Martial Arts Master Chapter 454

Old Nanny Qiu proved Lou Cheng's suspicion that she was born with a special ability. Not only could she hibernate like an animal, she could also manipulate the soil to some extent. After joining a group of grave robbers by chance, she even learned some rudimentary witchcraft.

In the eyes of her neighbors, she was a mysterious woman who often stayed home for several days in a row. The truth was that she had actually left the ancient town during that time. Even her former live-in lover would consider her strange and even terrifying at times. He dared not talk too much about her.

She gained most of her antiques related to the Fighting Formula during that time. Most were badly damaged and thus of no value in the group leader's opinion. Since she liked things like these, the leader gave them to her for her to bring home as she did with all the 'junk' in her room.

Once, they had a great harvest and sold off their spoils for quite a fair bit of money. The members began fi

Comments (45)

  • Ply

    It's getting there. that inhuman stage.. this story keeps getting better and better

  • 1WhoPredictsFuture

    Cheng's revenge is quite....

  • NikolasVegas

    Now that I have obained the magical spell for becoming buff, theres nothing that can hurt me HAHAHAHAH *cough* *cough* *cough* HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

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