Martial Peak Chapter 299

Chapter 299 Heaven Shaking Seduction Technique

Yang Kai quickly shut his mouth and began to carefully scrutinize Shan Qing Luo, careful not to miss the slightest changes in her state.

From her previous words, it was not difficult for Yang Kai to infer that she was in a rather difficult situation right now, but the same could be said about him as well.

She had caught him and dragged him along with her as a last resort. Once she could not withstand the side effects brought on by her Secret Art reaching a breakthrough, she would surely devour him, and as a result although he wasnt quite sure, it would certainly not be good, or else why she have spoken so ominously just now?

Yang Kai vigilantly watched the scene before him.

All of a sudden, the cave was filled with light; looking up, Yang Kai saw the True Qi within Shan Qing Luos exquisite body surge forth with such intensity that it created a visible hue. As her True Qi flooded out and mixed with the surrounding air, it seemed to undergo an incredible change and transformed into crystal white threads.

These threads seemed to stretch out infinitely, scattering around Shan Qing Luo and wrapping her in a kind of chrysalis.

As time passed, the number of strands increased and the chrysalis became more and more dense.

Yang Kai was both startled and intrigued.

These strands they felt similar to a spiders thread, but also like silk. Each strand displayed incredible flexibility and toughness, while containing an astonishing amount of energy.

After roughly half an hour, Shan Qing Luo had become completely encased by these silk threads. Her flawless visage was no longer visible, while her tender, graceful body had been hidden away.

All that Yang Kai could see now was a white pupa-like shell.

It seems to really be a chrysalis, with Shan Qing Luos beautiful figure shrouded inside, an indistinct outline of her graceful physique vaguely visible through it.

A faint aroma slowly spread inside the cave. Inhaling a breath of this fragrance, Yang Kais heart suddenly began racing, his blood started boiling, and his breath quickly became ragged.

This intoxicating scent lightly wafting from Shan Qing Luos body was akin to the most pure aphrodisiac!

[This is bad!] Yang Kai screamed silently and quickly circulated his True Yang Secret Art in order to stabilize his mind.

The more he resisted, the more difficult it became.

As Yang Kai desperately struggled to maintain his composure, a burst of half stifled erotic moans came from Shan Qing Luos direction.

Yang Kais eyes instantly glazed over when her sweet voice reached his ears.

The scene around him suddenly changed. The dark cave was gone, and the flickering torch had also disappeared, while the white silk chrysalis which held Shan Qing Luo inside it had vanished without a trace.

His surroundings were now filled with a floral fragrance as flower petals lightly flitted about the room. The entire floor covered in a luxurious bright red carpet.

A burst of giggles suddenly tickled his ears. Looking around he quickly discovered a dozen thinly clad young girls. These girls only had their most precious places covered by sheer silk cloth, which added to their delicate and enticing charm.

As the sound of rhythmic music came from afar, the dozen girls smiled radiantly and invitingly towards Yang Kai, as they sang and danced around him.

These young girls each had their own unique style and appeal, but no matter which one it was they were astoundingly glamorous and alluring, free of worldly filth, some shy, some bold, some flirtatious, some reserved, some elegant

The young girls danced around Yang Kai, constantly sending him appealing glances, very much like they were desperate to please him. Each of them gently brushed past him, as seductive moans leaked from their full red lips, whispering of their infinite desire.

Of course, as a man, Yang Kais breathing skyrocketed!

This amorous and sensual scene before him seemed to be able to dig out the hidden desires buried deep within ones heart, causing a person to lose their ability to reason and devolve into a beast.

Releasing a deep growl from within his throat, Yang Kai desperately grabbed one of the girls, roaring fiercely as he threw her to the ground.

The girl winced slightly as her brow furrowed. Fighting back the pain from being treated so roughly, she still softly gazed towards Yang Kai, and the seductive moans still gently leaked from her lips. She stretched out her two graceful, dyed pink arms and wrapped them around his neck.

Yang Kai grinned back at her, a look of intense struggle appeared on his face before he resolutely punched her face.

After sending out this strike, the surrounding dozen girls all disappeared.

Yang Kais shirt was completely soaked in sweat and a chill gripping his heart.

This beautiful fantasy was an intense test of a persons willpower, but fortunately for Yang Kai, although he had been affected by it, at the critical moment he had managed to come to his senses.

Though he had managed to break through the illusion, when Yang Kai stood up again and looked around, he discovered that the scene had not changed. The dozen young girls were definitely gone, but further into the hall a thin curtained bed had appeared.

Atop this bed lay an enchanting woman. One of her delicate hands lightly propped up her beautiful face as she let out a flirtatious laugh.

Through the hazy curtain, Yang Kai could vaguely make out her near transparent silk lingerie.

As her enticing giggles came from within the curtain, the woman lying atop the bed gently waved towards Yang Kai. Her sweet whisperings contained an infinite allure, which instantly caused Yang Kais consciousness to become foggy once more.

With his eyes glowing red, Yang Kai aggressively walked to the side of the bed and violently flung open the pink curtains.

What greeted his eyes was Shan Qing Luo lying on the fragrant bed. This devilish womans heavenly figure was on full display. Her flawless snow white skin, exquisite curves, rounded hips, with a blue silk dress half covering her seductive body, perfectly outlining her sensual figure and caused his blood to nearly boil over.

Laughing flirtatiously, she slowly got up. Her eyes radiated a thousand charms as she tenderly pulled Yang Kai into the bed and slowly pushed him down.

Yang Kai did not resist and allowed her to do as she pleased.

Shan Qing Luo eyes glimmered affectionately as she gently climbed atop Yang Kais body and slowly undid his robes. Her cheeks blushed a light pink, like she was lightly intoxicated, seemingly both shy and eager at once.

Shedding her thin silk dress next, Shan Qing Luo let out a light sigh. Her breath become quick as she gently bit her lip and lightly swayed her hips as she ever so slowly lowered them.

As he felt a soft, warm, moist sensation envelop him, Yang Kais hazy eyes suddenly trembled.

Involuntarily circulating his Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art, a fierce suction originating in his nether region suddenly came.

Shan Qing Luo who was perched upon him all of a sudden uttered a miserable scream and the illusions around him instantly collapsed.

His eyes shot open, and Yang Kai once again found himself covered in cold sweat, still sitting in his original position, desperately trying to catch his breath.

Looking around, he saw Shan Qing Luos white silk chrysalis nearby. Yang Kai was not sure just how much time had passed, but as he circulated his Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art, a huge amount of extremely pure energy originating from that white chrysalis continued to flow into his meridians.

He soon noticed that his dragon was still proudly roaring towards the Heavens.

So Yang Kai took a few breaths and slowly began calming his raging blood.

He had no idea why that illusion had suddenly collapsed, but he was certain that it had something to do with his Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art.

Perhaps because his Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art was a Dual Cultivation Technique, it had somehow been able to restrain Shan Qing Luos Seduction Technique, which allowed him to extricate himself from that illusion.

Upon examining his condition once more and discovering that he still could not move, a faint helplessness arose in his heart.

He was not anxious; although Shan Qing Luo seemed like a ruthless and devilish woman, in actual fact, she was quite easy to get along with, and she did not seem to have any murderous intent towards him.

After calming himself in various senses, Yang Kai put aside such concerns for now and focused on wholeheartedly operating his Joyous Unification Art.

Under the influence of his Joyous Unification Art, a continuous stream of pure energy flowed from Shan Qing Luos chrysalis and poured into Yang Kais meridians and dantian. Gradually, Yang Kai began to feel like he had some subtle yet profound connection with Shan Qing Luo.

As time went on, this feeling kept becoming stronger and stronger.

Then, all of a sudden, a cry rang out.

Yang Kai quickly opened his eyes and saw Shan Qing Luos pair of charming eyes staring at him with incredibly shock.

Huh Yang Kai was thoroughly stunned.

How did you get inside here? Shan Qing Luo asked, her voice filled with confusion.

What? Yang Kai frowned, as he glanced around and discovered that he had somehow at some point come to be sitting opposite Shan Qing Luo, surrounded by a vast wondrous sea.

Not what, youre Divine Sense, its inside my Knowledge Sea! Shan Qing Luo exclaimed, an aghast look fully displayed upon her beautiful face, How did you break into my Knowledge Sea!?

I dont know. Yang Kai shook his head, looked down, and quickly discovered that he had no physical body. Instead, it appeared like his Divine Sense had somehow inadvertently broke into Shan Qing Luos Knowledge Sea.

Curiously sweeping his gaze over the Sea around him, Yang Kai somehow felt its incredibly surging destructive power, and he involuntarily marveled, So this is your Knowledge Sea

Get out! Shan Qing Luo cried out in panic.

A persons Knowledge Sea contained all of their most deeply hidden thoughts and secrets, once someone had their Knowledge Sea spied upon by another, it was equivalent to laying bear their entire being to them.

It was for this reason that everyone was extremely careful about guarding their Knowledge Sea.

Moreover, if one wanted to break into someone elses Knowledge Sea it was not a simple task. Without mentioning defensive artifacts that shielded ones Soul, there were also some special Soul Skills that could prevent others Divine Senses from intruding upon ones Knowledge Sea.

For a master like Shan Qing Luo, how could she not have a powerful Soul defence artifact, and how could she not have cultivated a defensive type Soul Skill?

Yet despite all this, her Knowledge Sea had still been unknowingly penetrated by Yang Kais Divine Sense.

Between her bouts of confusion and shock, seeing Yang Kai still gazing around her Knowledge Sea, Shan Qing Luo couldnt help screaming, If you dont leave right now Ill make you stay here forever!

Hearing this threat, Yang Kai finally awoke from his stupor and said, No, please wait! Its just that Ive never seen a Knowledge Sea before, I was just curious.

Finishing speaking, he quickly made his escape.

Once she was certain that Yang Kais Divine Sense had really left, Shan Qing Luo was reluctantly relieved. Just now had been an extremely dangerous crisis, if he had really seen through all of her secrets, it would have been tantamount to her being naked before him, all of her most intimate thoughts exposed to him.

Not only that, if their two Divine Senses had accidentally intersected, the consequences were hard to imagine.

Similar to when two people engaged in intimate contact between them, when two Souls blended together it produced a form of sensual pleasure, but the sensation it produced was thousands of times more potent, once it was experienced, it would instantly become all consuming, never again allowing the two to separate.

Shan Qing Luo was truly afraid that Yang Kai might engage in mischief or become entrenched within her, but fortunately he had simply been curious and had left soon after.

[How did he do it?]

Although Shan Qing Luos heart was filled with questions, right now she was in the process of breaking through, so naturally she could not divide her attention any further, suppressing her suspicions for the moment and concentrating on the circulation of her Secret Art.

Yang Kai also continued operating his Joyous Unification Art, prompting a clearly visible stream of energy to continuously flow from the white silk chrysalis into his bit by bit, increasing his strength.

Over time, the chrysalis gradually became smaller, slowly exposing the graceful figure hidden within.
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