Life Is Cherry Blossom Chapter 6

6 Change

6 month has passed and now Liuyue feel her strength already at 70% from her previous life, and this much she already can deal some boss mafia or something,

"Big brother I'm ready to take any mission you give to me," Liuyue said while looking straight to the young man's eyes, the young man startled with her sudden declaration

"Umm.. you really don't need to do anything just stay home let big brother and other people do the work," he said this and stroke the young girl's hair, out of his expectations the young girl shook her head and take his hand away,

She stare at him with determined eyes, and said resolutely "I'm not a weak and fragile young lady, I have my own way to live if I lost that I I don't have any meaning to continue living in this world,"

He understand that some people live their life with some purpose to achieve something and without those purpose they might colapse and lifeless

"Alright, i have suitable mission for you but we have some issues, we were looking for a certain person that Qing country send to spy our country, but this person is really sly, also from what we know this person is the thousand-face Yun*, you'll go to Royal Academy and find him there, are you okay if i give you this mission?"

Liuyue "I don't mind, give me the details,"

"Alright," Xuan ChenHua shrugged and hand her some documents

With that she know that, this mission seems simple but actually it's really hard since this spy is kinda an expert at hiding his true self, so far the only clue is that spy is related to this academy and he's inside this academy but none of their intelligent can track him down till this moment

"If you can't do it then just learn there as a student, big brother wish you have a normal life though," he said while wiping his fake tear "Oh by the way, what identity you want to use for this mission?"

Liuyue "Young boy, named ChenXin,"

"Alright, I'll prepare everything for you, now go back to your room and rest well," he stand up and bid farewell to her

Inside her room, Liuyue is a talented young girl in his past life she do everything nothing she can't do, except, poetry and public speaking, aside from her hellish training on the day she spend her time do something else

Last night she just finished making her first poison in this life, there's lot of things filled her room, the most eye catching is the canvas in the middle of room, it's covered with with cloth nobody can see what's it if they're not remove the cloth, at the side of room there're some rolled painting that already finished

Liuyue walk to the painting on the middle, she carefully remove the cloth and stare the handsome middle age man in there, in that painting that middle age man smiling while holding a young girl hand

"Father, can we meet again? I miss you so much," she stare deeply at the man smiling face and her eyes reddened


"Liuyue-" Her room abruptly open and a young man face full of smile come to her vision, she raise her hand hand wipe her tears

"You what happen again? Why did you always crying every single night?" when he finish his questions he strode with big steps to her but when he saw the man and young girl on the painting he stop and rooted to the ground

The young girl looks exactly like Liuyue, but he don't know who the middle age man

"Could.. Could it be this person is.." he muttered to him self

'her lover?!' Xuan ChenHua stared at the young girl in front of him with disbelief, if Liuyue know what he think right now she might grind this fool young master
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