Life's Magic Chapter 13

12 Mitch

"What's your problem?" She studied me for a moment before reaching for my forehead with the back of her hand. "I thought it was just me but you're really acting weird."

"I'm not." I moved her hand to the side before moving away so our skin wouldn't be touching.

God! Two days shouldn't be that long, right? This shouldn't be so hard. But fuck! There's something else was getting really long and hard. Jesus!

"Can you do my back, please." She thrust the lotion at my chest before she turned so her back was on me.

Oh, I'll do you alright if you keep talking shit like this and showing me your body. I gritted my teeth and counted from one to ten before sitting up and picked up the bottle. I squeezed ample amount of lotion like I was actually strangling her neck and lathered them on my hand before applying it on her back, massaging her muscles at the same time. The sexual energy I've tried putting out automatically ignited the moment my hand touched her supple skin.

"Oh, that feels so good!" She moaned, making my dick stood to attention.

Fuck! Looking down, my cock was standing at its full length and it wouldn't be a good sight for her to see. Jesus! How would I hide this treacherous beast? What would Donatella think of me if she ever found out I was lusting after her? With determination, I applied the lotion all over her back in record time, omitting the massage for the sake of my own sanity.

"Ok, that's enough!" Tossing the bottle on her lap, I jumped to my feet and jogged into the ocean, cursing at the pain on my groin.

"Hey!" She called out but I didn't turn to look at her.

I just dove into the water and did a few laps. When I emerged from the water, Donatella was already there, so dangerously close to me.

"What is your problem?"

"Shit! Don't startle me!" I pulled away so quickly.

"Don't startle you? But you're the one who's acting ridiculous." Her face had turned red, either from the blaring sun or of her obvious irritation, I couldn't guess. "What's the matter, Mitch?"

Sighing, I swam a little further but not too far that she'd have a hint I was putting distance between us. "I told you it's nothing. I mean, yeah you're right. There's a lot on in my mind right now."

"Work?" Her voice mellowed into a worried tone.

"No, not work." I shook my head, looking straight into the shore.


I would've laughed at how aptly she'd figured that out but I had no plans on ruining our friendship by confessing how I felt towards her. Not now, anyway. I still have to figure this out myself. I sighed before glancing at her.

"You can say that."

Something flashed in her eyes but I wasn't quick to catch it. Must be the reflection of the sun over the water surface. She studied me for a moment before nodding in understanding and swam away to go back into the shores.

"I'll be in our room." She called over her shoulder.

"I'll be there in a few." I replied a little louder than a whisper.

Watching as she went, I felt my heart constricting like she was leaving me in a different reason. The fuck had gotten into me?
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