Living In A Weird New World Chapter 14

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The forces of Lilith's guild was slowly expanding. Other guilds in the city plan on flooding Hells Gate and beating them with numbers. However, Lilith wasn't concerned with that. She was doing as her friends said quality over quantity. She would have maybe 2 people join officially a day. This continued until a week had past when a fat man walked into the auction house. When the NPC were about to talk to him he through them on the floor.

"Out of my way. Stupid NPC you got my clothes dirty."

Lilith got an alert about what was happening and went down two stories the second story was just as elegant and expensive as the first floor, if not slightly more expensive. The second floor was the normal type of shop. It sold the equipment that the guilds craftsman built. Only the high class items where sold in the auction room. The shop store had padded stand and cases for the items and NPCs who were the only ones able to pen them and sell the items. The five went to no ends to make this place a nice as possible as it would be one of the main places for their income. Until the reach level 100 and move to larger cities this was one of the biggest cities in the game because it was a neutral city in between the two factions. Neither would fight here because they can't afford to make the viscount their enemy right now.

She reached the lobby floor and saw the guy kicking the female NPC. Lilith ran over and picked the NPC off the the floor and away from the man. She look at him. He had clearly edited his face as much as is allowed. His body was still quite fat even though you could edit it. Meaning the guy must be even fatter in real life. He made his face more masculine and handsome making the head and body mismatched and awkward. Above his head you could see his gamer tag. 'Apollo'

'So this is the guy who bought the other certificate. Owning one put you ahead by a bit as you can only get it as a drop of a level 50 and above boss monster. You would need the money to make use of it so it's still reasonably fair. After all not everyone could've been able to take advantage of the growing armor market to buy a place as large as Hells Gates auction house. The current goal is to be able to buy a smaller building on some off streets.

"So your Luminous huh. You're quite pretty. I'll allow you to be my serving in real life as well." He started to walk around the place like he owned it. He was playing an Elf character destroying the image people have of elves. Soon after exploring the second floor and realizing he couldn't get to the basement or third floor looked at Lilith.

"Luminous I'll take this building and guild from you. 100,000 dollars should be enough. You did good work making this for me."

Lilith doesn't normally get angry, but she had to say this guy is starting to annoy her. "It's not for sale. Even if it was I wouldn't give it to you."

Apollo slaps Lilith. Since they were in a safe zone it doesn't do damage and he red listed.

"Little b****. It wasn't a request. You don't want something to happen to your friends and family do you?"

This means Lilith can attack and kill him and not get in trouble with the guards. She falls on the floor and blanks out holding her cheek. This was the first time she's been slapped like this by another person. She been hit, bitten, stabbed, slashed, and beaten by NPCs and mobs, but that's the game she knew that would happen. The people who were shopping stoped. They watched this scene.

It just so happens so did Jade and Emily who where talking with the guilds top blacksmith. The air in the building seemed to get colder as a strong tension rose in the air. Jade, Emily and the blacksmith named Hammered ran over to Lilith and helped her up and make sure she's fine. Half way there Lilith got up and speared Apollo to a wall. The character design had a slightly fierce look already. People were used to this because of the design demon characters normally have. However, she was currently different. People close by s opened the built in recording software and after she had gotten slapped. The were able to get the few second before and have a scene of her being slapped. They thought that it would be news worthy for the forums as Hells gate Is popular right now.

She twisted the spear a bit to push it a bit dealer into the wall. There was pain in the game the lowest you could go was 40% the pain and the highest was 75%. Apollo had it at the lowest setting. However, with Lilith jiggling the spear in his shoulder the pain was massive.

"Tell me pig. What will happen to them?" Lilith is rarely angry. She was furious though. Not only did he slap her, he threatened her loved ones. Jade, Emily, and Hammered stoped about a meter away. Emily and Jade have never seen Lilith angry. She was normally very calm. It slightly scared them. Apollo was crying. He didn't like pain the though of it petrified him. Lilith pulled the spear out of him. He dropped to the floor with a thud. He tried to cast a spell, but Lilith use the butt of the spear and smacked him on the jaw. He fell on the floor. He sent a message to the guys outside to come help. Apollo was an arrogant rich boy born with a diamond spoon, so he hired military men from a war torn country to protect him in game. The rushed upstairs to see Lilith about to slash at Apollo. The used skills to launch attacks. One used a chop and the other use triple slash. Lilith twirled the spear and deactivated bother of their skills. She used the techniques she has trained and polish over the past month to redirect the force and knock their swords out their hands. This time she just cut their hand directly off. Slashed three time at the neck of one guard.


She ended up decapitating him. Bodies last 10 minutes if it's a player. She spike his head on a spear and fixed it on the floor. She walked over to a case opened it and pulled out a war scythe. (1) The other guard attacked again. Since they launched attacks first she wasn't gaining any crimes on her. She quickly cut the guy in half using wind magic, Wind Strike. The extra attack damage from the war scythe dealt massive damage with a Crit on it too.

(95 Crit)

She looked over at Apollo. He did a force respawn. In combat this carries additional penalties. This feature was added so that if you got trapped in a high level place you can return instead of dying many times. The bodies disappeared after a few more minutes. Lilith started to clam down. She turned around and saw Jade and Emily. They would look her in the eyes. Lilith was immediately saddened by this. She walked to the third floor after putting the war scythe away and retrieving hers. The damage on the wall and floor repaired itself with a small fee from the guild account.

Lilith logged out soon afterwards. She looked at the clock and saw it was only 3:15pm she hopped into he bed and curled up into a ball under the covers. Around 20 minutes later Jade knocked on the door to be ignored. She knocked again before entering. She saw Lilith under the sheets and went to talk to her. Lilith fell asleep with some tears in her eyes. She laced down next to Lilith and hugged her.

On the forums a massive amount of information was being spread. Lilith was call a Demon of Wrath as videos of her one widely massacring the guards and Apollo surfaced. It captured everything said and done right before Lilith got slapped and up to the point when she went to the third floor.

Comments slandering her were common. However, most comments were about how Apollo deserved it. Some people were able to find who apologizes was. A user by the name of OhSnappleandPop compiles information about Apollo. Apparently he was the only child of a Fortune 500 company. He apparently forever the person to sell the guild certificate to him for a thousand dollars because the guys parent worked in his parents company. He would receive the phone company TMix from his father later in life, so he was used to forcing people to do what he wants.

The user said he was going to find information on the Luminous user, but if a person wanted information on it they would have to pay for it.

3 hours later Lilith woke up to see herself being hugged by Jade. "You ok now?" Jade look a bit serious. Lilith nodded slightly.

"You're not scared or angry at me are you?" Lilith asked meekly. She didn't want to lost her friends as they were a substantial part of her life. She knew them a large portion of her knowing life. (2)

"We just never seen you angry before. We know why you were...Thanks." Jade felt happy that Lilith got mad for her sake. Emily feels the same way, but she isn't here to say anything. 20 minutes of sitting there in quiet they got up and went down to the dining room where her friends were sitting around the table talking to Rin and Francis.
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