Life's Magic Chapter 20

19 Mitch

"No partying in my house, alcohol should be moderately taken. Definitely no smoking!" I glared at Donatella, really hating the smell of the shit. But I knew Donatella wasn't into those things either. "Curfew is seven."

"What? That's awfully ridiculous! Make it ten!"


"Ok, nine."

"Do you want me to make it into six?" I was only testing if she'd demand not to have curfew, she's already an adult after all. But it seemed she's taking the bait.

"Ok, eight is fine." She crossed her arms over her chest obviously not used to being denied.

College was about to start a week from now so I offered my condo for her to crash on. Well, with our new relationship, it's more like we're living together. It was only right she lived with me. I wanted to be close to her. I wanted to keep an eye on her from now on and it's only possible if she lived close to me. Damn, I knew I'm being obsessive but phone calls and texts didn't feel so appealing anymore.

"And oh, last but not the least, do not bring any boy friends in my place. It's a big no-no." That reminder really pissed me off.

"I know." She grinned while biting her lip and my dick instantly jumped beneath my jeans. "Why do I need a boy when I have a man in the house."

"If you keep that up, you might not get to rest your ass." I growled at her.

God, I've done nothing but bury myself inside her pussy the entire vacation. We practically lived inside our suite, omitting to explore the island and wasting the beautiful beach. Because we rather chose to get our tans in bed with our scorching kisses and burning bodies, working out our muscles with pushups of our hips and pelvises. And fuck! We sweated buckets and came so hard in abundance multiple times. I just spent a vacation in heaven.

But we couldn't bask in that euphoria for so long when it's already time to leave. It truly made me sad for a moment that our time together was just too short but I chose to think the positive side of it. She's going to college but hey, she's living with me anyway. So it's still a win-win. I knew she'd be busy but I hoped she'd avoid typical college night outs and shit like that as much as possible.

Our relationship was still new that I didn't like sharing her yet to the world. I had this urge to wrap Donatella in a blanket and lock her inside our room. But I couldn't do that either. She needed to see the world as it is. I couldn't protect my girl all the time. All I could do is to prepare her for what the outside world has to offer.

"Maybe I don't want to rest at all." She sultry said before standing from the couch.

"Babe, I want you again, too. But you badly need to rest. Besides, this old guy also needs to regain his strength."

"Twenty-six isn't old." She frowned but I just chuckled at her. "So anything else you need to remind me while living with you?"

"Besides being naked and ready for me every night, I guess that'll be all. I'll just let you know when I've thought of something new to prohibit you." I grinned.

"At least eating ice cream isn't a crime here."

"Nope. I'll even join you on that. Now, up you go and settle down."

She took her suitcase and wheeled it towards the stairs, pausing as she stood in front of me and gave me a quick kiss. "Thanks."

Grabbing her waist, I pulled her again to kiss her properly. The kind of kiss with a lot of tongue, wet and hungry. The kiss which always sent us on any flat surface to fuck. The kiss we shared that's consuming both our hearts and souls and making us one.
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