Life's Magic Chapter 37

36 Mitch

"Your family is really sweet. Thanks for having me here, Ali." Hershey grinned before her eyes found mine again.

"This family has never felt more complete with you finally here. Come in and get warmed up, dinner is almost ready." Mom invited, her steps were obviously excited. "Sit. Come here, Hershey. Tell me about yourself."

"Mom, we just arrived." I softly chided, reluctant to let go of Hershey's body when we took our seats on the couch.

"Hush, Mitch. It's been a long time since I have a girl to chat with me in this house." She feigned a scowl before turning to Hershey who sat beside her. "Now, darling. I heard you're a nurse."

"Yes." Hershey nodded with a shy smile. "NYU Langone. I'm still new there but life and work are really good. Very fulfilling. I like the feeling looking at the faces of our patients and their loved ones light up after we bring them the news that they're healing. It's good to help people."

Allison clutched her chest dramatically as she looked at Hershey. "You've got a really kind heart, Hershey. So..." Mom glanced up to me before looking back to my sweetheart again. "You're really together? As in getting married and all that?"

"Uhm..." Hershey nibbled on her lip, unsure of what to answer.

"Mom, I'm too old to play. Of course we're seriously together. And yes, wedding is certainly just around the corner."

Hershey gasped, catching my serious gaze before looking away. I know she's still uncertain at how things were going between us. I totally understood because it's just been two weeks for her after all. But for me, I felt like I've waited too long enough. Her story and my stalking felt like I've been with her for almost a year now. And I'm getting impatient. My love for her consumed me so much, my nerves wouldn't settle down as long as we're not married. I just wanted to be with her.

"Well twenty-eight isn't old but I agree with you. Now is not the time to play around anymore. I want grandkids soon!" Allison chirped, clapping her hands in excitement.

Hershey nervously smiled, obvious she's feeling uncomfortable where the topic had gone that she quickly cast her eyes down. "Oh, may I look at this?"

My body suddenly went rigid when Hershey reached underneath the coffee table where various albums were stacked neatly in a bureau. I wanted to stop her but I didn't know how without appearing ridiculous and guilty.

"Oh, yes. Just perfect, that's Mitch's pictures." Mom scooted closer to Hershey as they began flipping the album page after page.

"You have a daughter?" Hershey asked?

"Um, no. She's our neighbor's daughter. Her name's Donatella. She frequented here because she and Mitch grew very close together."

"Oh. She's really beautiful. Where is she now?"

"She went away. Maybe had gotten married. Perhaps sending her kids to school right now. Who knows." I interrupted rather harshly, making Hershey snapped her head up and frowned at me. "Now, mom. Aren't you going to feed us?"

"Oh, yes! How forgetful I am. Why don't you help me set the table for dinner, Hershey?"

"Of course." Hershey happily obliged before putting the album back to its previous place.

As soon as the ladies were gone, dad's hand landed on my shoulder. I had totally forgotten his presence since he never even spoke a word earlier. Fuck! I just knew what he's about to say.

"You don't want any secrets between you, son. Relationship is all about building trust through honesty. Most especially when you start speaking about marriage."
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