Life's Magic Chapter 8

7 Mitch

That morning, I brought Donatella and her sitter back into our house and introduced them to my mom. Both the elder women chatted away in the kitchen while I played with Donatella in our living room. I showed her my Lego collections and taught her some easy chess moves and tricks. She was smart and quick to learn so I enjoyed every part of our time together.

I knew my parents told me to meet some friends but I never imagined I would find it in a little girl. I wouldn't have realized that I was indeed a lonely boy until Donatella arrived. I liked spending time with her, teaching her things and even talking to her like she was of my age. But as I've said, she was smart, she caught up so easily to things that I said.

The following day, I went to their house again and her parents were starting to warm up to me. When they let me inside their home, I instantly noticed they haven't unpacked most of their things. Mr. Caldwell must be too busy going back to his work and looking over his wife and Donatella that unpacking had fallen into least of his priorities. Out of sincerity and concern, I offered to help him out by unpacking those boxes that he'd consider least valuable so I wouldn't be breaking anything in case. He agreed and together we unpacked their things.

Donatella offered to help, too, though her father refused to let her. I gathered Donatella was sensitive and had the tendency to read something out of the line. She must've felt useless not helping because her tears were about to flow again. So I quickly told her she could use the rug to wipe dusts off of their furniture. She eagerly and happily did. And we ended up unpacking all their stuff and settled them into their rightful places in the house.

"I'm deeply grateful for your help, little man. You're a hero for us." Mrs. Caldwell maneuvered her chair towards the couch where I sat.

We were nursing some iced cold juice and cookies mom made me bring earlier while we were on a break from our chore. "It's really nothing, Mrs. Caldwell. I'm happy to help."

Mr. Caldwell gave me two slaps on the back before sitting at the other side of the couch. "Yeah, thanks for your help, Mitch. If not for you, I don't think I'd be able to find time settling things around the house."

"See, dad. I was right Mitch is nice!" Donatella butted in, hopping from foot to foot with Jess at her side.

When she came close to me, she leaned up, puckering her lips and kissed me on the mouth. Again. I cringed, leaning away before shoving her to the side.

"I told you not to do that!" I wiped my mouth with the sleeve of my shirt before discreetly looking at her parents' reaction.

Her mom looked surprised while her dad sat still. At first he looked stoic but I thought something flashed in his eyes before it was gone but I wouldn't have known what it was. I just hoped he wouldn't get angry at me. It was, after all, Donatella's action not mine. Though at the back of my mind, I was also wondering why didn't I stop her from doing it. Or why couldn't I stop her?

"By the way, sir. My parents asked me to invite you for a dinner this Friday at our home." I looked at Mr. Caldwell since he was the man of the house who obviously made most of the decision.

"It would be a pleasure, Mitch. Tell your parents we'll be there at six." He raised his glass to his mouth, studying me through the rim.

I admit, I felt nervous the way he looked at me right now. It made me feel like pissing on my pants.

"My mom would definitely be happy with the news, Mr. Caldwell." I swallowed when I didn't know what to say anymore. "Maybe... Maybe I should go now." I placed the glass on the coffee table before standing up.
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