Library Of Heaven's Path Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Huang Yu
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"Gongzi, are you here to buy books or to browse through books?"
Gongzi -> Gentleman
The moment he steps into the bookstore, a young lady steps forward to welcome him.
Around seventeen to eighteen year old, her pure face and appearance are particularly alluring. Even though she is still slightly lacking compared to Shen Bi Ru laoshi, she is considered as an exceptional beauty.
"Is there... secret manuals on Fighter 6-dan cultivation technique here?"
Zhang Xuan reveals his objective here to her.
"Fighter 6-dan cultivation technique? Gongzi must be joking. Such secret manuals on cultivation technique cost a hefty sum, a little business like ours doesn't have the qualifications to be selling them... If you want some entrance level cultivation technique manuals, we have a few of it here though..." The lady shakes her head.
The books sold in their store mainly consists of human geography, biographies of reputable figures and such. Cultivation techniques are something highly confidential to cultivators, so how can it be allowed to be browsed through or sold freely?
"Then... Do you know any stores that sell them?" Confirming his suspects that the manuals aren't on sale here, Zhang Xuan sighs and looks at her in expectation.
"Sell them?" The lady shakes her head. "It is impossible for anyone in Tianxuan Royal City to be selling cultivation techniques of this level. However... Some experts do collect quite a few of them. If you have an amicable relationship with them, it might be possible for them to allow you to look through them!"
"Allow me to look through them? Taking a look is great as well!" Zhang Xuan's eyes light up.
With the Library of Heaven's Path, there is no need for him to buy the books. As long as he is able to lay his hand on those books, just by flipping through it, a corresponding book will be compiled automatically.
"Do you know any seniors who collect such manuals in their residence, and allow others to browse through them?" He can't resist asking.
"Allow others to browse through them?" The lady frowns and just as she is about to shake her head, she suddenly thought of something and slyness flits across her eyes. She smiles and says, "I do know of one. However, he is known for being eccentric! When he is in high spirits, he won't mind even if you were to take all of the books in his house. But if he is in a bad mood, ignoring the fact whether he will allow you to browse through his books or not, he might not even allow you to walk through his door..."
"Such a person exists in the world?" Zhang Xuan frowns. He continues, "Then, may I trouble you to guide me to seek that senior?"
"It just happens that there isn't much business today. I will bring you there now!" The young lady smiles.
"Thanks for the trouble!"
He doesn't expect the lady to be so helpful as to bring him there personally, so he nods his head in gratitude.
With the lady leading ahead, the two of them walk out of the bookstore.
Through their idle chatter, Zhang Xuan learns that the name of the lady is Huang Yu. This bookstore is opened by her. Judging from the appearance of the bookstore, it seems to be newly opened, at maximum around ten days or so.
"You are saying that there are many books in the home of that senior?" After walking a distance, Zhang Xuan can't resist asking.
"Naturally. That senior is a famous scholar in the entire kingdom, and he was once Emperor Shen Zhui's tutor! He is a person who is able to freely go in and out of the kingdom's Book Collection Vault. Do you think that it is possible for the books in his home to not be many?" Huang Yu says reverently.
"Emperor Shen Zhui's teacher? That means, he used to be an emperor's tutor?" Zhang Xuan is stunned.
The current emperor of Tianxuan Kingdom is named Shen Zhui. No one is aware of the specific level of his cultivation, they only know that he is the strongest person in the entire kingdom, unmatched by anyone!
The tutors of such a figure are carefully handpicked and have to undergo numerous selection processes before their positions are confirmed. Even the principal of Hongtian Academy doesn't possess such qualifications!
"He is his painting and calligraphy teacher, and not his martial arts teacher. Even so, he is still an incredible figure who is deeply respected by the emperor!" At this point, Huang Yu's face turns solemn as she warns Zhang Xuan, "This old mister Lu Chen is an elegant person who is very particular about decorum. He detests juniors talking nonsense before him. When we arrive, it is best for you to not to speak too easily. Otherwise, it will be impossible for you to be given permission to browse through his books!"
"Un!" Zhang Xuan nods his head.
"Also, I also have my own matters to attend to. When we arrive, you will have to deal with the matter of borrowing books yourself, don't mess up my matter along with yours!" Huang Yu glances over with her beautiful eyes as she speaks.
"Don't worry, I won't put you in a difficult position!" Comprehending the meaning behind her words, Zhang Xuan smiles in response.
He is already grateful for the fact that she is willing to bring him over. If he is capable, he will be able to borrow the books. However, even if he ends up in failure, nothing can be done about it.
No matter what, he is still a teacher. How can he put a young lady in an awkward position?
"The old mister prefers juniors who are more obedient. No matter what the old mister says, you just have to nod your head. You should also know that a great scholar like him tend to be more conservative so his thoughts may diverge from that of us, youngsters. Just try not to squabble with him over these!" Huang Yu reminds him once again.
The two of them soon walks out of the market. After passing by a series of alleys that would leave one confused, they arrive at a residence.
"This is the residence of old mister Lu Chen!" Huang Yu points towards the residence.
Zhang Xuan raises his head to take a look at the entire residence. It isn't as vast and extravagant as he expected. It seems like the residence of an ordinary household and there isn't even a door plaque at the entrance. If it weren't for Huang Yu leading him here, he might have thought that this is the residence of a normal civilian.
This is... the place where the emperor's tutor lives?
Zhang Xuan finds it hard to believe.
"Old mister Lu Chen lives a thrifty life. There were many times when Emperor Shen Zhui offered to reconstruct his residence, but he firmly rejected the offers!" Noticing his doubt, Huang Yu explains.
Zhang Xuan nods his head as his respect for the emperor's tutor grows.
Despite possessing such social status, he is able to remain incorruptible and thrifty without being changed by power. It seems like this old mister is a sentimental and straightforward person.
Da da da da!
Just as they are about to knock on the door, a carriage rushes over. The distinct sound of the galloping of the horse echoes through the alley.
The carriage stops beside the two. A young man parts the curtains of the carriage and walks out.
He is a seventeen to eighteen year old youth dressed in white. Tall and slim, his face is exquisite, similar to a white jade. With a single look, it is clear to see that he is scion, and he exudes an aura of superiority.
"Xiao Yu? You are here too!"
Xiao Yu -> Little Yu (A pet name for Huang Yu)
Seeing Huang Yu, the white-clothed gongzi's eyes twinkle and immediately tries to fawn upon her.
Gongzi -> Gentleman
"I am Huang Yu, don't give me such a mushy nickname. We aren't that familiar with one another yet!" Huang Yu curls her lips contemptuously.
"Given the relationship between our families, it isn't too much to call you Xiao Yu. Besides, wasn't that how I called you when you were younger as well? Are you here to visit old mister Lu Chen as well?" The white-clothed gongzi smiles and flings his robe. He strikes a pose, as though declaring that victory is in his hands. "Hehe, don't think too much about that object. It will definitely come under my possession!"
"It is hard to tell whose it will be at this point! I only fear that you will cry then!" Huang Yu doesn't step down to his taunting.
"We'll see then!"
The white-clothed gongzi chuckles. At this point, he finally notices Zhang Xuan and frowns, "Who is this? Xiao Yu, why did you bring an outsider here..."
"No matter who is it that I bring, it is none of your business!"
Huang Yu purses her lips, not sparing the other party any face.
"Hmph, lad. No matter who you are, I advise you to stay away from Xiao Yu. She isn't someone a small figure like you can lay your hands upon!" Looking at Zhang Xuan, the white-clothed gongzi narrows his eyes and spits coldly.
Zhang Xuan didn't expect to be threatened when he is here only to borrow a book. A strong feeling of helplessness surges through him.
Using the words from his previous world, he is lucky like a dead mongoose.
All Huang Yu did is to bring him here, they are just barely acquaintances. Do you really have to go that far?
Threatened by someone, Zhang Xuan feels displeased. He stretches his back and waves away his concerns, "You interfere too much. My apologies but I don't think that you need to concern yourself over this!"
"Fine, I hope that you don't regret your words!"
He didn't expect that a lad he had never met before would dare to speak to him in such a manner. The white-clothed gongzi's eyebrows shoot up and his eyes narrow. Turning around, he ignores the other two and walks over to the front of the courtyard to knock on the door.
"Why are you so rash..."
As the white-clothed man knocks on the door, Huang Yu's anxious voice sounds by Zhang Xuan's ears.
"Why?" Zhang Xuan looks at her in puzzlement.
"Do you know who he is, for you to dare to speak to him like that?" Seeing the oblivious look on the other party's face, Huang Yu feels a little helpless.
It is truly hard to tell whether this fellow has a strong heart or that there is something wrong with his head.
"Who cares who he is..." Zhang Xuan shrugs.
What does his identity have to do with me?
"You..." Seeing the expression on the young man's face, Huang Yu is starting to doubt if she had brought a fool over. Seeing the indifferent look in his eyes, she is able to tell that he truly isn't bothered over the identity of the person he just offended. At a loss for words, she could only introduce the person before to him, "He is the sole son of Zhennan Wang, Bai Xun!"
Zhennan Wang is known as the number one authoritative subject of Tianxuan Kingdom, his position beneath only that of Emperor Shen Zhui. Offending his only son means that it will be hard for him to make a living in Tianxuan Kingdom.
Initially, she thought that revealing the identity of the other party will induce fear in this fellow and that he would ask her how he should resolve the problem. Contrary to her expectations, Zhang Xuan looks over with a confused expression, "Zhennan Wang... Who is he?"
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