Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered Chapter 296

Chapter 296: Master Juan He Really Knows Yunguang Consortiums Logo

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Little Wood Fish was a college student and had followed the blogger Qin Yu last year because of the viral violin video.

She studied music and rarely saw violin masters of Qin Yu’s level who knew all kinds of violin techniques come out as a Weibo blogger.

Not only was she good-looking, but she was a good violin player and also a student at Beijing University. How could she not draw fans to her?

Little Wood Fish was one of her most loyal fans. Hence, she very clearly remembered this song to be Qin Yu’s audition song last year.

However, her comments were buried under all the others and made no splash.

She originally wanted to forward it, but as a big fan, after seeing popular comments about Qin Yu, she didn’t want to draw hatred towards her without any evidence. Thinking about it, she saved the blogger’s violin video and then began to write down the scores.

She would make comparative evidence.


Qin Ran went upstairs directly to pick up Pan Mingyue’s video call when she returned to Ting Lan.

She, Pan Mingyue, Qiao Sheng, and Lin Siran had all been admitted to Beijing University. Heng Chuan First Middle School had given them the nickname, “Beijing University’s Four Masters.”

Lin Siran had arrived a month ago, while Qiao Sheng and Pan Mingyue would come tomorrow and then sign up the day after tomorrow.

Qin Ran’s violin practice would be temporarily put on hold, so she confirmed their arrival time tomorrow.

“I’ll arrive with Uncle Feng and the others tomorrow at around four o’clock in the afternoon.” The four of them started a group video chat. Pan Mingyue was still wearing black-rimmed glasses. She pushed her glasses up and spoke in a very soft voice.

Only a few flights flew from Yun Cheng to Beijing every day.

On the other side, Qiao Sheng seemed to be on the sofa downstairs. He scratched his head and moved closer to the camera. “I’ll arrive at noon tomorrow.”

“I’ll pick you guys up.” Lin Siran was a little cocky after finding out she had three God cards. She played games every day and said excitedly at this moment, “Come on, let’s meet for a game!”

Knowing that they would arrive tomorrow, Qin Ran’s mood improved. She sat at the table, leaning on the back of her chair, and turning on her computer casually. The computer page still had no icons.

Clicking a few keys casually, a file library appeared, from which she found the file that Chang Ning had given her last time.

The several forces investigating her were mainly the Ouyang family and the First Hospital of Beijing Research.

Tapping the tabletop, she squinted at Beijing Research Institute’s First Hospital. She would have to find time to visit the 129 headquarters.


Downstairs, Cheng Mu was about to carry the pot of grass upstairs.

The doorbell rang at this time.

Putting down the flower pot, he went outside to open the door. Several guests often came to Ting Lan. The Old Master would come to have a cup of tea every three days, while Cheng Wenru would come and wander around when she was free

Cheng Jin said he would come at around this time.

Cheng Mu opened the door and expected to see Cheng Jin and the others.

Unexpectedly, he was greeted with an unfamiliar face.

The man was tall, dressed in loose casual clothes, and held a delicate bag in his hand. He smiled at Cheng Mu, like a bright moon, refined and clean. “Excuse me, is Qin Ran asleep?”

Firstly, he didn’t address her as Miss Qin Ran.

Secondly, he only asked if she was still sleeping and was certain that she lived here.

An alarm rang in Cheng Mu’s mind as he received these two signals. “Miss Qin is practicing the violin upstairs.”

“I see.” The other party didn’t say much and just smiled. His cold demeanor seemed to melt, and he reached out to hand the bag to Cheng Mu. “Can I trouble you to pass this to her?”

He didn’t ask if he could go in and find Qin Ran, and his tone was very soothing.

Cheng Mu felt like his attitude was much better than that of Master Juan’s.

“You are” Cheng Mu took the bag. He didn’t dare reject Qin Ran’s thing.

“No need, she’ll know who I am.” The man turned to leave and entered the elevator.

Once his figure had disappeared completely before his eyes, Cheng Mu took the bag and walked into the house very suspiciously.

He saw Cheng Juan coming downstairs at a glance.

“Master Juan.” He greeted and stood upright.

“Yeah.” Although he had drunk at night, he wasn’t drunk and only smelled a little of alcohol. He had taken a shower before coming down and was wearing cotton pajamas that made him look much softer. “Who was it?”

He poured a glass of water in the kitchen before noticing the delicate little bag in Cheng Mu’s hand.

The bag looked very empty, but in the lower-left corner, a logo similar to a certain flower was printed inconspicuously.

He leaned against the stairs and raised an eyebrow lightly.

Cheng Mu said nervously, “It was a gentleman. I asked him who he was, but he didn’t answer. He said that Miss Qin would know who he was once she saw the bag. He’s probably very familiar with her.”

Cheng Mu had become calmer and calmer after following Qin Ran for so long.

After all, he had seen too many people, not to mention heavyweights like Cheng Juan.

The atmosphere seemed to fall into an extremely strange silence as he waited for Cheng Juan’s reply.

He scratched his head. “Master Juan?”

“Give me the bag.” He stretched out his hand slowly.

Cheng Mu immediately handed him the bag.

Cheng Juan took hold of it and examined it. There was something in the bag, but it wasn’t very heavy, about the weight of a small teacup.

Without digging through the bag, he just looked down at it before taking another sip of water and then walking upstairs unhurriedly.

He stopped outside Qin Ran’s door and knocked on it.

Qin Ran just hung up the video call with Qiao Sheng and the others. She went to get the things in her backpack and opened the door.

Cheng Juan was leaning against the door frame, playing with the bag in his slender jade hands lazily.

Qin Ran knew what it was as soon as she saw the bag. She turned and continued packing up her black backpack.

Then, she sat down in front of the computer, not caring too much.

“Aren’t you curious about what gift this is?” Cheng Juan walked inside, his mood slightly piqued. He handed the bag to her, then rested one hand on the table beside her casually.

Qin Ran took out a notebook from her backpack.

Looking up at him, she reached out to take the bag. She knew what was inside and wasn’t curious.

As soon as she reached out for it, Cheng Juan willfully raised his hand a little higher.

Qin Ran was sitting on a stool while he was leaning against the table, so she couldn’t reach his height even if she tried.

She nodded. “Okay, Uncle. I’ll give it to you.”

She didn’t want it?

“Who’s your Uncle?” Cheng Juan looked down. Judging by her words, he also guessed what was inside and looked down to see a black mobile phone.

“Oh.” Qin Ran closed the files on her computer and pressed a few keys to open the social network software. “Big Brother, Brother, I’ll give it to you, okay?” she said perfunctorily.

Cheng Juan stared down at her. Her eyebrows were clear, and her tone was casual.

He suddenly laughed. “No, wait, what did you just call me?”

“Brother?” Qin Ran didn’t even look up.

“Before that.” His good-looking eyebrows were lowered.

Qin Ran thought about it, tilted her head, and supported her chin. “Big Brother?”

Chuckling, Cheng Juan stared at her mysteriously and then handed the bag. “Take it.”

“Don’t you want it?” Qin Ran took the bag. “This phone is pretty useful.”

“No need.” Cheng Juan stood upright. “I heard Cheng Jin and the others. I’m going downstairs first.”



As Cheng Mu held the potted flowers, his desire for survival prevented him from following Cheng Juan upstairs leisurely.

He just sat on the sofa downstairs while holding the flower pot. He first sent a message to Lin Siran to report the status.

Then, he sent it to the old gardener.

The old gardener would usually reply indifferently, but today, he suddenly replied

[I think you have potential in growing flowers.]

Staring at the message for a long time, Cheng Mu still couldn’t figure out what he meant.

The doorbell rang at this time. Cheng Jin and the others had finally arrived. While taking off his suit jacket, he was about to head upstairs. “Where’s Master Juan?”

Cheng Wenru followed behind him.

“He’s probably looking for Miss Qin,” Cheng Mu warned.

Cheng Wenru came down immediately and didn’t dare go upstairs. She sat down opposite Cheng Mu.

She placed the briefcase on the table casually and crossed her legs.

Cheng Mu glanced at her briefcase. There was also a flower logo in the lower-left corner of the bag. The pattern was very unique. Cheng Mu usually didn’t pay attention to Cheng Jin and the others, but in the past six months, he had been surrounded by flowers and was particularly concerned about them. He found the flower on the briefcase very familiar.

“I just saw this flower on your bag,” he said, pointing at Cheng Wenru’s bag.

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