Library Of Heaven's Path Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Hongjin Pearl Fruit
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Who is this?
The sole son of the number one authoritative subject of Tianxuan Kingdom, Zhennan Wang!
For him to be crying Zhang Xuan as his grandpa? Surely I am hearing things
Uncle Cheng only feels his vision blurring before him and almost loses consciousness.
I just stepped away for a moment to grab a Strength Measuring Rock Pillar What happened? Can anyone enlighten me
Cough cough, alright. Little brother Zhang Xuan, there are plenty of opportunities for the both of you to spar in the future. Bai Xun is injured and needs to regulate his cultivation for awhile! Anyway, since the Strength Measuring Rock Pillar is already here, I think it would be best for you to try out your strength first!
Sensing the awkwardness of the situation, Master Lu Chen quickly steps in.
Alright! Seeing that Bai Xun is unwilling to spar, Zhang Xuan shakes his head in disappointment. He looks at the Strength Measuring Rock Pillar which is just inserted into a crevice on the ground and walks over to it. With a slight smile, he says, Actually, I have tested my strength yesterday and it was about 4 ding or so. There probably wont much of a difference testing it today
It was just this morning that he had beaten Yao Han into a pig-head. Before that, he had tested his strength and had ascertained it to be 8 ding!
He had been busy the entire day. Furthermore, without a cultivation technique for him to cultivate, not a single one of his acupoints have been broken through yet. Thus, there shouldnt be a rise in his strength. Although he has cultivated the Heavens Path Golden Body, in Zhang Xuans opinion, even if there was an improvement with his physical body, it cant possibly rival up to the significance of zhenqi in determining ones might.
As for why he said that his strength is 4 ding, it is because this is the standard strength a Dingli realm pinnacle would possess. He doesnt want to reveal too much of his secrets. At worst, he just has to hold back half of his strength when testing it later on.
Since the pillar has been brought here, give it a try! Master Lu Chen says.
Alright! Zhang Xuan smiles as he accepts the offer. With the intention to only use half of his strength, his fist flies towards the rock pillar before him.
His fist propels forward as though a lightning strike and the shock wave of his fist causes the wind to rustle.
Light shines from the pillar and figures start to slowly appear on it.
Look, as I said, 4 ding Seeing the figures that had floated onto the surface of the pillar, Zhang Xuan waves his hands and turns around to look at the others with a smile. However, before he could finish his words, he sees Bai Xun, Huang Yu, Master Lu Chen and Uncle Cheng look at him as though he is a monster.
Every single one of their eyes are almost popping out of their sockets.
Whats the matter? Zhang Xuan frowns.
He lowers his head to look at himself, there shouldnt be anything off about him though?
Look at the Strength Measuring Rock Pillar again! Huang Yu says in agitation.
What is wrong with the Strength Measuring Rock Pillar? Isnt it just 4 ding? Do you all have to be so shocked
Turning around to take a look, Zhang Xuans body staggers and he almost falls to the floor. Unsure of when it happened, but the number 9 had appeared behind the number 4 that he saw previously.
Putting it together 49!
The fist that I just threw had the strength of 49 ding?
Zhang Xuan is also astonished.
When he tested it this morning, he only had 8 ding of strength. Furthermore, he intentionally restrained half of his strength when striking on the rock pillar, so how could he had possibly reached a might of 49 ding?
Doesnt this mean that if he didnt contain his strength, his fist could hold a might of almost 100 ding behind it?
A Fighter 5-dan Dingli realm pinnacle possesses 4 ding of strength while the strength of a Pixue realm pinnacle expert wouldnt exceed 80 ding. To be capable of hitting 100 ding with his fist, doesnt this mean that his strength is equal to a Fighter 6-dan Pixue realm expert, surpassing the latter even?
Could it be that the Strength Measuring Rock Pillar is malfunctioning?
A thought flashes through his mind and Zhang Xuan cant resist raising his doubt.
The rock pillar isnt malfunctioning. Didnt you achieve a breakthrough in the study previously? It caused your strength to soar. Furthermore, you have yet to adapt to your newfound strength, thats why you thrashed Bai Xun so overwhelmingly!
Seeing his thoughts being verified, Master Lu Chen explains.
Initially, he wanted to say that he himself was beaten into a pulp by Zhang Xuan, but he stopped at the crucial point. After all, no matter what, he is still a master and has to consider his reputation
A breakthrough? An inflation from 4 ding to 49 ding? It cant be that you broke through 45 acupoints at once?
It is one thing to not hear his explanation, but the moment they hear it, Bai Xun and Huang Yu almost faint on the spot.
Surely you are jesting?
At Fighter 6-dan Pixue realm, one opens up his acupoints to raise ones cultivation. For every acupoint opened, one will gain 1 ding of strength.
It is said that there are a total of 108 acupoints in the human body. However, only 72 of which can be opened. Furthermore, there is a specific order to opening these acupoints. Due to the difference in physique for every individual, they require a different sequence in breaking through them to achieve the optimal effect. If one fails to find the ideal sequence, they could possibly only end up opening thirty to forty acupoints in their life and find themselves unable to advance forward.
Normally, one breaks through them one by one, and ones strength will increase slowly 1 ding at a time. For Zhang Xuans strength to increase by 45 ding in an instant
Dude, you are about to bash through the heavens!
It is not that I have never seen people breaking through, but I have never seen someone break through in such a way!
Actually, it isnt just the others who are giddy and in a state of disbelief, even Zhang Xuan himself doesnt know what is going on.
Was such a massive improvement induced just from cultivating Heavens Path Golden Body? Allowing his strength to increase by 90 ding instantaneously?
Normally, when he casually sent Master Lu Chen flying and defeated Bai Xun, he should have understood how much of an improvement he had made and how much his strength had grown by, and not be as ignorant as he is now.
However, as a transcender and someone who has just started cultivating two days ago, it is already incredible that he is able to control his cultivation to exert the correct amount of strength. Going into the specifics to control his strength, so as to manipulate it as he pleases, is simply expecting too much of him!
This is just like an ordinary person who is suddenly granted superhuman strength. He wouldnt be able to get used to it initially, and, perhaps, might even feel slightly lost about the matter.
This is exactly the situation that is occurring with Zhang Xuan. Initially, he only possessed 8 ding of strength. However, it suddenly increased by 90 ding, an increment of more than tenfold. Furthermore, as this increment originates from his physical body, it is undetectable Rather, it would be weird if he knew it in advance!
It is already a blessing for him to not have reduced Bai Xun into a lump of meat.
Little brother Zhang, you cant possibly have opened 45 acupoints just now?
Seeing him in a daze, Master Lu Chen asks slowly.
It is unheard of to open 45 acupoints in an instant But if that isnt the case, where could have the sudden boost of strength possibly came from?
I am still Dingli realm pinnacle. My cultivation has yet to advance, just that my physical body grew stronger by a bit! Zhang Xuan says.
Physical body? Master Lu Chen is astounded, not daring to believe what he has just heard. I have heard that there are some treasures in the world that allow ones physical body to rival steel when consumed, giving one the strength equivalent to a Pixue realm pinnacle. Could it be that it is possible to reach such a level through cultivating ones physical body as well?
Keng I seem to have eaten some unidentifiable fruit today. Initially, I felt my body heat up after eating it, but I didnt pay much heed to it. Perhaps, that could be the reason for the sudden increase in the strength of my physical body! Zhang Xuan says.
As a member of modern civilization, he understands the logic that possessing a treasure beyond ones ability will attract calamity. If he were to acknowledge that he has reached such a level through cultivation, innumerable people might go red-eyed and try to extort him of his cultivation technique.
Perhaps, some might even kidnap him to research on.
Since Master Lu Chen had mentioned that there are some treasures that can induce a massive enhancement in ones physical body, he decided to go along with it.
Fate, this is truly fate! Master Lu Chen doesnt doubt Zhang Xuans words at all.
Actually, it isnt that he isnt doubtful, but even if he is, he has no choice but to believe Zhang Xuans words!
For ones physical strength to increase by a few dozen ding through two hours of cultivation?
Isnt this daydreaming?
It is as laughable as trying to get a male to bear children!
Rather than believing that nonsense, it is more probable that he might have consumed some treasure.
May I know the appearance of the fruit that little brother ate? Master Lu Chen continues asking.
Appearance? Zhang Xuan scratches his head. He was spouting nonsense, so how could he have possibly known how it would look like? However, since they have already gotten to this point, keeping silent would seem much more suspicious instead. Thus, he replies, It is a red-colored fruit
Previously, when he was flipping through the books in the academys Compendium Pavilion, he recalls seeing a record of a fruit similar to what Lu Chen has just described. The book is an epic of a persons travels, and a character in it had eaten a red-colored fruit and had his strength raised massively. At this moment, he could only blindly try his luck.
Red-colored? Could it be crimson-colored? Indeed, it is that thing!
Master Lu Chen seems to have thought of something and his breathing hastens.
Master knows of it?
It is theHongjin Pearl Fruit! Legend has it that consuming it will allow ones physical body to soar rapidly, granting one the strength that even a Pixue realm pinnacle expert is unable to withstand! Master Lu Chen says excitedly.
Hongjin Pearl Fruit?
Zhang Xuan says with a bizarre look on his face.
Could it be that such a thing really exists?
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