Life's Magic Chapter 14

13 Mitch

"Listen, I'm her ward! You can't tell me to calm down when she's missing!" I yelled at the phone with my burning fury.

What kind of fucking security did this island have? What a lousy bunch of fucks!

"You have to know, Mr. Thorne that we're looking over your case. Our security team have been dispatched to look for your wife. We will contact you as soon as we get an update. Right now, it's best that we stay collected on the situation at hand. Thank you for understanding." The line went dead even before I could lash out to the man at the other side of the line.

Though when he mentioned about Donatella being my wife, it somehow helped ease my wrath, but just a little. After that awkward moment at the beach, I returned into an empty room. Donatella wasn't there. I thought she'd be back soon but lunch and dinner have come and gone but she still hadn't returned.

Her phone was left plugged at the bathroom sink which means I've no way to contact her. I was so worried as shit. I've reported this a multiple times to the security of the resort and they'd been telling me the same fucked up lines ever since. How could I fucking calm down when they couldn't locate Donatella in the place specially when they reported that they're still working on their CCTV while the others are yet to be installed in some areas. Double shit!

Grabbing my coat, I went out of the suite, deciding to do my own search and hunting. My heart had been working so hard at its rapid beating since the knowledge of Donatella's missing. Where had she gone and why did she even pull such number, I've no fucking clue. She'd never done this before. She always kept her phone so we could easily contact each other but now, she was gone.

The beach was the first place I went to. I wouldn't entertain the thought of her being discovered awash on the shores lifeless but I had to check every nook and cranny of this goddamn place. There were only few people gathered around the bonfire but I didn't see Donatella from the crowd. So I proceeded to every hut and shack, knocking and asking if they saw a woman with Donatella's descriptions. They all replied the same thing. No they didn't see her.

Glancing at my watch, it's already approaching nine and my sweat have gone cold and my heart more erratic. My footsteps were grinding on the sands harder than it should be and my breathing have turned ragged. Shit! Not the time to panic, Thorne!

I've circled the perimeters of the resort but I've got no luck in finding my girl. Right now I was talking to a young woman, trying desperately to get her full attention. But I think she didn't get a word of what I say when her eyes kept roaming around below my neckline. She was obviously more interested with my flexing tensed muscles rather than the words that came out of my mouth.

"Is she the same Donatella that's a blonde? Tall and very hot? She has a tattoo on her gorgeous hip." A male voice interrupted me from behind.

Not one bit did I like the way he'd said those compliments to Donatella. And when did she fucking get a tattoo? Turning around, I was ready to pounce at the man but stopped seeing he had another man in his arms, both of them smiling up to me.

"Yes. Do you know where she is?" I asked as calmly as I could muster.

"She's in town. At least five kilometers from here, Red Neck was the name of the bar. We hang out together a bit but my husband and I decided to turn in early."
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