Martial Arts Master Chapter 455

"Where's Lou Cheng?" Fang Fakui, the elder of Zhengfa Sect with a protruding forehead, asked the man in the black t-shirt.

Having long prepared for this, Huang Zhihua replied frankly,

"He probably went to Old Nanny Qiu's house again to look for clues yesterday night but found nothing important. Except for his kungfu practice, he stayed in his hotel room the entire morning."

With the police's help, he found out which hotel room Lou Cheng was staying in and sent someone to monitor the place. He didn't dare hope to obstruct him, only to find out about his moves at once.

Fang Fakui nodded. "Send another person to keep an eye on him. Disperse the rest and investigate Old Nanny Qiu more carefully. I don't believe she wouldn't reveal anything odd at all this while!"

"What about you?" Huang Zihua asked in confusion.

Fang Fakui turned to look out the window.

"I'll go to Old Nanny Qiu's house too and see if you guys missed any clues."


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  • Ply

    There is no update for a day and a half already.. I hope Translator /Editor Sama is alright I am getting worried.

  • Roocketman

    Ok guys, I got a reply from TransN and they stated that they dropped this series and another team had picked it up.

  • Roocketman

    Ok people, let's do this ******** style. Issue an email to [email protected] about how sad we are that they let us hangin again. Let's simply make it impossible to them to ignore us. Common my folks! Let's do this!! #moreMaM

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