Library Of Heaven's Path Chapter 61

Chapter 61: She Loves Me
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After inviting Zhang Xuan out for dinner yesterday, they ended up meeting with Shang Bin.
For him, the grandson of an elder and a high-level teacher of the academy, to be pummeled to such a state, it would be bizarre instead for him not to seek vengeance!
However, since the academy bans private duels between teachers in its compounds, could it be possible that the fellow sent someone else to intentionally mask himself so as to assault Zhang Xuan here?
It is no wonder that Shen Bi Ru would think so. After all, Yao Hans dress up is way too bizarre. A thick layer of white cloth covers his entire face, revealing only his eyes. At a glance, the impression he gives others is of one unwilling to reveal his true identity!
Furthermore, he refuses to answer upon being questioned!
Thinking about it now, the reason why Zhang Xuan forbade her from following him yesterday was because he knew that Shang Bin would be unable to take it lying down. He knew that Shang Bin would definitely find someone to take revenge on him!
A cold gleam flashes across Shen Bi Rus narrowed eyes. She is the cause of this entire situation, so naturally, it isnt right for her to be watching by the sidelines. Do you know the punishment for attacking a teacher in the academy?
Attacking a teacher?
Yao Han doesnt expect the beautiful lady to ask such a question. He is first taken aback, but he soon recalls the event with Shang Bin yesterday. In an instant, realisation strikes him. Could it be that you are that Shen Bi Ru?
The cause of Shang Bin pummeling him was due to Shang Bin getting jealous of Zhang Xuan as the both of them were vying for Shen Bi Rus favor. He will never forget this incident even if he is beaten to death. Yet, at this moment, a beautiful lady suddenly pops up and asks him whether he knows that attacking a teacher can result in a penalty. Who else can this beautiful lady be other than her?
Looks like she is here to seek vengeance for Shang Bin after he pounded her pursuer yesterday.
Thats right! Shen Bi Ru puts on a wary expression as her fists clench tightly together. Her aura billows, If you want avoid any trouble, leave right now. Otherwise, dont blame me for being impolite!
Being a Fighter 5-dan pinnacle, she exerts intense pressure on others upon releasing her full strength.
Impolite? Arent you here to find trouble with me? What a lousy excuse!
Seeing how she is preparing to make a move when the both of them had barely spoken a few words, Yao Hans face darkens to the extremities.
As a butler of Baiyu City Lord Residence, he is a powerful figure in Baiyu City. No matter who he meets, they would always show some deference to him. Yet, over here, he was first beaten to a pulp by someone, and now, a lowly ordinary teacher doesnt even show him respect. Rage surges through him.
How can he still tolerate it after hearing these words? His complexion darkens as he clenches his fist. Without a word, he charges forward.
The moment he makes a move, the rebuke that Shen Bi Ru is about to direct towards him chokes in her throat. With no other choice, she can only face up to him.
Peng peng peng!
In a moment, the both of them start crossing blows.
Shen Bi Ru might just be Fighter 5-dan pinnacle, but she possesses incredible stamina and profound techniques. Furthermore, even though Yao Hans fighting prowess surpasses her, due to his injury, he isnt able to take her down within a short moment.

Shang shaoye, what did Elder Shang say?
Shaoye -> Young master
On the pavement in the academy, Cao Xiong cant resist the urge to ask the young man walking over.
Rest assured. As long as that student of yours did not willingly acknowledge Zhang Xuan as his teacher, he is dead meat this time! Shang Bin sneers coldly.
This morning, Elder Shang ran over to the Teacher Guild to find Elder Mo and invited him here.
As long as he brings Zhang Xuan and his student to the Enlightenment Will Tower, the latters reputation will be ruined and he will be expelled from Hongtian Academy!
Thats great. The moment Zhang Xuan is expelled from the academy, Shen laoshi would definitely give in to gongzis persistence! By then, it would be difficult for her to stay away from you
Gongzi -> Gentleman
Cao Xiong flatters him with a smile.
Un! No doubt about it, Shen Bi Ru was deceived by that lads flowery talk yesterday, thats why she gave in and had a meal with him. As long as that lad scrams from the academy, I dont believe that my efforts to woo her will remain in vain!
The moment Shen Bi Ru flashes through his mind, self-confidence wells up in Shang Bin once again.
He is the grandson of an elder, as well as a high-level teacher, not to mention that he is tall and dashing. Regardless of which aspect one is speaking of, he is countless times more outstanding than Zhang Xuan!
In the entire academy, only he is worthy of an enchanting lady like Shen Bi Ru.
As long as he persists on, who else can she fancy other than him?
Then, I will be giving my blessings to Shang shaoye to bring the beauty home soon!
Cao Xiong quickly follows up with a fawn.
Rest assured, if I were to become a couple with Shen laoshi, I will make sure to reward you greatly Shang Bin wanted to laugh heartily, but the next moment, he accidentally tugs on his wounded muscles and excruciating pain surges through him. Also, other than Zhang Xuan, I will not forgive the one who beat me up yesterday, Yao Han! So what if he is the butler of Baiyu City Lord Residence? This is Tianxuan Royal City, not a place for him to do as he pleases!
That fellow pounded his face in public, leaving him disfigured. How can he possibly forgive him!
Naturally! Cao Xiong nods his head. Suddenly, he freezes before quickly pointing forward, Shang shaoye, quickly, look
What happened? Shang Bin is bewildered. Unable to hold in his curiosity, he turns to take a look. In that instant, his eyes narrow, Isnt that Shen laoshi? Why is she battling with someone else? That is Yao Han!
Right outside Zhang Xuans classroom, the two are fighting intensely.
One is the goddess that he thinks of even in his sleep, Shen Bi Ru, while the other is the person whom he just spoke of, the one who makes him grind his teeth in resentment, Yao Han.
The two of them arent acquainted with one another, why would they be fighting?
Shang shaoye, could it be Shen laoshi found out that you were beaten up by this fellow, so she felt angered and wanted to take revenge for you?
After hesitating for a moment, Cao Xiong suddenly thought of a possibility and comments.
Un? Is that true? Shang Bin is taken aback.
Indeed. Otherwise, there is no reason for the two to be fighting one another! Shen laoshi has a gentle personality and treats others kindly, she doesnt get into fights easily. You should be well aware of that as well. Right after you were beaten up, she gets into a huge fight with him. If she didnt do it for Shang shaoye I cant think of any other plausible reason behind this! To be willing to go so far for you, I dare to confirm that Shen laoshi has some feelings for you, and very possibly, it could be love!
Cao Xiong says.
She loves me?
Shang Bins body freezes, as a wave of happiness gushes through his heart.
Thats right, theres no other possible reason for Shen Bi Ru to fight with that guy.
Never would he have thought that this woman, despite refusing his dates and keeping her distance from him, she would actually love him so much, and care so much for him!
Even going to the extent of battling a Fighter 6-dan expert despite being at Fighter 5-dan!
This cannot do. I cannot allow her to get injured because of me!
Agitation fills his heart. Shang Bin feels as though he has been revived and fighting spirit gushes through him.
The debt that is the hardest to bear is one from a beauty.
The other party has already gone this far. What does he have to hesitate?
If he continues hesitating, then he wouldnt be a man anymore!
Shen laoshi, I am here to help you
With a furious roar, Shang Bin rushes upwards.
Yao Han is in the midst of battling with Shen Bi Ru. After testing her out for a few dozens of blows, he has already grasped onto the offensive methods of the other party. He is confident that as long as he gets serious, he is able to defeat her within a few blows. Just as he is about to execute his ultimate technique, he hears a shout and Shang Bin appears before him.
As I expected, they are a team. Damn it, damn it!
Seeing his arrival, Yao Hans rage flares up once more.
He was suspecting whether the incident might just be a misunderstanding a moment ago, but by the looks of it now, the heck it is a misunderstanding!
It is obvious that these two are in it together, and they are intent on finding trouble with him.
The more he thinks about it, the angrier he gets. As such, he no longer holds back and strikes down mercilessly upon Shang Bin.
Shang Bin rushes in all of the sudden spiritedly and in the turn of an eye, he starts crossing blows with Yao Han. Shen Bi Ru is unable to react to the sudden change of situation.
Upon seeing the two of them battle one another, she cant help but to be taken aback.
Can it be that I have guessed wrongly, and this man isnt sent by him?
The moment such an idea pops into her head, another possibility flashes through her mind and her face darkens, I see, he is trying to kill two birds with one stone. No wonder I found it weird. If this masked fellow wanted to find trouble with Zhang Xuan, he could have just rushed in straight. There is no reason for him to be loitering around the entrance. From the looks of it now, it seems that he wants to play out the act of a hero rescuing the beauty so as to attract my attention. Hmph!
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