Life's Magic Chapter 24

23 Mitch

My eyes snapped open when I didn't feel Donatella by my side. The room was still dark but her side of the bed was cold. Sitting up, I reached over to light up the lamp at my side before scanning the room with my eyes. She wasn't here.

Taking a quick visit in the toilet, I concluded she's not there either. Frowning and worried, I pulled the door open before going about their house to hunt for Donatella. I didn't find her both in the dark living room and the kitchen. Panic was slowly rising in my chest thinking for any possibilities of her missing. But I quickly whisked it away from my mind.

I was about to return to her bedroom to get my phone but stopped, noticing a faint light streaming at the bottom of their guest room door. Stepping towards it, I opened the door, pushing it ever so slowly. I instantly knew she's inside the room because of the faint natural smell she carried of lavender and peaches. For a sweet girl, Donatella smelled as equally sweet. However, another smell caught my nostrils, too, before noticing there was also a faint smoke in the air.

Just as I opened the door wide enough to accommodate my frame, Donatella jerked her head up from the bed. My eyes caught her gaze, wide, bloodshot and shocked. It's a clich to say but she really looked like a deer caught by the headlights. Her trembling fingers quickly curled, hiding the lighter and the foil in her hands from my sight. But it was too late. I already saw it and rage quickly burst forth in my chest.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing!" I growled, stomping towards her.

"Mitch, listen!" She stood, hiding her hands behind her back.

"Give them to me, Donatella!"

"No!" She started sobbing. "I need them, please. Please, I just want to forget for a while."

"What the fuck do you mean to forget? Your father is fighting for his life because he's worried shit to leave you alone. And here you are wasting your life for a goddamn sniff!"

Grabbing her shoulders, I turned her around even if she cried out her protest. I snatched the fucking shit from her tight grip, doing a little tug of war when she refused letting it go from her grasp.

"Give them the fuck to me instantly!" I said again in frustration when she still didn't let go.

"No!" She howled when I finally and successfully took it from her.

Fuck! The foil was so goddamn long. When I looked around, the ashes on the tray and the smoke lifting in the air told me she'd been sniffing a few before I came. Double fuck!

"Since when have you been using?" I asked in a low menacing voice.

"Just now." She answered in between sobs.

"I don't believe you!" I growled, my fury blinding me for a moment. "Tell me the truth, Donatella! Since when did you start sniffing shit?"

"I'm telling the truth, Mitch. I only used it now. Please, let me have it. Just this once. Seeing dad earlier was such a painful sight, Mitch. I just want to erase it from my head for a moment. Please."

God! I wanted to wring her pretty little neck. My heart was twisting in my chest at this news that it felt so fucking painful seeing her right now. No wonder she'd been so different. So thin and pale. She almost looked like a zombie. And shit! I was to be blamed. I've been so busy, away for work most of the time that she'd been left all by herself. I knew that she didn't want to be alone. Christ! This was all my fault.
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