Life's Magic Chapter 15

14 Mitch

"Thank you." I solemnly said but my heart was actually in rage.

Alone. She was goddamn alone in an unknown town, in a bar with probably drunk fucking men around her. The fuck did she thought?

"Be careful with her though." One of them stopped me by the arm before I could make a sprint to the town. "She's really nice, you know, the crazy kind of ass. She'd been in tears the entire time we're together. I think she was heartbroken. If you're the boyfriend, man, I'd also be miserable."

The other husband chuckled at the comment which only made me even angrier. The shit looked me up and down meaningfully before he gave me what he thought must be his seductive smile.

"Hot damn, you look delicious enough to eat. It's not a surprise your girl was ranting about your long list of girlfriends she needs to compete with. But if you think you can have her and play around with other chicks, just let her go. She's too young to be hurt that bad."

What the hell! "I didn't fucking do anything! I loved her damn much to hurt her. I didn't know why she even left without a word."

Fuck! My panic escalated upon knowing she's in tears. All I ever wanted was to put a smile on her face. What have I done to fail my mission? Without wasting another moment, I left them and hailed a cab into Red Neck.

Twenty-minute drive was so damn long. I couldn't stop my foot from shaking in nervousness and pent up rage. That fucking woman would give me a heart attack early in life. As soon as the cab stopped, I just tossed some bills without counting and fled to the entrance of the club.

Cheap wooden doors opened to a dark, nasty smelling place that they called a pub. The designer must've thought of Mexican inspired pub but failed to pull it through. It was a sad attempt, the place only appeared crummy. My eyes scanned the room, no Donatella within my line of sight. There were booths at every corner though, so she must be in one of those.

Walking inside, I started my inspection from one booth to another until I arrived at the one with a man standing over blocking the entrance of the booth.

"I told you many times, I'm not interested! So please just leave!" I knew instantly it was Donatella's slurring voice that was speaking inside the booth.

"Come on pretty thing. Just a dance and I promise you heaven."

The snide remark was enough to send me into the brink. I pulled the shoulder of the motherfucker and as soon as he faced me, my knuckles landed on his face. He must've had enough alcohol because he just went limp over the table inside the booth.

"Mitch!" Donatella screeched at the corner of the damn box.

"Get! Out! Now!"

"What happened here?" A man, obviously a bouncer, appeared behind us looking at the unconscious man spread over the table.

"He was harassing her. I just came in for the rescue." I answered in gritted teeth.

I swear if he so much as stopped me from taking Donatella, I would crash every bone in his body even if he was twice my built.

"She yours?" He nodded to Donatella.


"You can leave. I got this." He stepped aside making way for us to leave.

When I turned my head, Donatella was already standing by my side, looking like a damp puppy. I bent low and scooped her up into my arms.

"Don't ever run away like that again." I whispered in her ear.

I think I heard her whimpered before burying her face on my neck.
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