Life's Magic Chapter 11

10 Mitch

I returned to the city to find a job with my expertise and gained myself an experience. I've no plans of being an employee for long, so I just stayed for a couple of years. Afterwards, dad helped me finance my project to develop an app for cars which we installed so our business would come together in one package. It actually turned out the best so far in the market. So I developed it and made another project because in my line of work, innovation and updated technology were requisites for success. I gained my first million at twenty-four but I had no plan on stopping there.

I travelled a lot and rarely come home to visit. Two years without seeing each other was the longest time we ever separated. I even missed Donatella's debut which really put a strain in our friendship. I promised her that I'd be her last dance but I didn't make it to the party. I was tied up to my work, had been held up outside the country.

Even how much I promised her I'd make it up to her, she didn't listen and gave me cold shoulder treatment instead. I admit that I may have pampered Donatella more than necessary that she turned out into a brat. But not the bitchy way brat. There's just this greedy side of her she often wanted to be fed. Time and attention. She always sought these from people which I totally understood because she'd been left on her own devices early in life.

So when I came home two months after her eighteenth birthday, I made a simple plan for us. It should've been easy. Bring her into this island I was given a free pass by a client before. It was a ticket for a weekend getaway where everything was on the house. She rarely travelled so I believed this one was just perfect for her.

I knew I should be going straight home to my parents first but I couldn't wait to see her again after two years apart. So instead I pulled up outside their house once I arrived at our subdivision.

"Donatella!" I bellowed out of their gate before pushing it open.

There was a scream inside the house before I heard scuffles and their door swung open. Instead of surprising her, it was I that had a momentary heart attack at the breathtaking sight I saw.

"Mitch!" She jumped and rushed towards me.

"Umph!" I groaned when she gutted me and took me by surprise with our perfunctory kiss on the lips.

It was the same innocent smack of our mouths just like before but what wasn't so innocent at all was the time difference. Our age. We're actually adults now but we still do it like we were kids. Moreover, I didn't wipe my mouth this time. No, not anymore.

"Hi." I croaked, wincing at my funny sound.

"Let's get inside because I plan on grilling you alive!" She pulled me by the arm as we went inside their house.

It was the same old bungalow I left two years ago. Nothing much changed except for some few things. One, Donatella had grown into a very beautiful woman. Not that she wasn't beautiful before. But she'd filled her clothes and gained some flesh and curves all at the right places. Her curly golden tresses were kept in a ponytail, showing more of her freckle-less face, slender neck, high cheekbones and her ever big green doe eyes. I knew she'd grow into a gorgeous woman but I wasn't prepared for this. She was beyond beautiful.

Two, my heart had the same reaction whenever I saw her. It always leapt out of my ribs in a wild thump, thump. But my body had a different reaction to the sight of her. Oh, no. The island vacation would certainly turn into a disaster. Jesus! When did my cock get to be interested with Donatella? Her, of all women, who I treated so precious like a sister.

Third, but not the least of all, I now had the conclusion what I felt for her since the beginning. I knew the feeling had been there waiting to be recognized. It was disturbing and overwhelmingly liberating to finally let the knowledge come at the forefront of my mind. My heart. I'm already a grown man and it's time to face my hidden troubles once and for all. All along I was only waiting for her to grow. To become a woman. Because I loved my friend. Not a brotherly love, no. I loved Donatella just as a man loves a woman.
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