Martial Peak Chapter 198

Chapter 198 Deployment To The Red Cloud Sect

The girls voice was crisp and penetrating, coupled with the fact that it was early morning and this was the Elders residence, causing the surroundings to be relatively quiet, Zhong Miaos call really could reach ten miles away. All the nearby Ancient Cloud Island disciples had heard her clearly.

The two Senior Brothers, who had stopped her out front, both turned white, and their stomachs flipped. It was a miracle they did not collapse on the spot.

All the Ancient Cloud Island disciples walking or cultivating nearby were stunned for a moment, then suddenly fled as fast as possible. Zhong Miaos cry was like the opening of a great slaughtering array, causing everyone to desperately run away.

Doomed, Elder Hans peacocks actually all died, that was like Elder Hans reason for living had died! Although these peacocks were only common beasts, they were saved and cared for dearly by Elder Hans wife. When his wife had died the love he felt for her was placed upon those peacocks, often visiting them personally, his attitude towards them was similar to how a parent would care for his children.

But now they were all dead!

Every Ancient Cloud Island disciple who heard that sentence could imagine just how enraged Elder Han would be. A fire in the city gates is also a calamity to the fishes in the moat (Bystanders will also suffer if they get involved), if they did not flee now they would definitely not be spared from the Elders wrath.

Why you little little sister, do you know what youre saying? The Senior Brothers who had been blocking Zhong Miao were terrified and incoherent; they also wanted to run, but they could not summon the courage.

Who dares speak such nonsense!? A roar from Han Chaos residence came. The next moment, a white haired old man shot out from the inside, falling in front of Zhong Miao and the two Ancient Cloud Island disciples, it was Elder Han Chao.

Looking at his face, it was as if Elder Hans eyes had gone red. He appeared only wearing his nightgown and a pair of socks, apparently he had not bothered to change clothes or even wear his shoes before dashing out. Instantly, the pressure of an Immortal Ascension Boundary master fell upon Zhong Miao and the two disciples, causing them the tremble in fear.

Han Chaos eyes were full of murderous anger. Sweeping over the three here, his eyes fixed on Zhong Miao, sternly asking, What happened to this old masters peacocks?

Zhong Miao was scared half to death and did not dare to speak, instead bowing her head and presenting the letter in her hands to Elder Han.

Han Chao looked suspiciously at this female disciple responsible for feeding his peacocks, grabbing the letter and taking a deep breath to suppress the anger in his heart, he pulled out a yellowish book page, casually skimming its content.

Only a moment later, Han Chaos was suddenly dumbstruck, like a quail which was caught outside in winter with no place to hide. His whole body trembled non-stop, a hoarse sound caught in his throat, like a bone he had swallowed had gotten stuck on the way down; for a long time he was incapable of even a whisper.

The two male disciples saw this scene and were covered in cold sweat, everything was over, the impact of the death of his peacocks was obviously not small on Elder Han, enough to make this Immortal Ascension Boundary masters soul stagnate, for a long time being unable to recover.

Elder Han Zhong Miao weakly called out.

Han Chao suddenly woke from his stupor, quickly shoving the yellow page back into the letter. Angrily stomping, he harshly reprimanded Zhong Miao, Such an important matter, why did you not report it sooner!?

The two male disciples hearts jumped as they quietly retreating a few steps, fearing they would get involved. They quickly looked towards Zhong Miao begging her for mercy with their eyes.

But Zhong Miao took this chance to vent all her grievances, I only found this when I woke up today, I then ran here as fast as possible but these two Senior Brothers refused to let me inside, so I was forced to yell just now!

Elder, we had no idea The two male disciples legs went soft, quickly kneeling down to beg for mercy.

Han Chao couldnt be bothered with them, his body flashing as he disappeared.

Zhong Miao and the two disciples were stunned, unsure what to do next.

But before they had time to breathe a sigh of relief, Han Chao suddenly returned. His gaze sharply landing on Zhong Miao again, he asked in a serious voice, Have you discussed this with anyone else?

Zhong Miao quickly shook her head.

Good! Youve done well, come with me! Han Chao grabbed Zhong Miao by the arm and once again disappeared.

After waiting for a long time, the two kneeling disciples finally dared to slowly get up, looking at each other, silent and confused.

[Had Elder Han lost his mind? His peacocks had died, how come he had praised Junior Sister for doing a good job? Shouldnt he have harshly punished her?]

[Also, with how Junior Sister shouted just now, Im afraid the whole Ancient Cloud Island will soon know; how was this not discussing with anyone?]

In Ancient Cloud Island, Island Lords residence, Zhong Miao was kneeling in the hall, her surroundings were silent and there was no trace of people in sight.

After Han Chao had brought her here he no longer paid any attention to her, but Zhong Miao knew that all the Island Elders and Guardians had rushed to this hall.

She did not know what this group of old people had gathered together to discuss.

After waiting for a full half-day, this group of elders emerged wearing solemn faces, leaving here one by one until finally only Elder Han Chao and Ancient Cloud Island, Island Lord Gu Feng remained.

The two walked over to Zhong Miao, where Gu Feng kindly said, Stand up.

Disciple dares not! Zhong Miao lowered her head even further.

Gu Feng smiled, laughing, he threw something in front of Zhong Miao, gently saying, Keep this token, visit the Pill Hall and take any pills you feel you need, then go to the Cloud Spirit Cave for closed practice.

Zhong Miaos whole body shook violently, quickly looking up at Gu Feng in disbelief.

Cloud Spirit Cave! It was the best cultivation ground with the richest World Energy in the whole Ancient Cloud Island. Cultivating there was three times as efficient as practicing elsewhere and only the most talented and outstanding Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters, those who carried the hopes and expectations of the Elders, were allowed to enter. For a mediocre disciple like her, she did not dare to even dream of one day being able to enter.

But now, the Island Lord actually personally told her to enter closed practice in the Cloud Spirit Cave?

In addition, she could go to the Pill Hall and ask for any pills she wanted? And shockingly, the token in front of her was the Island Lords Order, having this was like having the Island Lords authority, allowing her to mobilize any and all Ancient Cloud Island disciples she required.

There is no doubt that this is what you deserve. The Han Chao who had never even said a kind word to her before, at the moment was now smiling at her, his face filled with kindness, like a doting grandfather. However,, Han Chao also said in a serious tone, But remember that todays matter, no matter who asks

Disciple will not breathe a word. Zhong Miao was not a fool; naturally she understood how to answer.

Han Chao nodded with satisfaction, waving his hand, Good! Go on.

Many thanks, Island Lord, many thanks, Elder Han! Zhong Miao said full of joy, feeling like today she had simply won at life. All she had done was find a letter on her door, but she had actually gained such huge benefits.

Who was the mysterious benefactor who had bestowed her such great fortune? He had not even left his name. In the future, how would she find him to repay the favor?

Picking up the Island Lords Order, Zhong Miao left the hall, almost feeling like she was floating through a dream.

At high tide on Ancient Cloud Island, some shrewd disciples were surprised when they noticed that the islands masters were hurriedly gathering together, secretly preparing for something as a thick sense of tension floated around them.

At Midnight, many experts from Ancient Cloud Island had assembled, proceeding to board a great ship and set sail.

On this great ship, Ancient Cloud Island had a full two hundred masters. The Island Lord personally led this expedition, along with four Great Elders, and three Sect Protectors, in addition, there were countless True Element masters. The weakest cultivators here were still at the Separation and Reunion Boundary.

In addition to a few of the top leadership who knew the truth, everyone else was confused.

On the second day, at dawn, the great ship approached an island.

Isnt that Red Cloud Island? Someone recognized it.

What are we doing here?

Red Cloud Sect was only a third-class force, and while not comparable to the strength of Ancient Cloud Island, it was regardless, still a Sect. The Endless Sea Island Sects generally developed independently, not interfering in each others business; nobody had thought the goal of their voyage was actually this Red Cloud Island. Did they travel all this way just to fight with Red Cloud Sect?

Gu Fengs was a burly figure with sharp eyes, he gave off a seasoned and solid atmosphere standing at the bow, loudly shouting, This lord has received word, that my Ancient Cloud Islands lost three hundred years ago Broken Moon Transformation Art, is currently inside Red Cloud Sect.

Broken Moon Transformation Art!

The ship exploded into uproar, this was Ancient Cloud Islands supreme Secret Art, lost three hundred years ago, still lost to this day, how would it suddenly appear in the Red Cloud Sect?

Gu Feng apparently did not want to explain too much, continuing on, Today, we will search the Red Cloud Sect, and retrieve the Broken Moon Transformation Art, completing my Ancient Cloud Island Ancestors final wish. If anyone resists, kill without mercy! If anyone talks back, kill without mercy! Todays war is for my Sects Broken Moon Transformation Art, if you can retrieve it, you shall be recognised as Ancient Cloud Islands heroes!

Land! Gu Feng roared decisively, signalling towards the island. Seeing this, the masters aboard the great ship quickly flooded onto Red Cloud Island.

Only moments later, mournful screams from Red Cloud Island rang out, mixed with loud cursing and the sounds of battle. Right now was daybreak, the time when people were most lax, with Ancient Cloud Islands launching a sneak attack, coupled with their unparalleled momentum and overwhelming strength, how could the Red Cloud Sect possibly resist?

Only the two remaining Grand Elders offered any real resistance, but they still fell to the combined forces of the Ancient Cloud Island Elders.

The Red Cloud Sects Sovereign and Elders were unable to fight back, quickly being eliminated. The Ancient Cloud Island masters ran rampant, crushing anyone who got in their way.

This day, Red Cloud Sect was filled with rivers of blood and mountains of corpses. Of the Sects disciples, more than half had fallen, and anyone above Separation and Reunion Boundary had been slaughtered.

Found it! Found it! Ive found it! HA HA HA! Han Chaos hands trembled when he searched the body of a Red Cloud Sect Elder and found a yellowish ancient book. No doubt, it was Ancient Cloud Islands Broken Moon Transformation Art.

Hurriedly bringing this supreme Secret Art back to the ship, he handed it to Gu Feng.

Ancient Cloud Islands Island Lord shed tears of joy, trembling, The heavens bless my Ancient Cloud Island! Our three hundred year old wish has finally been granted, my Ancient Cloud Ancestors, you can now rest in peace.

Han Chao agitatedly asked, Island Lord, how should we deal with the remaining Red Cloud disciples?

Kill! Gu Feng coldly declared. With just one word, the fate of the Red Cloud Sect was sealed.

Regardless of how the Broken Moon Transformation Art had ended up in the hands of the Red Cloud Sect, and no matter how many people had actually read this Secret Art, they all had to die, only then could they be sure no outsider would know the Sects secrets. In order to maintain the sanctity of Ancient Cloud Islands supreme Secret Art, so what if they slaughtered an entire island?
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