Lord Xue Ying Chapter 1052

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‘It’s still fortunate that I only require small success and not large success or even grand perfection!’ Xue Ying thought. This absolute art was split into three levels–small success, large success, and grand perfection!

Xue Ying had spent quite a lot of effort on comprehending the Five Phases Sealing Technique, especially after creating a ninth level move in the Mirage and Illusory Realm Dao–the majority of his concentration was placed on the Dao of Void.

He had accumulated a lot of experience in this.

The ‘Sky Phase’ was also the Dao path that Void Primogenitor from Xue Ying’s previous life took. The ‘Voidwalker’ lineage was absolutely a darling of the void. Even his teacher, Gu Qi, had not comprehended the ‘Destructive Realm Teleportation technique’, yet he could teleport across an ultra-long distance already! He could even forcibly take over control of a vast void space despite being separated by a long distance. Hence, the Sky Phase was also about this large-scale control of the void.

The ‘Earth Phase’ was an entirely different path. It was essentially the study of substance. Xue Ying had once spent a trillion years walking along the ‘Lost World Corridor’ once, spending all his time studying the construct of the Lost World Corridor. The void had transformed into a substance, forming many void ancient trees. They even created eggs that produced Destruction Devils. Xue Ying comprehended for a trillion years, and hence, his experience in this aspect was deep.

The ‘Violent Phase’ had many similarities with the Scarlet Cloud Combat Technique. They were of the same path. Xue Ying had trained the Scarlet Cloud Combat Technique to the pinnacle of Primal Chaos Realm already, and could no longer improve further! Hence, this phase was completed very quickly.

The ‘Mist Phase’, was slightly more troublesome. It was quite similar to part of the Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles”Spectacular Painting’. And even then, it took Xue Ying until now to grasp it.

As for the ‘Origin Phase’, he had yet to succeed!

Actually, Xue Ying was only a bit lacking in breaking through to the Cosmos God given his current realm. At this moment, the number of possible pathways that the Dao of Void could diverge would not exceed ten.

Hence, learning five phases was already grasping the majority of the Void Dao path!


Fiery Zhao Nation. The Sky Sword Sect occupied a vast area. Within a residence.

“Fellow cultivators, my Sky Sword Sect has suffered from quite a huge loss this time. A Conferred King has died just right there!” The violet-robed Thunder King ‘Mo Chao’ sat cross-legged sweeping his gaze across two other existences seated nearby. One of them had red skin and a twisted horn protruding from his head. He was gulping down all sorts of unique metallic object and stones. To him, metal and stone was food. The other was someone who looked queer. He was covered in a black robe. The entire black robe was filled with black fog that contained some insects flying about. His eyes had been formed by some red-colored insects.

These two existences were the two emissaries.

That cultivator who was eating all sorts of metal and stones came from the Fan Clan of the Summer Wind Ancient Nation! Of the three great clans in the Summer Wind Ancient Nation, only the Fan Clan placed emphasis on the outer world. The other two great clans were too lazy to care about the external world.

And the other cultivator wrapped in black robe originated from the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation.

“Previously, I’ve gone to see that piece of art.” The black-robed expert said in a hoarse voice, “Your Sky Sword Sect’s Chang Su Wang has truly turned into a piece of art. As they say, spectacular painting. It is really a spectacular painting!”

The other ‘Thunder King’ Mo Chao who was a Conferred King from the Sky Sword Sect felt slightly frustrated.

“It is impossible for Spectacular Painting to achieve this power. It could possibly be a soul technique or some unique secret treasure.” The crimson-skinned expert casually mentioned. He continued eating his metal and stones with crackling sounds, “In my opinion, your Sky Sword Sect should send another tenth level expert to fight again. I don’t believe that we can’t grasp the bottom line of that tenth level expert at all.”

Mo Chao did not answer.

Send another?

It was fine that he lost a ninth level expert. That was something the Sky Sword Sect could still accept. But if they lose a tenth level expert, that would be too huge a price.

“My Sky Sword Sect has suffered from such a huge loss. It is time for the two of you to act, isn’t it?” Mo Chao urged them.

“I’ll send some of my children to understand how strong he is.” The black-robed expert nonchalantly said.

“Right, right, right, we should understand how strong he is. Only then can we form a plan and acquire victory in one fell swoop.” The crimson-skinned expert continued eating, “There is no need to rush. With the character of that Southern Cloud King, he should be hiding. It is likely that he’ll move slowly and conduct things in the dark. Only then could he gain a huge victory from a small one. This Ying Shan Xue Ying is too young. He is the first one to be sent over, and is likely to be the vanguard.”


Mo Chao and the black-robed expert both agreed.

It was really difficult to permeate into the Black Devil Four Nations. They prepared really amply this time, albeit they did not expect the ‘vanguard’ that the Southern Cloud King sent this time to be so formidable!

Xue Ying wanted to cultivate the Mirage and Illusory realm, yet he had no improvement temporarily. Neither did he have any secret treasures. He lacked in just a single phase in the Dao of Void’s . As for reaching the ‘pinnacle of void-ification’, that was even more difficult.

Hence, his cultivation had finally entered a bottleneck.

Xue Ying came out of the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace and went for a stroll in the Fiery Zhao Nation.

“What are some of the famous places for food and drinks in the capital of Fiery Zhao Nation?” Xue Ying asked Marquis Qu Ming before going out. Marquis Qu Ming understood more about this place and gave quite a lot of recommendations to Xue Ying.

“If there is any matter, just directly send a message to me.”

Just like this, he brought his Magic Dragon and went out for a stroll.

He visited many places with good food.

Xue Ying would either visit the pubs by the side of the road or the towering and massive restaurants. He would even visit some of the luxurious and crowded red-light parlors. As long as there were good food and drinks, Xue Ying would go and have a try.

“The fifth place.” As Xue Ying enjoyed all sorts of good food and drinks, he entered a pub with a fabulous mood. The previously vexed feeling of his from meeting a bottleneck had long dissipated. Currently, Xue Ying felt carefree.

“Good, very tasty!”

“Not bad, tsk tsk, I should bring back more of this wine.” Xue Ying was really enjoying himself.

The Magic Dragon had been forced to sit by the side and accompany him in eating.

The pub was not that big. It was only a single level, yet business was good, and there were many customers. After Xue Ying reached grand perfection in the Southern Cloud Sacred Body, his aura had been hidden to the extent that he felt like a mortal. Even though the Magic Dragon kept his aura too, its concealment effect was weaker, and the Unity experts around could sense his aura easily. The manager of this pub felt reverence for him and arranged the best seat for them.

Just as they finished half the meal.


“Hurry up and scram. Scram further away from here.”

“My master has taken over the entire pub. Everyone else, scram now.”

One could see a group of Unity realm experts entering the pub and shouting to all the customers within. Everyone was frightened by this scene that they all rushed away.

“It is actually a group of Unity realm experts. They seem to be protectors.”

“Their master should likely have a huge origin.”

The majority of the customers were ordinary cultivators. Very few of them were at the Unity realm. Hence, they naturally ran from this. Those who survived long enough in the capital of Fiery Zhao Nation would have gained the ability to discern, and knew when to hide when it was time!

“The two of you hurry up and scram too.” Those Unity realm experts even pointed towards Xue Ying and the Magic Dragon who were still seated there.

Xue Ying frowned.

And the Magic Dragon immediately stood at that moment. He released his full aura, causing a savage and murderous aura to rush over. This eruption had reached the ninth level power, and it was so dense that it frightened some of the Unity realm experts. That muscular Magic Dragon then shouted: “Scram!”


At that moment, a luxurious carriage descended slowly.

“Master is here.”

“Oh no, it seems we are in trouble!”

Those Unity realm experts had ugly expressions. Nevertheless, they still immediately went out of the pub to welcome their master respectfully. One could see another group of protectors on the luxurious carriage with beautiful female servants serving two male seated there. One was a handsome devilish male that emitted aura at the Primal Chaos realm. The other was a gorgeous male garbed in green, though he was only at the Unity realm.

“What is happening?” The male in green nonchalantly asked.

“Your Highness, there are customers within who aren’t willing to leave. Also, there is a Primal Chaos expert inside.” A servant immediately answered from below.

“Primal Chaos realm? A Primal Chaos giant dares to be so arrogant even in the capital of Fiery Zhao Nation?” The gorgeous male sneered. He naturally disdained those experts since he was the seventh prince of the Fiery Zhao Nation. And this time, he had invited a personal disciple of the ‘Blood Devil Religious Master’ from the Black Devil Great Lake. Currently, that personal disciple was even at the ninth level power.

At that time, the handsome and devilish male squinted. He carefully scanned the muscular hunk and white-robed young man seated inside, before feeling fearful the next moment!

“It’s him?” That gorgeous and devilish male panicked!

Even though the Southern Cloud King had reached a compromise with the three religious masters from the Black Devil Great Lake.

Both sides did not stop fighting and killing at all. The Black Devil Great Lake would frequently act and send many cities for Blood Sacrifice! And with the Summer Wind Ancient Nation leading, the Southern Cloud Nation, Snow Hook Nation, and Maple Nest Nation frequently retaliated too.

“I have never thought that it is Brother Xue Ying. Sorry for the disturbance.” The handsome and devilish male shouted before transmitting a message to the seventh prince in a hurry: “Hurry up and leave! That is Ying Shan Xue Ying.”


This seventh prince was frightened so much that his face turned white at that moment.

Right at that moment when he was prepared to leave, three insects of differing colors came from the void stealthily. They tunneled directly into three of the protectors by the side of the pub. Those protectors felt their bodies shaking before they turned towards the white-robed young man who was calmly drinking within the pub.

And that Xue Ying who had been casually drinking and ignoring what was happening in the outer world, frowned at this moment. He looked towards the three protectors.

With his void perception, he naturally knew that the three strange bugs had entered the bodies of the three protectors, and all three had died. It’s a pity that the poisonous insects came too sudden that he could not save the three pitiful protectors.

“Master asked you to leave, yet why aren’t you doing it?”

“Hurry up and scram!”

The three protectors furiously shouted and walked directly into the pub.

And the seventh prince and that gorgeous devilish male who were able to leave, felt stunned when they saw that.

“You three fools, why aren’t you leaving? Hurry up!” The seventh prince transmitted and roared. At that time, the handsome and devilish male sensed something was amiss: “Not good!”

“Are you seeking death by not giving respect to my master?” The three protectors roared. Even though they were walking, their speed was rapid. They took several steps before arriving where Xue Ying was.

Xue Ying looked up. He placed down the wine cup before casting his gaze on the three protectors.


An unseen fluctuation suddenly swept over.

“Peng! Peng! Peng!”

The bodies of the three protectors immediately shattered and dissipated in this world, revealing just three insects of differing colors. Those three insects remained perfectly fine–they had withstood Xue Ying’s direct attack using the Scarlet Cloud Domain.

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