Lord Xue Ying Chapter 974


Ancestor Sorcerer and Blade Emperor both admitted that even they had to redirect part of their heart energy to resist against this illusory realm.

“Currently, his illusory realm could already affect us. If Dong Bo Xue Ying could become a Cosmos God using the Dao of Mirage, his illusory realm would be frightening. By then, even we have to redirect much of our heart energy to resist against it.” Ancestor Sorcerer transmitted a message. Blade Emperor agreed with it. A Cosmos God who reached his realm using the Dao of Mirage might not be formidable in direct combat, but in a war between many Cosmos Gods, this illusory realm would be of great help.

“A technique that targets the soul. He is purer than Heart Imitation in this aspect.” Blade Emperor said. Heart Imitation Religious Master was his subordinate.

The two of them conversed while walking towards the two golden-armored Destruction Devils who were in a deep sleep. These two golden-armored Destruction Devils were brought out by Xue Ying, though they remained immersed in the illusory realm, and would not be aware even if they were killed.

This was complete immersion.

The two golden-armored Destruction Devils emitted a wicked destructive aura, though they remained disguised as cultivators.


Xue Ying arrived by the side, collecting his spoils of war. At the same time, his vision fell onto the scaled armor left behind by ‘General mo Gu’. Originally, Xue Ying was celebrating inwardly that he had finally obtained materials left behind by a golden-armored Destruction Devil! The golden-armored Destruction Devil could transform into destructive energy, so they were usually wholly annihilated.

Only very few of them would leave behind something from their body; most could be sold at exorbitant prices.

‘Mn?’ Xue Ying was soon absorbed by this golden scaled armor. There was some kind of light flicker, causing the armor to disappear at times and showing up at times. Xue Ying had currently cultivated the Hidden’s Walker Secret to the 50th level and had studied the profound mysteries of the void for long periods within the Lost World Corridor. In addition to the second and third diagram of the ‘four-diagrams absolute art’ left behind by Monarch Nine Cloud, his cultivation and knowledge of the void had reached a profound realm.

At this moment when he scrutinized the scaled armor, especially on the flickers of light that seemed to appear and disappear, he was able to perceive some profound mysteries of ‘void-ification’.

‘It seems to be more simplified and straightforward than the second diagram of Monarch Nine Cloud.’ Xue Ying felt some sort of ‘simple beauty’ from it.

Monarch Nine Cloud’s void-ification technique was too complicated.

This scaled armor

Was ‘supremely simple’.

‘Good treasure.’ Xue Ying immediately awakened. He understood that he would need some time to properly research this scaled armor! This scaled armor was not meant to be sold for Origin World Rocks. It was more appropriate to be used as an object of study.

This was the laws and profound mysteries system.

Everything was about understanding the true essential profound mysteries behind the myriad existences.

“Xue Ying.” A sound was heard by his side.

“Mn?” Xue Ying was jolted in shock. He saw Void Primogenitor standing by the side.

The black-robed green-haired Void Primogenitor were looking at this scaled armor with his bright eyes. He muttered: “With your current realm, you should be able to perceive the profound mysteries of the void inherent within the scaled armor right? It is of a completely different direction as compared to the “Walker’s Hidden Secret” I created. My Walker’s Hidden Secret will allow one to void-ify once it is trained to great perfection, and it seems to be much more simplified than what I comprehendedso simple and perfect. I know you, Xue Ying, will definitely want to comprehend this scaled armor since this is your spoil of war. I will not force you, but my incarnation will be paying a visit to your Great Void Heaven Temple in the future, and I do hope for you to let me comprehend it as well.”

“I’ll comprehend it together with Void Primogenitor then. By then, Grand Teacher could be there to guide me too.” Xue Ying chuckled.

What realm had Void Primogenitor reached?

He was the ancestor who created the entire ‘Voidwalker lineage’. His comprehension ability was outstanding too. Naturally, he could perceive the extraordinariness of this scaled armor with a glance. Furthermore, the Voidwalkers specialized in void-ification, and Void Primogenitor had reached ‘perfection in void-ification’. Nevertheless, not just him or the void-ification technique comprehended by Monarch Nine Cloud, both their techniques were much more complicated than what was shown on this scaled armor.

The profound mysteries on this scaled armor were the most concise. Coming up next was the technique comprehended by Monarch Nine Cloud. What Void Primogenitor created was the most complex out of them.

Xue Ying agreed happily to his request of course since Void Primogenitor would definitely have a deeper understanding and comprehension once he began researching. By then, the other party could aid Xue Ying too.

“Hu.” Xue Ying waved his hand before collecting the scaled armor and other materials.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying.” Ancestor Sorcerer said.

Xue Ying and Void Primogenitor both walked over.

Void Primogenitor had to redirect 20% to 30% of his heart energy to resist against the illusory realm. He could not help but smile at Xue Ying: “Xue Ying, if you were to reach the Cosmos God realm using the Dao of Mirage, I reckon not much of my strength would be left in my control under your illusory realm.”

“It is very difficult to become a Cosmos God.” Xue Ying responded.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying, go ahead and interrogate the two of them.” Ancestor Sorcerer pointed to the two sleeping golden-armored Destruction Devils instead, “How did they bypass the spatial barrier? What other great secrets do they have?”

“Alright.” Xue Ying nodded. He immediately began interrogating through the illusory realm.

These two golden-armored Destruction Devils might be captured alive, interrogating them was still troublesome because their souls were too strong. Want to search through their souls by force? They would only be able to obtain pieces of information before the recipient soul would shatter.

Xue Ying’s illusory realm could still be used to guide them along and get all required answers.

Time passed second by second.

Ancestor Sorcerer, Blade Emperor, and Void Primogenitor were all watching by the side. Xue Ying though controlled his illusory realm to lead these two golden-armored Destruction Devils towards deliberately leaking viable information. Furthermore, he also cross-referenced the information garnered from the two of them. Gradually, Xue Ying became astonished.

“I’ve finished interrogating.” Xue Ying turned around.

“How is it?” Ancestor Sorcerer, Blade Emperor, and Void Primogenitor were all anxiously waiting for the answer.

They had always wanted to know how the Destruction Devils got through the spatial barrier. Only after they knew the reason could they formulate a method of dealing against it.

Xue Ying said: “Ever since the emergence of the golden-armored Destruction Devils, they have different kinds of talent. Some specialized in charm, some can control fire, some are good at controlling space of which two golden-armored Destruction Devils had extremely terrifying talents. This talent is known as ‘shadowless’ amongst the Destruction Devils. The moment they unleash this technique, they would fuse into space. By then, any techniques, unless it could destroy the essence of space, would not be able to injure them. Since they could become one entity with the essence of space, unless we isolate the essence of space, they could easily bypass everything.”

“What!” Ancestor Sorcerer and Blade Emperor were shocked.

“Pinnacle of void-ification?” Void Primogenitor’s expression turned sour.

“Pinnacle of void-ification?” Ancestor Sorcerer and Blade Emperor understood too.

Monarch Nine Cloud and Void Primogenitor could reach this grand perfection stage. They naturally understood how difficult it was.

One had to know that both Monarch Nine Cloud and Void Primogenitor both broke through to the Cosmos God in the void aspect!

“But one of them has died.” Xue Ying said, “Ultimately, they are only golden-armored Destruction Devils, and are slightly weaker in their heart temperament. The one that died should have fallen prey to my illusory realm. I guess this should be the material left behind from his body.” Saying that Xue Ying waved his hand before bringing out the golden scaled armor

“Void-ifcation?” Ancestor Sorcerer and Blade Emperor scrutinized the item.

Void Primogenitor added from the side: “This scaled armor is Dong Bo Xue Ying’s spoil of war so you guys cannot snatch it away from him. I’ve promised him to comprehend it by the side too.”

“We will naturally not snatch it away. Dong Bo Xue Ying has contributed greatly to the cultivators, and we do not even have sufficient time and effort to reward him.” Ancestor Sorcerer said. He pointed to the two sleeping golden-armored Destruction Devils, “In a while, I’ll seal their souls and prevent them from suiciding. The two of them will temporarily be locked by Dong Bo Xue Ying. If we need any questions answered, we’ll let you, Dong Bo Xue Ying, proceed with the interrogation.”

“Alright.” Xue Ying nodded.

“How about this, since you could not kill them temporarily, it’ll be a loss for you. But rest assured, we will remember this contribution of yours, and will definitely not mistreat you.” Ancestor Sorcerer said, “Also, I’ll occasionally send an incarnation to the Great Void Heaven Temple. By then, you must not hide this scaled armor, and let me have a good look too.”

Being the ancestor of the hex cultivation, he was genuinely passionate about researching the myriad existences. The profound mysteries of the void behind this scaled armor was naturally valuable to him.

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