Martial Peak Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Disposing The Corpse

Chapter 50 - Disposing the corpse

Hu Mei Er didnt dare to continue speaking, too many words may result in losses, afraid to offend Kai Yang.

You come over here! Kai Yang suddenly beckoned her over, Hu Mei Er delicately trembled, her tears threatening to spill. Tightly she bit her lip, begging Kai Yang with all her heart and didnt dare to move a single step.

What are you afraid of? I told you to come over, so come over! Kai Yang called out impatiently.

Helpless and left without a choice, Hu Mei Er could only walk to Kai Yang. Slowly she walked over to him, and stopped when she was around five steps away from him, looking at him alarmingly.

Sensing her fear, Kai Yang found it ridiculous, but he still kept his face the same: Be obedient and I wont hurt you.

His indifferent tone carried an overbearing feeling.

Hu Mei Er used all her strength to nod her head: I will listen.

En. Only then was Kai Yang satisfied. Bending down, he carried Nu Taos corpse over his shoulder and looked over to Cheng Shao Fengs body: You, bring him!

Although she felt nauseous, Hu Mei Er didnt dare disobey his order. Kneeling down as if she was wronged, she went to pick up Cheng Shao Fengs corpse. Although she was a female, she was after all a martial practitioner and carrying one hundred jin or so wasnt really a burden.

(TLN: Jin is about half a kilogram [0.5 kg])

Follow me. Looking in a certain direction, Kai Yang went to walk deeper into Black Wind Forest.

Hu Mei Er didnt know what he wanted do nor did she dare to ask and thus she could only blindly follow him.

Kai Yang wanted to dispose of the corpses. This place was already quite desolate, but he didnt know which cheating couple might have a bit of courage and rendezvous with another here.

The causes of death for Cheng Shao Feng and Nu Tao were very special, they were both killed by a boiling hot energy that had directly pierced through their vitals. If Storm House investigated their deaths utilising this information as a basis, perhaps it might lead them to him.

So Kai Yang must throw the corpses far away, making sure that Storm Houses people would never find them.

Two people, one in front and the other behind, walked deeper in the forest. Hu Mei Er hesitated many times, but in the end decided not to speak out.

After a while, a lake suddenly appeared in front of them. Kai Yangs eyes shined and he decided it shall be here.

Kai Yang signalled to Hu Mei Er to put down the corpses, and Kai Yang went to search for two big stones. When he returned, he tied these stones to Cheng Shao Feng and Nu Taos corpses and threw them into the lake.

Brushing his hands, Kai Yang muttered for a while: You can now be considered my accomplice, and you should know how to act right?

Finished, he turned around to look at her dismissively.

With that said, Hu Mei Er was not surprised and repeatedly nodded her head: I know.

The fact that Kai Yang could say these words meant that he had no evil intentions regarding her, guaranteeing her life. Hu Mei Ers heart and mind relaxed and she involuntarily gasped.

Smart. Smart young girls will always be liked by others. Kai Yang laughed out lightly.

Now that he thought about it, Kai Yang really didnt know how to deal with Hu Mei Er because if he didnt kill her, she would always be a dangerous element. Todays events were all witnessed by her, however if he killed her, he just wasnt able to do it. From start to finish, Hu Mei Er did not injure him at all, she only stood to the side and watched. It couldnt be because of this, he had to kill her? That was a bit too unreasonable.

After walking for such a long time, Kai Yang had thought it through. This entire affair was completely spurred on by Cheng Shao Feng and Nu Tao and if he didnt kill them, then he would be just sitting and waiting for his own death. So even if Hu Mei Er spread news regarding this event, Kai Yang wasnt the least bit afraid.

Have you killed a lot of people? Hu Mei Er was much more courageous now she thought her life was safe.

Kai Yang shook his head: Its my first time killing someone.

But I saw that your strikes were very experienced, and when you killed them, you didnt even crease your brows. It did not look like it was your first time. Hu Mei Er said, unconvinced.

With that said, Kai Yang wrinkled his forehead. That was true, it was his first time killing someone, why wasnt he the least bit afraid? Although he didnt feel any excitement, he definitely felt no fear. Back then, he was only focused on the battle, and his brain only thought about killing them, now when he thought about it, it was all a bit inconceivable.

Whether or not you believe me is up to you. Kai Yang didnt bother explaining any further.

Circling around the lake, he walked to the place furthest away from the location he had dropped the corpses. There, Kai Yang stopped in his steps and dived head first into the lake.

During the course of this battle, Kai Yang had received no small amount of wounds, he needed to at least wash himself clean before returning.

Hu Mei Er stood at the lakeside waiting, while thinking about going in too. If it was before, she would definitely have gone in to provoke Kai Yang, but now she didnt have the guts.

Waiting until he finished his bath and came back up, Hu Mei Er finally spoke: Wait for me a bit, I also want to go wash. Having carried that dead body for such a long journey, Hu Mei Er felt uncomfortable all over.

Women would always love cleanliness.

Okay. Kai Yang replied while wringing dry his clothes, before going to lie on a stone to bask under the sun and recover his strength.

Not daring to undress, Hu Mei Er directly dove into the lake and her body, as graceful as a fish in water, was completely visible. From time to time, she would secretly look back to see if Kai Yang was looking at her, but he didnt even have ** to look at her. This was a great blow to Hu Mei Er.

He wasnt the least bit moved?

After a good half an hour, Hu Mei Er had finally washed herself clean and came ashore.

** clothes stuck closely to her body, her exquisite and alluring figure was fully revealed. Forthrightly, she walked over to Kai Yangs side with her cheeks bright red and sat down to bask in the sun with him.

Kai Yang opened his eyes to look at her, his gaze sweeping all over her, Hu Mei Er kept her head lowered.

Figure is really good. Kai Yang mumbled, nodding his head.

Hu Mei Er nibbled her dark red lips, her expression incomprehensible: Actually..I havent really done those types of things with a man, to the point that the only men that has touched my body...is you alone. These past few years, the only reason why I act like I do is one, to help the group recruit a couple more talented people and two to strain the relationship between the Sky Tower and Storm House disciples. To nag had also become one of my motives.

Hearing this, Kai Yang stared blankly at her before looking deeply at her.

You dont believe? Hu Mei Ers cheeks were very red, this secret she had never told anyone before. Outside people truly thought she playing away each night, exhausting men. On the outside, calling her princess, my lady, but behind her back they called her slut, **.

I believe! Kai Yang nodded his head, But how is this related to me?

Hu Mei Ers face darkened as she forced a smile: In the future, I will no longer come to pester you.

This afternoons event, the impact it had on her was a bit too big.

Hearing her say this, Kai Yang couldnt help but feel his heart relax, for he had finally gotten rid of this inconvenience.

Waiting until Hu Mei Ers clothes had dried, only then did the two leave the lakeside.

To avoid others eyes and ears, Kai Yang and Hu Mei Er parted ways early on, each returning their own sect.

After he returned to his wooden hut, he rested for a while before going to Coiling Dragon Stream. This great battle had exhausted his hard earned Yang Liquid. Naturally he must quickly replenish his Yang World Qi, otherwise when he experiences this type of situations again, he would have no way to deal with it.

Not only did he consume two drops, the power roused Kai Yangs determination greatly, for he would never have imagined that the Yang Liquids might would be so formidable. He was only at the tempered body eight stage, if his cultivation was higher, wouldnt the Yang Liquids might be even more powerful? No matter the reason, Kai Yang was itching to begin his training again.

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