Life's Magic Chapter 25

24 Mitch

Biting my lip, I dared not let out my sob. I'm hurting for her. My heart felt broken for her right now. Jesus! My poor baby Donatella. I turned and marched towards the connecting bath, flushing the fucking heroin down the drain. Donatella cried out seeing this, dropping to her knees on the floor as if what she lost was a goddamn life when it was just some fucking powder.

"Why did you do that?" She raised an accusing eyes at me, tears streaming down her face.

"How about you, baby? Why are you doing this?" I softly asked behind the thundering beat of my heart.

Walking back inside the room, I knelt before her so we're at eye level, letting her see my own pain that she inflicted me with. I couldn't, for the life of me, understand how she ended up in this shit. Why she chose to turn this path? And since when?

"You know I'm here for you. You know that I'm always here to listen." I spoke in pure agony as my tears began to drip. "You know I'll do whatever it takes to help you, to protect you. To be with you. Jesus Christ! I love you, Donatella! But why?"

"It's not your fault." She frantically answered, crawling towards me as if to console me when she's the one needing it the most. "Please, Mitch. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

She furiously rubbed my arm, cupping my face before kissing my mouth. I tasted the bile shit on her lips that I cringed, pulling away in disgust. She flinched at my move, crying harder while she continued to rub me, touching me, telling me repeatedly how sorry she was. I just knelt there, watching her do this. My heart breaking, my tears incessantly flowing.

Donatella was still obviously high so I just carried her up, tucking her back in our bed and cuddled with her. We laid there, still crying but not talking. It's useless talking to her right now. She's not in her right mind to think and speak.

"Mitch?" Donatella hiccups. "Mitch, will you make love to me, please?"

I wanted to deny her sex for the first time because I wasn't in the mood after witnessing what she did. But maybe I could also express it through angry fucking just to punish her ass.

With quick tugs and pulls of our clothes, we're down on our birth suit. I then rolled her on her stomach before taking the position behind her while I'm on my knees. I beat my cock several times to wake up the monster. When I reached for Donatella, she wasn't even wet yet. So I just spat on my hand to lube my cock before inserting my dick inside her pussy.

She cried out, probably with the sting for being penetrated dry. She asked for this, she better not complain. I started to move, thrusting into her with deep heavy blows. I pounded her cunt, wanting to hear her desperate cries louder. I wanted to punish her for being so stupid. For having no trust in me. For neglecting her personal wellbeing. I'm fucking her harder, blow after blow of my cock into her pussy. I wanted her to feel my rage of how angry I was that she forgot how much I loved her. That I'd always be with her no matter what.

With ragged breathing, I pushed one last time before pulling out. I came on her back and ass, squeezing my dick tight to wring myself off of my semen which her pussy didn't deserve to have right now. After my orgasm died out, I dropped my body beside Donatella before taking her inside my arms again, spooning with her body.

She was still crying. She didn't come and I purposefully did it. That's her punishment after all. I tightly closed my eyes, wanting to shut her sound because every sob she made was like a hammer to my chest. God, what happened to her?
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