan, but the reticent Luo Ruoxin.

"What else can it be if not a formation?" Noting Luo Ruoxin's confident tone, the crowd couldn't help but feel a little bewildered.

"It's a type of spatial manipulation!" Luo Ruoxin replied.

"Spatial manipulation?" The crowd glanced at one another, unable to comprehend what had just been said.

"It is similar to the concepts used in storage rings. Stepping across the door has already brought us to another dimension, and it goes without saying that the environment will be completely different from before. The only reason you didn't notice it is due to the seal cast over the door," Luo Ruoxin said.

"We are in another dimension?" The bodies of the crowd jolted in astonishment upon hearing those words.

A formation was still a concept that was relatable to the crowd, but the laws of space were beyond their comprehension.

For the elder who had left behind the ancient domain to be able to manipulate even space itself, just how powerful an expert was he?

"It is said that Saint 9-dan experts are capable of comprehending the laws of space, allowing them to set up folded spaces that are capable of sustaining life. Could it be that the master of the ancient domain has reached such a level as well?" Wu shi muttered with fists clenched in agitation.

As a 7-star high-tier master teacher, he was privy to some information regarding the top echelons of the Master Teacher Continent. As rare as Saint 9-dan experts were, there were still some books regarding them in the Master Teacher Pavilion that others could learn from.

Experts of that caliber were already far beyond their reach, existences that they could barely fathom. Even a mechanism or formation that they set up on a whim could easily blow their minds.

Hearing those words, Luo Ruoxin shook her head with her eyes lowered slightly. It was hard to tell whether that gesture was directed toward Wu shi's response or a contemplative gesture on her part.

Only Saint 9-dan experts are capable of comprehending the laws of space? Zhang Xuan blinked in astonishment.

In truth, he hadn't thought that spatial manipulation would be such an advanced ability.

He had once entered a folded space back at the Saint Ascension Platform, and he had even ordered the Myriad Anthive Queen to assimilate it into her nest. If that was the case, did it mean that the place had been left behind by a Saint 9-dan expert as well?

Back then, Kong shi had only achieved a breakthrough to Saint realm, so it was impossible for him to have set it up himself. That would mean that there was already a loyal Saint 9-dan subordinate following him even back then.

However, considering the incredible prowess and the unique charisma that Kong shi commanded, it would not have been too difficult for him to take in a couple of followers who boasted strength greater than him.

Back then, when I first met Luo Ruoxin in the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy during the public lecture event, she was able to maneuver through the bustling crowd without anyone coming close to touching her at all. That seems to have been spatial manipulation as well.

Such an idea emerged in Zhang Xuan's mind, but he soon shook his head with a bitter smile. No, that should be impossible. She's only a 6-star master teacher, so even if she is stronger than me, she can't possibly be too far ahead. It is probably some kind of secret art or unique artifact.

Having read all of the books in the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy, Zhang Xuan had learned that the Master Teacher Continent was filled with all kinds of wonders. On top of unique constitutions that could emerge randomly among fortunate individuals from time to time, there were also formidable clans who possessed special bloodlines. Through the power of their bloodline, they could draw forth exceptional strength that had the potential to exceed any battle techniques in the world.

This was also the reason the Sage Clans wielded immense power in the Master Teacher Continent, with only a few daring to oppose them.

Perplexed, Zhang Xuan turned to Luo Ruoxin and asked, "How can you be certain that it isn't a formation but a type of spatial manipulation?"

Hearing those words, Wo Tianqiong and the others turned their gazes over as well.

Concepts relating to space were extremely profound, far beyond what they could comprehend at their current level.

Luo Ruoxin pointed a finger forward and said, "That's simple. Just look ahead and you will know."

The crowd hurriedly turned their eyes over, and at the other end of the passageway they were currently in, the scenery abruptly changed.

Meandering mountains that stretched into the horizon were filled with lush greenery. The air was comfortable, very different from the warm and dry environment around Firesource City. It was as if they had stepped into an entirely different world.

"Is this… a folded space? It's massive!" Zhang Xuan was stunned.

He had encountered quite a few folded spaces so far, and he even possessed a decent-sized one himself. However, one as large as the one before him… he had never thought that it would be possible for a folded space to be that large, let alone see one!

He had thought that his folded space was already rather incredible to span several hundred meters from one end to the other, but the one before him could house mountains and rivers that extended to the horizon. Frightening!

The larger a folded space was, the greater the pressure it would face from the external world, thus making it less stable.

How in the world did the master of the ancient domain manage to create and maintain such a large folded space?

Just as Zhang Xuan was completely astounded by the sight before him, Guild Leader Han's voice suddenly sounded at that moment. He quickly turned his gaze toward the latter, only to see the latter's body completely stiffened in shock.

"No, this isn't a folded space; this is a Spatial Formation!"

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