Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 879

Right then, a reporter shoved his camera under Su Zhinian's hand and started to snap pictures of Song Qingchun brazenly. "Miss Song Qingchun, are you the one who seduced your older brother?"

This question from the reporter lit Su Zhinian's rage like match to oil. Before the reporter's question finished, he grabbed the camera that was aimed at Song Qingchun and slammed it heavily on the floor. Following a loud crash, there was several shrill screams.

Without missing a beat, the remaining reporters started to take pictures of the broken camera. The reporter who first started the live feed pointed her partner's video camera at the broken camera and explained in an excited voice, like this news would get her a promotion or bonus, "The loud noise we heard just now was caused by Mr. Su Zhinian who grabbed one of our reporter friends' cameras and slammed it to the ground"

Following the reporter's words, the other hounds started to interrogate Su Zhinian.

"Mr. Su Zhinian, why would you suddenly become so angry?"

"That's right, Mr. Su Zhinian. Was that reporter earlier right? Was it really Miss Song Qingchun who seduced you?"

"Miss Song Qingchun, why are you hiding in Su Zhinian's arms, is it because you feel shame? Since you know how shameful this whole incident is, why would you go and seduce your older brother in the first place? How did you bring yourself to do such a despicable thing?"

Suddenly, the microphones and cameras of the reporters who surrounded Su Zhinian and Song Qingchun all fell uncontrollably from their hands. The group of reporters looked at the carcasses of their equipment that lay on the floor, and their questioning stopped. They looked at each other, and one question was stuck in all their minds. Why did I let go of my stuff earlier?

Su Zhinian pulled Song Qingchun deeper into his embrace to shield her face from the camera lights. He reached out angrily to grab the microphone away from the hostess who still hadn't recovered from her shock. He raised the microphone to her lips, and his low voice was swimming with thick threat. "Didn't all of you want an answer? Fine, then I'll give you something to write about!"

Su Zhinian scanned the group of reporters coldly, and when they accepted his gaze, they all averted their eyes away out of fear.

"Yes, I am in a relationship with her, but she didn't want to in the first place; it was me who forced myself on her!

"So, if you want to find someone to pin the blame on, blame me! This thing has nothing to do with her; she's also a victim!"

A reporter raised a microphone toward Su Zhinian as if he had some questions for him. However, before he could get any words out, Su Zhinian opened his lips and announced chillingly, "I do not accept any interview because I don't feel like I need to explain myself to any one of you, but I do have one thing to say, and that is"

Su Zhinian's gaze darkened, and a wave of palpable murderous fury radiated from his frame. "You can slander me all you want, but"

Su Zhinian gritted his teeth angrily as a murderous fire danced in his eyes.

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