Martial Peak Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Long Huis Death

Chapter 113 - Long Huis death

Translator - Erza

Editor - Ben

One couldnt help but say, although Long Hui was a white silk young master, he still knew how to words his sentences so as to create a path to

Unable to dodge Kai Yangs strike, he spoke out prodingly.

If it were anybody else, then they would have already long since become thoroughly enraged.

Kai Yang seemed to show all the signs of being enraged; his eyes were red and his World Qi flared about rebelliously, clearly displaying his fury. But upon closer inspection, you could see the unwaveringness within his eyes and his hearts thoughts were just as stable as before.

After the time it took burn a stick of incense, Kai Yang had already struck out numerous times, yet none of these strikes could touch even a single thread of Long Huis clothes.

Meanwhile Long Hui, who had became parched from all his remarks, was secretly shocked.

Reason dictated, after fighting for this long, this kids World Qi reserves should have been long since exhausted. Yet why did none of his strikes weaken in the least? This brats World Qi levels shouldnt be able to support this amount of activity, ah.

What Long Hui thought wasnt incorrect, ordinary initial element stage practitioners would have long since become exhausted from the fighting. But Kai Yang wasnt a normal initial element practitioner, so after fighting an extended bout with him, Long Hui started to have second thoughts about his strategy.

While he was reflecting on it, Kai Yang struck again, every time Long Huis image would immediately flicker and he would reappear somewhere else. But when he dodged, he immediately he felt a fiery hot energy fly at his waist.

Looking down, he saw that a hole had been burnt in his clothes. That strike just then had very nearly wounded him.

What a pity! Taking a deep breath, the look within Kai Yangs eyes became more excited, mixed with an opposing look of steadiness. This was an extremely contradictory look, yet they merged together perfectly.

How could this be? Long Huis expression changed greatly.

That strike was clearly a strike that his opponent had carefully calculated and initiated before he landed. If it werent for his good luck, then he would have already been injured.

But how did he predict where he was going to land? Could it be that, in the time it took to burn a stick of and incense, Kai Yang had already comprehended his Golden Divine Steps?

Impossible! He was only at the initial element, could his eyesight be that good?

Next time, even if you dont die, you will suffer severe injuries! Kai Yang coldly stated, looking at Long Hui, his tone conveying his confidence.

Your mothers fart! Long Hui bellowed, You want to scare this lord! Youre still too inexperienced!

Not bothering to reply, Kai Yang continued his crazy attacks.

Long Hui was thoroughly enraged. This time he didnt use the Gold Rainbow Steps, but instead directly went to greet Kai Yangs strike head on.

Peng their collision sounded. Kai Yang was as steady as a rock, not moving an inch. Meanwhile Long Hui felt the invasion of World Qi into his body and stumbled back a few steps.

Crying out strangely, Long Hui didnt dare to meet Kai Yang head on anymore. Revolving his World Qi, he activated his Golden Rainbow Steps and hastily tried to widen the distance between them.

Sou another sound rang out. A crimson red droplet shaped object flew out. When Long Hui had just regained his footing, it directly entered his body via the right side of his chest.

Screaming out miserably, Long Huis face paled, clutching his chest. Gasping for breath, bloody foam began to form at his mouth: It cant be, it cant be. It is definitely impossible!

His Golden Rainbow Steps had actually been seen through. With Kai Yangs attack already shooting out towards his landing position, Long Hui had no method of avoiding it.

Not to mention that the attack was so domineering it caused ones heart to shiver. Not only had it penetrated his Ordinary Grade Lower level defensive artifact, it had also entered into his body. If it wasnt for his protective layer of World Qi, it would have penetrated through to his core.

There is nothing impossible! Kai Yangs expression remained cool as he strode forward with quick steps. How could Long Hui dare to stay and fight? Hastening his own steps, Long Hui started to escape towards Wen Fei Chens position: Hallmaster Wen, save me!

The current Long Hui was like a frightened stray dog; how could his previous arrogance and steadiness remain?

Just as he stabilized his body again, a piercing pain spread out from his back. Long Hui directly fell face first onto the ground.

As he was struggling to get up, a large foot landed on the back of his neck; the foot was heavy, like a mountain. Long Hui floundered about on the ground, but not matter what, he could not turn over.

I am the grandson of the Blood Groups Long Zai Tian. If you spare me, I will give you money, give you women, whatever you want I will give to you. If you kill me, not only will it bring you nothing, it will also cause my Long family come and kill you. Not stopping his struggles, Long Hui also repeatedly begged for mercy. Facing the incomparably steady Kai Yang, Long Huis gaze was one of poisonous compliance.

Young master Long! Kai Yang began, Your bloodcurdling screams arent the least bit pleasant to hear!

Yes, yes, yes! Brother Kai speaks the truth. If you dont like it, then I wont shout! When at the edge of the cliff, how could Long Hui dare to not bow his head.

Then stay silent forever! Upon finishing, Kai Yang stomped Long Huis entire face into the ground and used his fist to snap his neck.

Ka cha. Long Huis neck snapped, his eyes popping out with alarm and remorse.

Using one hand, Kai Yang lifted up Long Huis corpse and hurried to the location of the other battle.

A short while later, the figures of Wen Fei Chen and Xia Ning Chang entered the sights of Kai Yang.

Presently, both were evenly matched; neither was inferior to the other!

Of the two people, one had his cultivation sealed, while the other was injured and yet to fully recover her World Qi. So she didnt have the ability to display her true power, as such her attacks also suffered a large decrease in power.

Even so, this high levelled battle between experts was far more intense than any other battle Kai Yang had experienced.

Figures flickering, they were basically appearing here and there with their World Qi bursting out. While the battle situation was extremely dire.

Kai Yang stood to the side watching for awhile. He knew that if it were one on one, then he would have absolutely no hope, but with Xia Ning Chang it was different. Two on one, this was much easier.

Looking around, Kai Yang heart knew what he needed to do. Closing in on Wen Fei Chen, he carried Long Huis body while shouting out: Hallmaster Wen, come look at who this is!

Wen Fei Chen had long sensed Kai Yangs presence, but he didnt dare to probe around, naturally he wouldnt know the answer to that question. But upon hearing Kai Yangs question, he turned his head around to look and immediately cried out: Young master Long!

The current Long Hui had a large hole in his chest with blood flowing out. His neck was soft and flabby, the bones in his neck had been shattered while his head hung limply, without the slightest bit of life!

Long Hui had died! Wen Fei Chen didnt dare to believe his eyes. No matter what, this playful young master was still a qi transforming first stage practitioner right? He also cultivated many martial skills that made even Wen Fei Chen himself drool, so his battle power wasnt small.

It was only because Wen Fei Chen had trusted in his battle power, that he could calmly allow him to do battle with Kai Yang. But how is he now dead.

Shoot! Shoot! Wen Fei Chen whined within his heart. It was okay if the others from the Blood Group had died, but Long Hui could not die! If he died, didnt it mean that Long Zai Tian would become incredibly furious? If this immortal zone boundary expert blamed him, he wouldnt be able to bear the consequences.

(TLN: Ascension will become zone because it makes it feel as if the next stage is one where one will become an immortal, which is highly unlikely. Zone would be better, as it hints towards immortality yet shows they havent reached it yet.)

p.s. 1/3 out for this week~! Yay! Anyway guys, some of you have been asking for a toc, but since Dean just got back from surgery it might take awhile. So in the mean time, I'll go back to my old site and update the old toc there. You guys can use it momentarily as the toc, until the current one get updated. Cheers and good night y'all.
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