Lord Xue Ying Chapter 1051

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The Southern Cloud King sat there. His gaze crossed through the void and landed just outside the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace within Fiery Zhao Nation.

One could see his eyes flitting through many scenes, of which there was one where Xue Ying dealt against Chang Su Wang. Actually, given Xue Ying’s current strength, he could manipulate time-space with greater finesse especially after his soul had been nourished with the mysterious aura from the higher dimensional world outside the Realm Heart Great Land. Hence, many scouting techniques would fail to locate where Xue Ying was.

Just like how Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master hid his avatar in the past, even the Sacred Master could not find it. Only ‘Old Monster Stone’ with his unique technique could do so.

Given the strength of Southern Cloud King, it was still impossible for him to trace all the way to where ‘Xue Ying was’.

But that battle was something he knew beforehand! Hence, he just had to observe that location and investigate through the past.


‘What exactly is the technique that allowed him to deal with Chang Su Wang so soundlessly while not leaving behind any clues?’ Southern Cloud King thought. Other combat techniques would create a massive disturbance. But the illusory realm dealt against the soul. Hence it did not produce any ripples at all.

‘Is it a soul-related technique? Or some unique secret treasure?’ Southern Cloud King made his guesses. He then smiled.

No matter what.

It was a good thing that his disciple was strong. Powerful cultivators would usually have their own secrets. The Southern Cloud King would not dig this out as well.

‘The foundation of Sky Sword Sect is weaker than my Southern Cloud Sacred Religion. But with two great ancient nations aiding them, my Southern Cloud Sacred Religion is overall at a disadvantaged. This disciple of mine is still more amazing than I expected.’ Southern Cloud King looked forward to it. Just like how the two great ancient nations had dispatched experts to help the Sky Sword Sect in the dark. After all, it meant nothing when a mysterious expert from the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation appear and defeat Xue Ying.

That mysterious expert wasn’t a disciple from the Sky Sword Sect.

His victory did not represent the absolute art from ‘Sky Sword Sect’ was more powerful!

Hence, only when the disciples from the two great religions compete could it determine the strength between the two great religions. Xue Ying was the personal disciple of the Southern Cloud King! His victory, especially when he utilized void techniques, represented the prowess of Southern Cloud Sacred Religion. It made many cultivators recognize: “Ying Shan Xue Ying has joined the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion and grew so much. It is right for me to join the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion as well, and learning at least part of what Ying Shan Xue Ying did would be sufficient.”

After all, the more geniuses a religion had, and the more experts it had, the more attractive that religion would be.


Fiery Zhao Nation, within the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace.

Xue Ying had already dismissed his subordinates. He was cultivating by himself.

“Hu hu hu.”

Nonetheless, sounds of the wind whistling could be heard from within the completely sealed hall. A white-robed young man was currently seated on a praying mat. Above him were three strands of ray that covered the entire sky. A single light ray was actually a piece of dark primal chaos that was incredibly heavy. The void that contained this primal chaos had congealed in its presence. The second light ray was filled with void and emptiness–it would appear at times and disappear at times. The last light ray, though, was a surging wave of the void.

Currently, the sound of the wind was produced from the faint yet-to-formed fourth light ray.

When it condensed, it would turn into silk. Yet as it dissipated, it would transform into a mist.

The object in question was the void. The void had been compressed into strands of silk and separated into an incorporeal matter.

“I always lack just that bit to completing this technique.” Xue Ying sat there frowning. He was doing his best to condense the fourth light ray, yet it dissipated immediately after that.


The cross-legged Xue Ying moved.

He teleported to the midair, albeit his body had suddenly turned planar–he had transformed into a piece of art. His entire person sat within this piece of art. Closely following that, the art dissipated just like mist. The seated Xue Ying suddenly flashed and soon divided into a dense number of several hundred bodies all seated down.

“Five phases, five phases. I always lack that final bit to completing this ‘Mist Phase’…” The several hundred seated Xue Ying muttered to himself.

“That’s right!”

Suddenly, the eyes of all hundreds of Xue Ying brightened. This time, the feeling he perceived was perfect–he was confident. With a thought, the fourth light ray was condensed above. This fourth light ray was really like silk and the mist. Both states could naturally transform to one another easily, with the void state changing into a stream of water. If this stream of water were used to restrict someone else, it could easily cut the enemy into pieces. And when the ray transformed into a fog, it could entrap the enemy within.

“Hahaha, who would have thought that the first day I arrive at the Fiery Zhao Nation will see me completing the Mist Phase! It seems that the Fiery Zhao Nation is my lucky ground!” Xue Ying could not help but burst out in laughter.

The Dao of Void.

Before taking the Southern Cloud King as his teacher, Xue Ying had researched in two different directions –the and the Scarlet Cloud God Spear direction. Both paths had been cultivated to the pinnacle of Primal Chaos realm. Nevertheless, in order to step into the Cosmos God realm, Xue Ying naturally had to continue researching into more directions where the void could head to since only by fusing them together could it increase his chances of breaking through.

Thus, not long after becoming the student of Southern Cloud King, he used the reason that he already grasped the to choose another void-related absolute art from the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion–the .

Five Phases Sealing Technique!

That was the strongest void absolute art that the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion had!

That’s right.

The strongest!

Even though there were three other techniques more precious than that–, and the when comparing the contribution points required…

But the was a time-related absolute art. The was a technique meant for survival and was precious because it was both rare and because it was meant for survival. The was an even more heaven-defying fleeing cultivation technique. By relying on it, it was possible for a cultivator to escape to another origin world! However, the difficulty of cultivating it was very high. One had to become a Cosmos God using the Dao of Void and reach the second level of Cosmos God before they were qualified to learn it. Furthermore, the probability of grasping it was not high. Xue Ying did even have the qualifications to learn it.

Unlike those mentioned above where one was used for survival and the other for fleeing.

The was a combat absolute art! And it was an incredibly horrifying one.

Five Phases Sealing Technique!

It contained five different paths of Dao in the void, and was thus called the ‘five phases’.

They were ‘Sky Phase’, ‘Earth Phase’, ‘Violet Phase’, ‘Mist Phase’ and ‘Origin Phase’, also the five different states that the void could exist in. Different Dao paths could be used to break through to the Primal Chaos realm.

Any of the five phases could allow the cultivator to reach the ninth level just by achieving small success.

If one succeeded in cultivating all five phases!

They could be used to complement one another–’Five Phases Sealing Technique’. When a cultivator unleashed five ninth level techniques and fuse them as one, the power unleashed would be great! This technique was more frightening than the Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles. Even some other secret impartation techniques which the Southern Cloud King had could not compare with it. This was unquestionably the strongest absolute art that the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion owned, and also the hardest to cultivate!

However, this was still not the most savage scripture in the origin world.

It was difficult for a person to even grasp a ninth level technique. To grasp five ninth level techniques in five different Dao paths of the void, one could feel how nightmarish was it to do this! But when a cultivator succeeded in learning it, the Southern Cloud King would directly bestow a precious secret treasure known as the ‘Five Phases Beads’! By relying on the Five Phases Beads, each of the five ‘ninth level techniques’ could be unleashed at a tenth level strength.

When five different tenth level techniques were fused together perfectly as one, only then could that fusion technique be called abnormally horrifying. By then, the ‘Five Phases Sealing Technique’ could even seal the Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique! Those weaker would be crushed to death after being trapped within!

An ultra tyrannical absolute art!

Also extremely difficult to learn.

After all, one had to grasp five different Dao paths. Actually, the more heaven-defying the absolute art was the harsher the conditions to learn it. For instance, the difficulty of understanding the was beyond that for grasping the . There were plentiful who turned mad and suicided after cultivating that absolute art! Nonetheless, after succeeding in understanding the , the cultivator would be able to unleash a more horrifying power above that of the .

‘I’ve finally succeeded in grasping four phases ever since I started learning the .’ Xue Ying thought. Fortunately, he had accumulated a strong foundation. In his previous life, he cultivated in different directions of the void. In this life, he learned the Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles and the Scarlet Cloud lineage too.

‘I am only left with the final phase–Origin Phase!’

Xue Ying pondered. He cast his gaze in the void ahead of him. The void was magnified continuously in his eyes until Xue Ying finally saw the essence of the void–many layers of black fog spherical bodies that formed a membrane.

‘The Origin Phase. I’ve seen its Origin Phase in my previous life already. In this current life, I’ve even used the Arch Destruction to break out of the cage to cultivate the avatar technique. Nevertheless, my understanding of it is too shallow.’ Xue Ying thought.

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