Losing Money To Be A Tycoon Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Boss Pei.... a Lonely person.

Bao Xu had already finished with the updates for Ghost General and Ocean Stronghold; he finally managed to take a breather recently.

Lu Mingliang immediately handed over the Game Designer game for Bao Xu to try it out.

for visiting.

After all, this was the number-one experienced game tester in the company; he also knew Boss Pei's intentions the best! As Lu Mingliang was not feeling very confident, he needed to get a confidence boost from this experienced person.

Bao Xu seriously went through the game once. He did not run through all the possible endings; that would be a waste of time. He had just followed his instincts and completed two to three runs of the game.

"How is it, Brother Bao? How does the game feel? Are there things that need to be changed? Lu Mingliang asked.

Bao Xu did not answer immediately.

After a while, Bao Xu responded, "What do you guys think?"

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