Martial Peak Chapter 389

Chapter 389 The Worlds Greatest City

As for Yang Kai, he had woken up earlier. It could even be said that he hadnt really slept the night before.

The two Blood Warriors had been in a meditative state to recover and Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man were women, so naturally the duty of night watchman had fallen to him.

Looking at Yang Kai, the two Blood Warriors couldnt help feeling subtle warmth.

Just as they were preparing to offer their thanks, Yang Kai gave them a faint look and asked, Which great forces are in the vicinity?

Tu Feng paused for a moment before replying, I remember that this place should be governed by Tian Yuan City.

Tian Yuan City was the name of a city and the name of a great force.

What rank force is Tian Yuan City? Yang Kai wrinkled his brow and asked.

A first-class force, why does Little Lord ask? Tu Feng couldnt understand why Yang Kai suddenly cared about Tian Yuan City.

Yang Kai showed a big grin as he smiled back at Tu Fengs question, a sly look appearing on his face.

Qiu Yi Meng opened rolled her eyes and bitterly muttered, Hes looking for another victim to blackmail.

The situations forcing me, all I can do is act accordingly! Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders.

Seeing him not deny the charge, the two Blood Warriors expression became somewhat cramped.

But as they thought about it, the Lu Family which was thousands of kilometers from here had been painted guilty because of yesterdays incident. Soon, Lu Liang would have to carry a generous offering to the Central Capital to give Yang Kai as a show of goodwill, so how could the nearby Tian Yuan City escape unscathed?

In the end, it was a fact that Yang Kai had been attacked within the scope of the Tian Yuan Citys influence, so Tian Yuan City naturally had to accept some responsibility for this matter.

It was up to the top executives of these nearby forces to understand the times.

In this sensitive period, any small event many turn into a big deal.

Should we send a letter to Tian Yuan City? Tu Feng was obviously quite experienced in these matters, his voice even containing a hint of eagerness, If Little Lord wants, I can personally pay them a visit now. Lets see if they dare try to argue back.

Even Tang Yu Xian showed an enthusiastic look at this moment, seemingly wanting to set out together with Tu Feng.

No need, such a big event will naturally be known to them. Yang Kai shook his head and stood up and said, Good, lets go, weve been delayed a number of times already, Im eager to see what the Central Capital is like after all these years.

Are Seniors injuries alright? Do you want to rest here a few more days? Qiu Yi Meng frowned and asked with some concern.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian exchange a wry glance with each other before shaking their heads quickly, No need.

Seeing how they responded, Qiu Yi Meng didnt insist.

Without the Cloud Treading Colts, the five people could only fly, so their speed was naturally slower.

After one day, the strength gap between the three juniors was clear at a glance. Even after flying for so long, Yang Kais expression was dull, no signs of fatigue apparent on his face, almost like he hadnt expended any energy at all.

Qiu Yi Meng was slightly out of breath. In order to keep up with the two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, her True Qi consumption had been quite serious.

As for Luo Xiao Man, her face was a bright red as sweat poured down her forehead. Her two great jade rabbits heaved up and down as she breathed heavily, creating quite a spectacle.

But she still grit her teeth and followed the crowd without saying a word.

If it wasnt for Tang Yu Xian being unable to stand by and watch her suffer, offering to help her along, Luo Xiao Man would have already been left behind by everyone.

Yang Kais group walked along remote roads just to be safe, but never encountered any danger again, stopping at night to rest before setting off the next day.

Such a routine continued on.

Eight days later, a huge city came into everyones view.

The Central Capital!

Looking from afar, it seemed like this place was the center of the whole world. The size of Central Capital City was difficult to describe, even from over a hundred miles away, its outline was still clearly visible.

Those who witnessed its majestic momentum couldnt help feeling small and insignificant in comparison.

When people thought of the Central Capital, they would involuntarily remember a certain saying.

From North to South, this is the worlds greatest city!

Standing at the edge of the south side of the city, one was unable to see the edge of the north side; the entire Central Capital seemed to be an endless sea of roads, buildings, and people, immense and magnificent.

It was often the case that on one side of the city there could be a great storm with thunder and lightning while at the other end of the city the sun would be shining in a clear blue sky.

Even if you were an Immortal Ascension masters, if you wanted to fly from one end of the city to the other, it would take you at least two or three hours!

This alone illustrated the immense scale of this city.

The worlds greatest city, it wasnt an undeserved title!

It was hard to imagine how such a huge city, almost capable of being a small country in its own right, had been established. According to historical records, this city had already existed at the beginning of recorded time, and over the years, the Central Capitals Eight Great Families had put down roots and firmly occupied it. As such, this grand old city constantly expanded and consolidated, growing larger and larger as the years, decades, and centuries passed.

Eventually, it became the wonder it was today!

The group of five people touched down outside and gazed towards the Central Capital.

Although Ive lived here nearly my entire life, I still cant help marveling every time I see it. Tang Yu Xian said with some slight emotions.

Tu Feng also had a dignified expression, and it wasnt just them, anyone who stood outside the Central Capital would stop to admire it, regardless of whether they were long-time residents or newcomers.

Looking at the huge city that he had been away from for several years, Yang Kais expression was calm. It was only when he thought about his family waiting for him inside that his pulse quickened slightly.

Qiu Yi Meng gently brushed her hair back past her ear before turning to look at Yang Kai and say, Xiao Man and I will be separating with you here. Right now, if we were to be seen together with you, Im afraid it would cause some misunderstandings.

En. Yang Kai nodded offhandedly.

Tu Feng suddenly smiled and turned to Qiu Yi Meng, Young Lady Qiu, for this times Inheritance War, will your Qiu Family stand on the Little Lords side?

Qiu Yi Meng smiled and stared at Yang Kai, calmly replying, Although Ive become acquainted with your Little Lord, the Inheritance War is too important to make a rash decision, I still have to think over it carefully.

What else is there to consider? Tang Yu Xian smiled, striking while the iron was hot, In addition to the Little Lord, Young Lady Qiu doesnt know any of the other Young Lords nor do you know their depths. If the Qiu Family were to support one of them, wouldnt that be slightly inappropriate? Even if you did so and lost, the Qiu Familys heritage wouldnt be affected, but supporting a character like the Little Lord is undoubtedly something Young Lady Qiu wont regret.

Qiu Yi Meng looked at Yang Kai with a smile, seemingly waiting for something.

However, after a long wait, and seeing Yang Kai having no intention to speak, she couldnt help feeling a little annoyed, sighing slightly, Everything will depend on your Little Lords performance.

This statement was very thought provoking.

His performance, did she mean how he performed before her, or during the Inheritance War?

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xians eyes swam for a moment, suddenly wearing strange expressions, seemingly like they had just heard some kind of big secret, eventually turning their gaze back towards Qiu Yi Meng.

Unfortunately for them, Qiu Yi Mengs face remained unchanged, still indifferent.

Tu Feng continued to add fuel to the fire, a meaningful grin appearing on his face, If the Little Lord and Young Lady Qiu were to join forces, they would definitely be undefeatable, in the future, the Central Capital would clearly be controlled by the two of you, if you were to form a pair now, it wouldnt be a misdemeanor

Tang Yu Xian quickly followed up, I think so too. Young Lady Qiu doesnt need to hesitate.

Hmm Qiu Yi Meng smiled plainly, as if she didnt understand the hidden meaning of Tu Fengs words, not blushing or showing any signs of embarrassment, just consciously or unconsciously casting her eyes towards Yang Kai.

Just when Tu Feng was about to say something more, Yang Kai suddenly interrupted and said, Im sure well meet again, until then.

This sentence was quite awkward, although Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both wanted to take this opportunity to firmly grasp a big ally for Yang Kai, they didnt expect him to suddenly cut them off here.

After speaking so, Yang Kai really started walking off.

The two Blood Warriors were stunned for a while, before hurriedly cupping their fists to Qiu Yi Meng and hurriedly catching up with Yang Kai.

Looking at Yang Kais quickly disappearing back, Qiu Yi Meng stood in place, only coming back to her senses after a long time, not having expected him to so decisively walk away from her.

This guy! Luo Xiao Man was indignant. Isnt he a bit too rude? Didnt we travel all this way together? Why didnt he at least say a few words before leaving?

Qiu Yi Mengs eyes flashed thoughtfully.

[Did he notice?]

[He should have noticed, or else he wouldnt have just left without making even the slightest effort.]

[This guy, hes really not easily fooled.]

Elder Sister Qiu, arent you angry? Luo Xiao Man said poutingly to Qiu Yi Meng, stomping her foot a few times, How could he just walk off and ignore you?

Nevermind, Qiu Yi Meng let out a light sigh, taking Luo Xiao Mans hand and pulling her along, Lets head back to my Qiu Family.

Oh, en.

When we reach my home, you can send a letter to your Purple Fern Valley so they dont worry about you.

En, Ill do that.

After having not seen your Senior Brother Fan Hong, havent you been thinking of him? Qiu Yi Meng asked with a smile, seemingly wanting to find another topic to discuss to disperse the haze in her heart.

Ah no Luo Xiao Man shook her slightly blushing face and whispered, I dont know why, but I havent thought about him for quite some time.

Thats naturally because youve seen the wonders of the outside world!

The two girls hadnt known each other a year ago, but since they initially went to High Heaven Pavilion, they had been involved in one adventure after another, each time encountering various spectacles and dangers. For this period, they had never been apart, so after such a long time experiencing weal and woe together, whether it was Qiu Yi Meng or Luo Xiao Man, they regarded each other as family, as though they were both blood sisters.

So regarding Qiu Yi Mengs words, Luo Xiao Man also didnt have any opinion, not even trying to refute her.

On the other side, Yang Kai and the two Blood Warriors rushed to the south of the Central Capital.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian walked behind Yang Kai, and although they didnt say a word, they were still filled with doubts, not understanding why Yang Kai hadnt made any effort to win over the Qiu Family.

If the Lu Family didnt enter his eyes, the two Blood Warriors would take it for granted, but the Qiu Family was different. As one of the Eight Great Families, the support it could provide him was significant.

As long as ones head was still working, they wouldnt so easily let go of such a prize.

Whats more, Qiu Yi Mengs status in the Qiu Family wasnt low. If Qiu Yi Meng agreed to support him, it was basically equal to saying the entire Qiu Family supported him.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian were curious and wanted to ask, but they didnt know how to start speaking so instead they just followed behind Yang Kai all the way, pondering over how to bring the matter up.

After a while, Tang Yu Xian cleared her throat rather loudly and stared towards Tu Feng.

The latter was frowning and thinking, so he was caught off guard and temporarily stunned.

Seeing such a reaction, Tang Yu Xian couldnt help rolling her eyes, feeling slightly speechless.
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