Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered Chapter 299

Chapter 299: Gathering of Big Bosses in Beijing Again

After Chang Ning left, Qin Ran opened the 129 website.

The page was full of internal materials that couldn't be transcribed and required the authority of a senior member.

Chang Ning's account was automatically logged in. Since she was just checking some information, she didn't log into her own account and simply typed a line in the search bar: [Beijing First Research Institute].

129 had very complete information, extending from the basic introductions of the people in the First Research Institute to the several projects mastered inside.

Of the four major forces in Beijing, the research institute was one of them. These forces stood almost at the top of the circle and were controlled by the four major families. Behind the First Research Institute was the Xu family. Their main research was nuclear power engineering and nuclear energy, but there were many other branches inside.

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