Life's Magic Chapter 18

17 Mitch

My lips landed on Donatella's once again, this time no longer a smack but an open mouthed kiss. Wet, hot and hungry. From the way she gasped, I knew I must've shocked her. Surprisingly, she didn't push me away. Donatella opened up for me instead. She responded to my kisses, clinging to my neck to pull me closer, tighter.

I groaned. God, she's such a sweet, sweet girl. My heart doubled its beating, my chest constricting with so much thrill I felt right now. It's obvious that we wanted each other. It's obvious that we shared the same love to one another. It's obvious that we're about to cross a bridge we could no longer go back to. But would we take the risk? Damn! Of course we would!

"Donatella." I breathed out after pulling from her mouth. "God, baby. I love you. I love you as a friend but I love you more as a man. I don't want to take advantage of you because you're feeling lonely right now. But, God. I want you so much. Please stop me before we both regret this."

"I love you, too!" She sobbed. "Oh, my God. Mitch, I've dreamt of this for so long. I thought it'll stay as a dream forever. I can't believe this. I love you, too, as a girl not just a friend. Please. Take me, Mitch. Take me and never leave me."

Shit! I knew it. Slamming my mouth back to hers, I didn't hold back anymore and just took her. I took what I wanted and what I wanted for so long was Donatella. I've wanted her to be my sister once. But we bonded more that I've wanted her to be my best friend. But that, too, wasn't enough. My feelings went even deeper. I wanted more of her, wanted her to be my lover. My woman. My own.

Ripping her clothes off, I quickly grabbed for her breast, groaning like a mad man at the feel of her supple skin. She had a tiny pair of breasts. I didn't mind though. My Donatella was yet to grow, after all, and so were all her girly parts.

She jerked when I pinched her nipple hard but I quickly ducked to capture it inside my mouth. I licked it first before taking the pointed peak in my mouth, almost swallowing her whole mound because she's just that small. I smiled in my head at the trick her bra made this morning. It really made it look so full. Though I knew just how to make her tits get plumped. They'd grow big and heavy once they're filled with milk.

Fuck! I wanted to breed Donatella. To make her a woman. A mother. I wanted my kid in her. That thought made my dick weep with precum. Going to another globe, I gave it an equal attention by licking and suckling on it while tweaking the other with my hand.

Donatella was moaning and writhing beneath me which only heightened my lust for her. Kissing her down still, I drew wet hot kisses on the skin of her tummy, pelvis until I came face to face with her snatch.

The aroma was so intoxicating, so fucking sweet that I couldn't keep a groan escaping from my throat. Pulling her panties down, I tossed it behind me before spreading her thighs wide. Shit! She's already glistening with her juices. Taking a lungful of her aroma, I leaned down to sample her slippery slit with a lick. Donatella jerked once again, too sensitive with every light touch. I groaned once more at her tangy taste. Damn, she's a delicacy!
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