Life's Magic Chapter 31

30 Hershey

When my feet landed on the floor, I pushed myself up to the surface and gulped a huge amount of air. People were screaming, shouting. The place suddenly gone so noisy. But I was pulled back down the water again before I could totally understand what's the cause of the furor. My limbs worked in manic as I tried to resurface once again. But instead of floating, I only sunk deeper, depriving me of oxygen and consuming my thoughts with absolute panic and horror. I faintly heard Maggie screaming "she can't swim! She can't swim!" before I felt a plunge in the water, causing me to get blinded by the bubbles it caused.

Strong muscled arms held me around the waist, pushing us up and up. Oh, God! What's taking it so long? I closed my eyes because they've become very heavy and my lungs felt so full. I didn't know how long I was out because it felt like I just blinked. But when I opened my eyes, I was already lying on the hard tiled floor beside the pool, people were hunched down watching over me. I heaved and puke water out of my mouth, coughing and struggling to sit up.

"Oh, thank fuck!" Mitch exclaimed, rubbing my back up and down with his large warm hand.

"Oh, Jesus! Did I just drown?" I asked in confusion making the people around us laugh.

Mitch also chuckled before cupping my jaw with his hands, as if inspecting my face for anything. My breathing hitched at the proximity of our bodies. He brushed my hair away before claiming my mouth to his. I knew I heard people exclaimed their "ohh" but they're sound quickly dimmed when my full attention narrowed to the only burning part of my body. My lips. Compared to the pool, Mitch's mouth drowned me in a different way. This feeling seemed to have no salvation, no surface to breathe in. Nowhere to go but to sink down, deep into the pit of his kisses.

His mouth finally left mine, leaving me breathless and shocked. Jesus! Why did he do that? I didn't move a little because of sheer embarrassment to the people around us. Shit! Who the hell did this guy think he was for humiliating me in my friend's home? When he stood and carried me inside the house, I closed my eyes tight, unwilling to look around me, praying that the floor would open up and swallow me whole.

"Here, this way." Maggie said as she directed us towards their bathroom. "I'll give you something to dry you both up. Meanwhile, you may put your clothes to the drier as you wait. I'll see if I can find something you can wear."

Maggie paused but I still didn't dare open my eyes even after Mitch had sat me down the closed toilet bowl.

"Are you alright, Choc?"

"She'll be fine. I'll take it from here." Mitch volunteered.

I heard the door clicked shut before silence settled between us. My heart wouldn't calm down from its attempt of climbing up my throat. Why did I feel this way? Oh, God. My heart! After my divorce, my heart behaved like a dead ball inside my chest. It still pumped, of course, but it hadn't been this way after my failed marriage. Jesus! It didn't react this way at all even when I'm with Neil. What kind of sorcery was this?

"Hey." His voice laced with worry before I felt him knelt down in front of me, reaching for my chin to raise my face up.

When I fluttered my eyes open, I let him see my rage through my cold gaze but it somehow didn't affect him. Oh, it affected him alright, but in a different way. Because he suddenly groaned, pushing his crotch to my leg, rubbing his hard length against me. What the! My angry look seemed to be getting him off. Horrified, I raised my hand up and slapped him hard across the face. Pervert!
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