Lust Knight Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Devil Pact (3/3) {R-18}

"So, let's continue." Lucien smiled at Scarlett and positioned his cock at the entrance of her beautiful pussy.

"Mm." Scarlett was very horny, but she was not focused on his dick but his smile. Lucien was no longer smiling in that provocative way he had before but in a caring way.

And his loving smile is a deadly weapon for any woman. Scarlett was delighted looking at Lucien and then she started moaning.

"Ahhh" Lucien thrust his cock into her adorable pink cave, not too fast or too slow, making her moan while enjoying the incredible pleasure.

This time it was not a pleasure that left her mind blank but something different. If before it was perfect, now it is more than perfect.

Scarlett could feel a connection with Lucien. Somehow she could feel that he was also feeling pleasure and happiness like her.

"Mmmm Ohhh Yessss Just Ahhh Like this..."

She couldn't contain her moans and didn't want to. On the contrary, she wanted to shout to the whole world how wonderful it is.

Scarlett could feel Lucien hitting all of her sensible points with his divine spear. And she just wanted more. She wants him to go deeper, faster, harder

The higher in the sky of pleasure Lucien's cock took Scarlett, the higher she wanted to go.

And he, of course, would take her to the top of pleasure. Not for selfish reasons but to make her happy.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

As Lucien increased the intensity of his thrusts into Scarlett's wet pussy, his waist began to beat against hers, making an erotic sound, which he is already used to.

He continued to hold her legs and pull her body on his cock, going deeper and deeper and reaching into her bottom.

The feeling of having Lucien inside her was incredible in a way that Scarlett couldn't understand.

She just laid there moaning while enjoying each thrust from new pleasure, more fantastic than the previous one.

Soon she started to feel better and better. Her body was healing quickly, and so was her power increasing.

Lucien also began to feel the demonic energy improving his body but to a much lesser degree than his previous sex sessions.

That was already expected as Lust warned him that the stronger he is, the more demonic energy would be needed for him to have advances in his power level.

He continued to thrust his cock inside her while they both delighted in pleasure. Soon Scarlett's pussy started to produce more love juices and squeeze Lucien's cock.

Lucien knew she was about to come, and this time he wouldn't let her come alone. Then he increased the speed of his thrusts, making her moan more and more.

"I feel it... Lucien... Something... Is coming... Sooo good!!" Scarlett's body became more sensitive, and she had to firmly hold the sheets as she felt she could fly at any moment.

He smiled at her as he prepared to fire his hot load inside her. "Let's come together, my dear. I will fill you with my essence."

Scarlett couldn't help thinking about children when she heard Lucien, but she also felt a great desire to have his essence inside her even if it meant having his children.

"Yes I want it inside me I want it so much Please"

She asked and got what she wanted. Lucien reached the depths of her pussy, making her have an incredible orgasm while he marked her entire interior with his cock milk.



Scarlett arched her upper body while feeling the best thing in her life as she came while feeling Lucien's hot essence inside her.

He held her legs firmly while keeping his cock deep inside her, and her pussy tightened around it.

The sensation of marking Scarlett as his, boosted all the pleasure Lucien felt, causing him to create a lot of demonic energy.

Lucien released Scarlett's legs and laid on top of her, then rolled to the side while holding her, making her stay on top of him while she was still breathing hard, feeling the pleasure running through her body.

She hugged his neck and rested her face on his chest. "That was so incredible... I can't even describe it."

Lucien started to stroke Scarlett's long red hair. He wouldn't tell her now, but he loves that hair, which reminds him of two women he loves very much. Perhaps now one more that he will love.

"How's your body?" Scarlett understood that Lucien was asking about the healing, and that left her a little disappointed because she couldn't think of anything besides him and the connection they created.

Of course, she soon smiled, concluding that he is worried about her health. "I can already feel almost all parts of my lower body, but I still can't move my legs."

Lucien knew that his healing needs a little more time. The fact that Scarlett was already feeling her body after such a severe injury is miraculous. In this case, sinful.

He let her continue to lay on his chest, feeling his hard cock inside her for several minutes while he patted her on the head.

But everything good tends to end quickly. It actually lasted half an hour, but Scarlett felt like it was only a few minutes before Lucien moves her aside.

"Get some rest now, and soon we will continue... And try new things that you will surely like." Lucien tried to get up, but Scarlett took his hand.

"Wait! Will you... Are you going to do it with her? Please don't do it with her. Olivia is a very proud person and will not to accept you like m-"

Lucien smiled and tenderly stroked Scarlett's face. "Like you? I do the best for my group. You can call it a big family. If you want to be part of this family and not just be an ally, you have to trust me."

Scarlett was still making an upset expression, which made Lucien smile provocatively. "If I say that you will be friends, then you will be best friends. Or do you not want to obey me?"

Become a friend of a great enemy or lose the chance to be with Lucien and repeat what they just did other times? Scarlett didn't have to think for more than a second before answering him.

"Mm. I will try my best, so please take care of me!" Lucien knew that Scarlett was trying to be cute, and well, she succeeded, making him caress her head and kiss her forehead.

Then he got up from the bed and headed for the bathroom, leaving Scarlett with cute thoughts in her mind and a wide smile on her face.

Entering the bathroom, Lucien saw Olivia lying in the bathtub with her eyes closed. She had an extremely red face, and Lucien knew it wasn't just because of the hot water.

"So is the proud Olivia having such lewd reaction?" He said as he entered the bathtub.

Since Olivia had changed the water, now the only other thing in the water is her love juices, which Lucien appreciates.

Olivia was angry at Lucien but was even angrier at herself for not being able to control her body while hearing Scarlett's moans.

She didn't open her eyes as she spoke in a sarcastic tone. "So it was all about healing? Why do I think you're just a pervert, and she's a whore?"


Lucien could hear the sound of the slap he should have given Olivia on the face for calling Scarlett a whore. But he did not do that.

After all, anyone who doesn't feel the connection he has with his women would see his actions as just sex and nothing more.

Olivia's proud and hostile attitude is annoying. Still, it only made Lucien want to be more affectionate with her, give her pleasure and then leave her alone, just to let her see how wonderful it is, and then she would never have it again.

Lucien didn't think about breaking Olivia because he knew he could change her mind quickly when she felt the pleasure that his dick could give along with the healing and power of demonic energy.

Olivia didn't know what to think about Lucien's lack of reaction after her insult. Then she opened her eyes to see him lying on the other side of the bathtub with closed eyes just like her.

Still, she had agreed to have sex with him and be "loyal" to him in exchange for a cure for her scars and not to be killed. So Olivia got up to get out of the bath.

"Wait." Olivia stopped when she heard Lucien's calm voice. Somehow she knew she wouldn't like what he was going to say.

Olivia's cooperation would be even more crucial than Scarlett's since the Guild is a united organization, and Lucien could use her in many ways.

But because of her hostile attitude towards him, Lucien had no intention of being kind to her. "Wash me."

Olivia did not like Lucien's authoritative tone, not to mention his request. But she knew she is not in a position to demand and could only follow his orders for now.

She took the sponge to start washing Lucien, but he surprised her with another order. "You will wash me with your mouth to learn to keep it quiet."

"Wha- It You can't humiliate me like that!!"

Olivia did not feel an aversion to Lucien's body, after all, he is handsome as a god, but she thought his request would be the destruction of her dignity.

Lucien did not move or open his eyes. He just spoke calmly. "I'll give you a second to start using that shitty mouth of yours, or I'll give up on you."

"I I just DAMN!! OK! I will do it." Olivia wanted to refuse, but there was a lot at stake, and her pride seemed less and less valuable. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

She approached him, clearly disconcerted, and not knowing what to do. "How exactly am I going to do this?"

Olivia was surprised when Lucien's cock rose from the water like a proud dragon completely under his control.

"Do you need me to explain more?" Lucien spoke sarcastically, and Olivia could only make a face before kneeling in the bathtub and get ready to wash his hard meat staff.

She clearly had no idea how just to suck a cock and can't help thinking to herself. 'This is my first contact with a penis. Why does it have to be with a devil?'

'I have to do it! Not for me, but to avenge my family!! It is nothing to me!' Olivia tried to gather her anger to control her pride and held Lucien's cock with her delicate hand.

'Hot... It's so hot... And hard... It can't be good' Olivia was sure it would be disgusting, but when her lips touched the head of Lucien's cock, she was more surprised than ever.

'How can it be so good??!?! What kind of witchcraft is this?' Although the taste of his cock is incredible, Olivia just touched her mouth on it and didn't start "washing."

Lucien put his hand on her head and pushed it down, making his cock penetrate her mouth and reach her throat.

"If you want to remove these scars and gain power, then you have to get used to my cock inside all your dirty holes."

Despite the rough intrusion of his hard member, Olivia felt no discomfort. On the contrary, she can enjoy that wonderful taste all over her mouth, making it more pleasant than painful.

Of course, Lucien's words were still a thorn to her ego. She did not want to be dominated by him, so she tried to lift her head.

But although he was not pushing it anymore, he also did not allow her to move back off his cock.

Olivia knew she had to be obedient to him, and in fact, his dick is not bad at all, so her fight seemed in vain and unproductive.

Of course, she still maintained a forced upset expression while sucking on his cock.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

She didn't even notice that Lucien had taken his hand off her head, and now she is taking his cock deep in her throat willingly.

Lucien can't help but provoke her. "You called Scarlett a whore, but look at you sucking on the cock that was inside her a few minutes ago."

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