Martial Peak Chapter 531

Chapter 531 Dont Talk About Feelings

Unless Yang Kai found a place away from War City, to avoid their eyes and ears.

Now that the situation has evolved in such a way, the Inheritance War should not have been affected. Yang Kai didnt know if the family would deprive him of his qualifications to participate in the Inheritance War, but it wasnt impossible for them to do such a thing.

Qiu Yi Meng had started to have a feeling of doubt about this matter. She pulled Yang Kai to the side to quietly discuss this matter behind closed doors.

But now, no matter how worried she was, it would be of no help. The Yang Familys decision was not something that Yang Kai could interfere with. Just like the previous matter of the amount of Blood Warriors under Yang Kais command, the family said that they would not let more than two participate and no matter how much Yang Kai resisted they wouldnt back off, though a compromise was eventually found.

Although Yang Kai had gotten a lot of benefits at the time, it was annoying that the recent developments could not be expected.

There was no real point in discussing this with Qiu Yi Meng. Yang Kai could only prepare for what results may come.

If there is nothing else, I will be going first if thats okay. Yang Kai hurriedly stood up and prepared to leave.

Qiu Yi Meng glared at him and snorted.

Anxious to find that icy beauty of yours? She said in a sour tone.

Yang Kai ignored her and walked out.

Be careful not to overwork yourself! Qiu Yi Meng said nonchalantly.

Are you concerned about me? Yang Kai paused and said with a smile, while gazing at Qiu Yi Meng. Yang Kai then tilted his head and said, You dont really like me, right?

Qiu Yi Mengs face turned red and snorted, So what if I do?

Yang Kai was stunned. He didnt expect that Qiu Yi Meng would actually confess so bluntly and suddenly, so much so that Yang Kai did not know what to do. Although he had repeatedly teased Qiu Yi Meng before, it had always only been teasing, and to suddenly get such a response. It had left Yang Kai feeling a little lost.

Yang Kai stood in place, not knowing what to say.

Qiu Yi Meng looked at Yang Kai without a care and said, Liking you, doesnt mean I have to be with you. I can give up everything to follow you to be a good wife and mother to your children, but only if you can enter the Qiu Family. Would you do that??

Yang Kai shook his head.

Thats right, so it can only be to the extent that I like you and nothing more. Later, I will marry a Young Lord of the Central Capital, and then he will marry into the Qiu Family. With the familys support, we will bring your Yang Family down. At that time, maybe we will become enemies. Qiu Yi Meng said with self-confidence, seeming to be talking about other peoples affairs, Maybe I will marry someone like Huo Xing Chen or Gao Rang Feng or Kang Zhan or Liu Qing Yao or maybe even Meng Shan Yi. They are all candidates.

They dont deserve you. Yang Kai shook his head and suddenly felt a little melancholic.

Qiu Yi Meng chuckled, her eyes welling with shiny tears. She didnt wipe them away. She turned her head and whispered, If they dont deserve me, I dont deserve you, isnt that right? You are so powerful, your futures so bright, only a woman equally as talented can be worthy of you. I used to look down on all the men in the world, but now I can only look up to you

Yang Kai suddenly felt that he couldnt continue to talk to her anymore. If she goes on, the strong and wise woman may start crying.

He grin and gave out an awkward chuckle, Lets stop talking about it for now and let it go. Go out to have some fun.

Yang Kai despised himself for saying such cruel things.

I cant stop. I just cant stop. I dont think I can ever let go until the day I get married. Maybe then, I will be able to look at you as a friend and finally spend time together to have fun. Qiu Yi Meng shook his head in a serious manner.

Yang Kai stared blankly at her, Are you kidding?

Qiu Yi Meng grinned and smirked, What do you think?

Baby steps. Yang Kais face was covered in cold sweat, fled with no choice.

The soft sound of cracking filled the hallway. Under the moonlight, there was a graceful figure leaning on the handrail of a window, looking up at the starry sky, holding some shelled hazelnuts. She relished them slowly.

Yang Kai was lost in the allure of her light blue hair, that hid her beautiful, charming face. Her small red mouth was slightly open, exposing porcelain white teeth. Exposed to the midnight air were her flawless-as-jade slender thighs. Such a sight was stunning.

Yang Kai frowned and gazed at the woman in front of him.

Would you like some? Shui Ling reached out and said that as her lips were not idle, it was apparent she was very skilled.

No, thank you. Yang Kai shook his head. Why are you here?

I live next door. Shui Ling pointed her finger at the room next to him. Its boring at night, so I came out to look at the stars.

Before that, I have a more important question to ask. Why are you in my house?! Yang Kai coldly snorted.

Whats the matter? Your house is so big, what does it matter that I come and stay here? Shui Ling grinned and whispered, Stop being so stingy.

Dont play tricks on me. It doesnt matter if you live here, but if I find out that youre trying something, you will die.

Oh, Im so scared. Shui Ling bit her lips and looked at Yang Kai horrified. Her eyes were filled with fear.

Hey! Yang Kai knew that she was only pretending to be afraid, but he didnt pry deeper into it. He asked, How much of that conversation did you hear?

Shui Ling continued to squat and snorted, I didnt hear the first half but I heard the second half.

Go and accompany her! Yang Kai said with a wink.

The hazelnut in Shui Lings mouth slipped silently and she lost her voice, Are you not going to accompany her?

Either go accompany her, or leave my house now.

You Shui Ling gnashed her teeth and quickly walked over and put the hazelnut in his hands. She glared at Yang Kai and said venomously, I will remember you!

After that, Shui Ling walked into Qiu Yi Mengs room in anger.

After a few moments, the voice of two girls chatting came from inside the room. Satisfied, Yang Kai left.

Shui Ling arrived three days ago. the day after everyone managed to return to this mansion. Yang Kai knew that she didnt care for him. This woman had a mysterious origin and her cultivation was also inconsistent with her age, as well as the pale blue hair of hers that was unconventional.

Shui Ling doesnt look like an ordinary woman.

She said that she was born in Water Spirit Temple and Yang Kai has never heard of such a Sect existing.

Yang Kai had told Old Demon to keep watch on her in case she had an ulterior motive. Yang Kai had other reasons for doing this, mainly being trying to pry into her secrets.

Yang Kai could tell that Shui Ling did not have malicious intent towards his people, so he acquiesced to her request to live here.

Yang Kai just didnt expect Qiu Yi Meng to arrange for her to live in the room next to his. Obviously, this had the intention of personal monitoring.

It was a moonlit night and the wind was howling.

Yang Kai went to Xia Ning Changs room.

Su Yan was also there.

For Yang Kai to suddenly visit so late at night, the two girls were a little shy. Su Yan was better. Xia Ning Chang however was blushing up to her neck.

During the time when Su Yan was not there, she often slept with Yang Kai. Although she had never done anything unusual, Xia Ning Chang still felt ashamed when she saw both Yang Kai and Su Yan.

She stayed silent with a lowered head.

Su Yan glanced at Yang Kai and softly asked, What are you doing here?

I live here. Yang Kai replied calmly.

Su Yan sighed and then chuckled lightly.

She did not object to Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang being together. Su Yan had never bound Yang Kai in terms of relationships between men and women, and never asked him anything when it came to such things.

If it werent for the Joyous Unification Art, there would be no need for that kind of demand from Su Yan. On the contrary, Yang Kai, having cultivated the True Yang Secret Art, was a young man full of sap, so the urges created by the Art were much harder to resist as compared to Su Yan.

Yang Kais status was not low. He could have all the women he wanted, especially in his mansion. Nowadays, beautiful women were plentiful and many of them admired him.

However, according to Su Yan, Yang Kai had only had one woman so far.

For such a man, Su Yan would not ask for restrictions on him when it comes to women.

Do you want to rest? Su Yan said as she smiled at Yang Kai.

There was no time for dual cultivation last time, so here I am now. Yang Kai said.

Oh. Su Yans face turned red as she remembered.

I am going to sleep! Xia Ning Chang suddenly said and directly fell onto the bed, then she covered her face with a blanket, motionless, having seemed to be in a state of sleep in an instant.

Yang Kai and Su Yan looked at each other and couldnt help but laugh. Recalling the times in the cave-dwelling under the High Heaven Pavilion Coiling Dragon Stream, there were times when Xia Ning Chang also used it.

Yang Kai shook his head and did not explain further, Yang Kai and Su Yan sat down facing each other as their palms met.

Joyous Unification Art had already reached its second stage and did not require the combination of physical bodies to perform dual cultivation.

In an instant True Qi residing in them strangely blended, transferring from Yang Kais body to Su Yan body and back again, creating an endless cycle!

The battle that took place a few days ago had shaken the entire war city, and it hadnt completely settled down until now.

During the battle, Yang Kai had suddenly shown an unstoppable momentum, arrogantly killing both Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng in front of Yang Zhao which was a blatant provocation, then breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary.

When the evil energy caused by Yang kais breakthrough spread throughout War City, it alerted the eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Elders in the Seal Temple. They wanted to swiftly put a stop to Yang Kais breakthrough but were unable to because they were forced back due to Yang Kais incredible connections and the strength of his followers.

Afterwards, Yang Kai had successfully broken into the Immortal Ascension Boundary. The elders from The Seal Temple then withdrew.

Yang Zhao was left in a haggard state.

The next day, Eldest Brother Yang Wei sent out word that he would not act until the end of The Inheritance War.

This information caused an uproar throughout War City.

Yang Weis meaning was obviously stating that he couldnt win the Inheritance War, and thus took a passive stance. But everyone could understand, and could not blame him for taking such actions.

In the face of Yang Kais absolutely overwhelming power, even if Yang Wei did resist it would not help him.

As long as Yang Kai wanted, he will be able to win against Yang Wei in an instant and defeat him in The Inheritance War.
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