Library Of Heaven's Path Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Unable to be Revoked
Translator: StarveCleric Editor: Thaddpole&Tortex

Save him? Unable to control his strength?
Based on xiao wangyes words, Zhang Xuan laoshis strength is superior to Elder Shang Chen? How is this possible?
Without taking too much time, everyone manages to process the events that just occurred.
This is especially so for Shang Bin and Cao Xiong, who claimed that Zhang Xuan is weak and that Wang Tao is lying. The both of them are unable to believe the situation unfolding before them.
In the previous examination, Zhang Xuan is confirmed to be only Zhenqi realm pinnacle. This is something that the entire academy is aware of, and there arent any news of him breaking through. If so, how can he be stronger than Bai xiao wangye? Furthermore, based on his words, it seems that even Elder Shang Chen is incapable of matching up to him.
It might be bizarre and unbelievable, but no one thinks that Bai Xun is lying.
Everyone knows that not only is Bai xiao wangye incredibly talented, he is also fond of competing and sparring with others! He will feel uncomfortable if he doesnt spar a couple of rounds every day! Since he is so in awe of this Zhang Xuan, does that mean that he really possesses the strength he speaks of?
At this point, every single of them widens their eyes to look at the young man whom they thought was trash previously.
There is nothing spectacular about him, except for his white and smooth skin which makes him look even younger than his actual age. How can he possibly be an expert?
Cough cough!
Upon seeing the doubtful gazes of everyone else centered on him, Zhang Xuan shakes his head helplessly.
He is probably unable to hide his true strength any longer.
But After scoring at the bottom for the Teacher Qualification Examination as a Fighter 3-dan Zhenqi realm, to become comparable to a Pixue realm expert after a short break No one will believe it!
Is it that difficult to keep a low profile?
Zhang Xuan feels a migraine working up.
He wanted to hide his strength, keep a low profile and secretly zhuangbi from the shadows. Initially, he thought that Bai Xun is completely unrelated to the academy whatsoever so no one else here will learn of it. However, never in his dreams did he expect that in just a single night, that fellow would come rushing over
After making such a huge ruckus, it is impossible for him to hide his strength any longer even if he wanted to.
Such ill-fortune!
Just as he is still perplexed over the situation, he sees Bai Xun xiao wangyes face popping up right in front of him with a fawning expression on it.
Hehe, Master Zhang, Grandpa Zhang, did I settle the matter well?
However, he cant blame Bai Xun for behaving like this either. Master Lu Chen has already said it clearly that whether he is able to pass the examination or not depends heavily on him. It is natural that he would intentionally try to please him so as to get in his good books.
Thats the reason why he woke up so early, and upon hearing that Zhang Xuan is here, he barged in along with his subordinates.
Still acceptable!
Since whats done is done, Zhang Xuan can only acknowledge it. Thus, he nods his head.
Zhang laoshi, accept me as your disciple
Aware that Zhang Xuans strength isnt just Zhenqi realm, clan head Wang Hong does not hesitate any more. He signals to Wang Tao with a glance; Wang Tao steps forward once more and kneels before him.
Acknowledging Master Zhang as your teacher, who do you think you are? I havent even acknowledged him yet, and you want to vie with me? How about we spar for a little bit?
Before Zhang Xuan can even speak, Bai xiao wangye glares at him.
I dare not
Wang Tao is startled.
Even though Bai Xun is around the same age as him, his strength has already reached Fighter 5-dan pinnacle. Given that he is several times stronger than him, sparring with him Whats the difference between it and seeking death?
Fine, Wang Tao, you can listen in by the side of my class tomorrow. If you perform well, I can consider accepting you as my student!
Afraid that this Bai xiao wangye will stir up trouble once more and pummel Wang Taos life away, Zhang Xuan immediately interjects.
Thank you, Zhang laoshi! Clan head Wang Hong sighs in relief and hurriedly thanks him.
Wang Tao isnt Zhang Xuans student yet, but from the looks of the current situation, this is the only way to settle the situation now. After all, who can he blame for the disappointing actions of his son, barging into the classroom of the other to kill the teacher No teacher would accept such a student after meeting with such a situation!
However, even though he is just listening in by the side for now, as time goes by, as long as he performs well, he is surely able to become an official student.
Listening in by the side
Elder Shang Chen is on the verge of tears.
He is an elder of the academy, as well as the head of the Education Bureau. Normally, he is the one picking students out from the lot. It is one thing if someone withdraws from his tutelage to acknowledge another teacher But he goes on to listen in by the side of the lessons of another teacher instead!
Not to mention, the worst teacher of the academy
Elder Shang Chen feels as though his old face is being stepped on repeatedly, and not a shred of his dignity remains.
His dignity has been thrown all the way to his grand-aunts house Why not his grandmothers house? Because he has already passed by it
Master Zhang, is there anything else that you need me to settle? If so, I will help you. After which, teach me painting Bai Xun turns to look at Zhang laoshi.
There is still some things I need to settle! Zhang Xuan turns to look at Sheng Chen, Elder Shang, the results of the Enlightenment Will Trial are already out. Isnt it about time we fulfill the terms of the bet we agreed on?
The reason why he is here is because of the Enlightenment Will Trial. After the trial has ended, many things have occurred, but it is about time for the bet they have decided upon to be carried out.
Zhang Xuan, theres no need to be gleeful about this! I lost the Enlightenment Will Trial, but at most, I will only suffer a hundred God Slaying Flogs. Im afraid that you dont have the ability to strip me of my teaching license!
Knowing that he is unable to escape from this any longer, Cao Xiong chooses to face it and he walks forward with a ferocious expression.
Dont have the ability? Zhang Xuan frowns.
Indeed. I dont have any bad track records and I didnt cause any of my students to go berserk either. Even though my result in the Teacher Qualification Examination is sub-par, it is still a pass. To strip my teaching license just because of a bet, even the Teacher Guild doesnt have the authority to do so!
Cao Xiong howls frenziedly.
Is this true? Unsure of the rules and regulations, Zhang Xuan looks at Elder Mo doubtfully.
He is an elder of the Teacher Guild, so he should know of these matters.
What he says is true. Elder Mo nods his head. A teachers teaching license is issued after numerous verifications by the Teacher Guild. If the person in question does not have a bad track record, it is difficult to revoke his license
Is that so Zhang Xuan frowns.
He recalls those who are in the education industry in his previous life. Over there, even if a teacher were to be inadequate in their job, the school doesnt possess the right to fire them. In fact, even the Ministry of Education doesnt have the right to do so, unless they have done something that goes against the morals and values of a teacher.
It seems that the situation over here is similar as well.
Then, why didnt you say so when we were deciding upon the bet Zhang Xuan cant resist asking.
Back then, when he was raising his stake, he thought it would be possible for his teaching license to be revoked, so he brought it up casually. If only he knew that revoking ones teaching license is that difficult, he would have just chosen to expel him from the academy.
Cough cough, I thought that you would lose! Elder Mo says awkwardly.
Not only did Zhang Xuan score a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination, he had also caused the cultivation of a student to go berserk. If someone were to pursue the matter, it is possible for him to be expelled.
As Elder Mo thought that Zhang Xuan would definitely lose, he didnt point the matter out. He didnt expect for Cao Xiong to lose so thoroughly to him.
It is impossible to fulfill the conditions of the bet, unless Elder Mo speaks but hesitates halfway through.
Unless what?
Unless there is a Master Teacher or an Associate Master Teacher personally testifying that he is unqualified to remain as a teacher, and the testimonial is reported upwards to the Teacher Guild Elder Mo says.
Master Teacher? Associate Master Teacher? Where do I look for these Zhang Xuan shakes his head. Regardless of whether it is Master Teacher or an Associate Master Teacher, they are figures high up in the education circle, so how can it be possible for him to be acquainted with one? Furthermore, even if he is acquainted with one, it is impossible for the other party to bother themselves with such a minor bet! Zhang Xuan frowns.
At this moment, the teacher on duty, Zhou laoshi, walks in once more and clasping his hand together, his voice echoes in the room.
Shang Chen laoshi, there is a lady outside who has identified herself as Huang Yu looking for Zhang Xuan laoshi!
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