Martial World Chapter 2049

Chapter 2049 Good Fortunes Ambitions

After the Good Fortune Saint Son was swallowed up by Famine, the entire Good Fortune Legion fell into complete chaos.

In the end, the saints lacked the fearlessness against death the humans had. This didnt mean that the saints were less brave than the humans, but because the saints werent in a situation where the life or death of their race was on the line. The only reason they came to the wild universe was to invade this new world and obtain more advantages. Now that the Good Fortune Saint Son died, the Good Fortune Legion rapidly fled!

Lin Ming certainly wouldnt let them escape. This was especially because they controlled a True Divinity spirit treasure the Good Fortune Saint Palace.

This sort of palace-type True Divinity spirit treasure was extremely rare. How could Lin Ming possibly let it go?

Pursue them! Lin Ming commanded. However, the truth was that he didnt need to issue such orders as the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace were already chasing ahead on their own initiative!

The saint legion scattered like a cloud of locusts, fleeing in all directions.

In fact, the remaining number of saint spirit ships was still higher than the number of spirit ships the Demon Fairy Palace had. And although Lin Ming was powerful, he could only chase in a single direction. Naturally, the direction he chose was toward the Good Fortune Saint Palace.

As for the remainders of the saint fleet, Lin Ming didnt plan to bother with them. As long as they retreated far enough away, they could carry out great void shifts, and then it would be impossible for him to catch up to them.

But at this time, Lin Mings heart stirred. He looked towards another direction of the vast starry space and saw another fleet flying towards him at a breakneck pace.

There werent many ships in this fleet, but they were extremely fast. It was clear they were elite troops!

As this fleet appeared, it wove together a net of firepower that blocked off massive swathes of the Good Fortune Legion. Many of the saint spirit ships were destroyed where they were.


Lin Ming was startled. He didnt know which human army this was, but he believed that they had been drawn here due to the massive dazzling explosion moments ago. As long as they looked at the explosion a little closely, itd be easy to guess that the blinding light wasnt a natural cosmic phenomenon. Moreover, there was the aura of Laws that surged outwards, easily indicating that a battle had erupted.

The backup troops and Demon Fairy Palaces fleet caught the fleeing Good Fortune Legion in a pincer attack. The saints were like a rabbit being chased by a wolf, unable to choose a way out in their panic.

More and more spirit ships exploded. The result of this battle had already been decided

As for Lin Ming, he had overtaken the Good Fortune Saint Palace!

With the dark starry skies illuminating him, Lin Ming overtook the Good Fortune Saint Palace like a giant octopus grabbing hold of a seashell.

Famine stretched out dozens of blood dragon tentacles that wrapped around the Good Fortune Saint Palace. Great waves of flesh and blood broke into the Good Fortune Saint Palace, drowning everyone inside!

As Famine began to wildly swallow up the blood energy of the powerhouses within, as the one controlling it, Lin Ming could deeply feel just how great its bloodlust and rage were. Without its soul, Famines flesh and blood only possessed its devouring instinct. The more it devoured, the more powerful it became!

When it swallowed enough things, it could even split apart and form an avatar! This was simply a life form that defied the Heavenly Dao!

According to Lin Mings understandings, the more powerful a life form was the more difficult it was to reproduce. In fact, there were many formidable beings that were unique in the heavens and earth.

Otherwise, if there were too many of these powerful life forms, they would become the absolute masters of the universe, destroying the balance.

But Famine clearly violated this common sense. Lin Ming didnt know if there was a limit in the number of avatars Famine could form. But if there wasnt a limit, then with enough time Famine and its avatars could slowly flood through the entire 33 Heavens, swallowing all of existence

Such a deduction left chills crawling down Lin Mings spine.

The more he thought about previous events, Lin Ming seemed to realize a possibility. His thoughts stirred and in the next moment he appeared in Primordius heavenly Palace.

Though the battle had come to an end, there were still many matters Lin Ming had yet to wrap up. He didnt even have time to completely refine Famines avatar.

Brother Lin!

Xiao Moxian flushed red as she saw Lin Ming arrive, gently panting for breath. This was because of her excitement in destroying the Good Fortune Legion and also because she had joined forces with the Legion of Famine to attack, consuming a great deal of her energy.

Can you control Famine? Xiao Moxian asked curiously. As she asked this, many disciples of Demon Fairy Palace looked toward Lin Ming, also wondering this.

Lin Ming smiled, Ill tell you everything in a little bit. There are some matters I need to process first.

After Lin Ming spoke his figure flickered and he appeared in another chamber. Within this chamber lay the withered and weakened Good Fortune Saint Son.

In the past, the Good Fortune Saint Son had been tall and strong, his eyebrows slanting upwards like swords and his bearing extraordinary. He was destined to live a magnificent life from birth, and regardless of his life experiences or the talent he displayed, he had always been worshipped and surrounded by others as if he were the star and they all revolved around him.

Because of this, even though many peerlessly beautiful women amongst the saints knew that the Good Fortune Saint Son was extremely cruel and ruthless and that women were insignificant creatures to him, they still delivered themselves to his bed on their own volition.

But now, after the Good Fortune Saint Sons blood vitality was swallowed up by Famine, he didnt even resemble a person anymore.

When Lin Ming entered the chamber, the Good Fortune Saint Son felt his presence but didnt respond. His eyes were empty and blank, and his mouth was slightly open with drool leaking out, as if he had become a walking corpse.

At this time, the Good Fortune Saint Sons heart had already died. His ambitions and arrogance had all been smashed apart. From someone who expected to rule the world in the future, he had devolved into this sad and pitiful appearance, living a life worse than death.

Lin Ming slowly lifted his right hand. A black cube appeared atop his palm.

Black lines sparkled, shining onto the Good Fortune Saint Sons face. The Good Fortune Saint Sons eyelids opened and he saw the Magic Cube.

As someone who once possessed the Grandmist Spirit Bead, the Good Fortune Saint Son had a vague sense of what the three divine tools were. As the Magic Cube appeared, he seemed to faintly realize something. But as for what it was, he wasnt sure.

However, none of this was important. Even if learned of Lin Mings secrets, what use would that be?

He bitterly smiled and hoarsely said, Kill me

As you wish.

Lin Ming waved his hand and the Good Fortune Saint Sons soul disintegrated into fragments that flew into the Magic Cube

In that moment, the Good Fortune Saint Son truly died. His spatial ring and weapons were all taken by Lin Ming. As for his corpse that had lost all blood vitality, Lin Ming simply flicked his finger, sending out a fireball that burnt the corpse into ashes.

With another thought, Lin Ming appeared within the Magic Cube space.

Currently, Lin Ming had become increasingly proficient in using the Magic Cube. He could now directly read through the memories of the soul fragments as if he were flipping through a book and didnt need to absorb them.

To Lin Ming, the memories of the Good Fortune Saint Son were extremely important. There were many things he wanted to find out, and the most important was the Good Fortune Divine Art!

At this stage, Lin Mings greatest opponent was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, and the Good Fortune Divine Art was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereigns strongest ability. This seemed to be a peak True Divinity cultivation method!

Lin Ming possessed far too many cultivation methods. Just the Asura Laws and Holy Scripture Laws were two of the highest Laws of martial arts and more than enough for him to perceive. He just didnt have the time or energy to study the Good Fortune Divine Art.

But even if he didnt study it, he still had to understand it. Know oneself and know your enemy, and be undefeated in a thousand battles. What Lin Ming wanted to do now was to find the weakness within the Good Fortune Divine Art.

The Good Fortune Saint Son had an Empyrean realm cultivation and possessed a profound understanding of the Good Fortune Divine Art. In his memories, the Good Fortune Divine Art had a total of 12 levels.

The Good Fortune Saint Son had only practiced to the ninth level, but he knew the content of the first 11 levels.

As for the final 12th level, only the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign knew the details behind it.

This cultivation method was indeed at the peak True Divinity level. Compared to the Asura Sutra and Holy Scripture, it was only slightly worse.

Even the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign didnt seem to have practiced this cultivation method to perfection.

In other words, this cultivation method wasnt created by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, but was an ancient inheritance he had obtained.

Within the Good Fortune Saint Sons memories, the Good Fortune Divine Art originated from the Primeval Realm Ruins. As for who had created it, no one knew.

After the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign obtained the Good Fortune Divine Art, he spent a hundred million years to slowly add in his own understandings and improve this cultivation method.

Many peerless cultivation methods were not completed by a single person. This included the Holy Scripture and Asura Sutra that Lin Ming practiced. He himself had added in his understandings of his six lives of reincarnation, and had even slowly started to fuse the two together. In Lin Mings hands, these two peak roads of martial arts had become completely different from what they were in the past.

Lin Ming read through the content of the Good Fortune Divine Art a little at a time. The more he read, the more startled he became. From the past, he understood that the Good Fortune Divine Art granted the ability to seize the power of good fortune.

The so-called good fortune was nature itself. If a True Divinity displayed this technique, they could suck dry the essence energy of a world, turning it into a dead land!

However, as he delved deeper into the Laws, the speculations Lin Ming had before became increasingly clear as he affirmed them.

Lin Ming discovered that the Good Fortune Divine Arts ability to swallow the power of a world was similar to Famine!

Famine could swallow anything, but it focused on swallowing flesh and blood.

The Good Fortune Divine Art focused on swallowing the power of a world.

If the two were combined

In that instant, Lin Ming felt his blood run cold. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereigns improvements on the Good Fortune Divine Art had mostly concerned this aspect!

To swallow flesh and blood that was equal to swallowing the body.

To swallow the power of the world that was equal to swallowing the universe.

This just happened to be the same as Lin Mings own path of cultivation. That was joining together the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra and combining the universe of the body with the universe of the world!

Lin Ming could finally see the road the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign wanted to walk down. His ambitions were too great! He wanted to practice the Laws of Swallowing to their limit, stepping Beyond Divinity and even surpassing the Asura Road Master!

If the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had planned to this step, humanity alone naturally wouldnt be enough to satisfy him.

He would inevitably strike out against the spiritas!

Lin Ming suspected that in the end, when the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had swallowed everything to the limit, would he even let the saint race off?

For someone to go this far, were they even a person? Perhaps calling him a monster wasnt enough to describe him.

However, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would not stop on his road. This was all because of his ambitions!

He wouldnt resign himself to eventually returning to dust, he wouldnt resign himself to being subject to the highest Heavenly Dao. Upon reaching the level he was at, there was nothing in this world that could captivate the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign besides absolute strength and eternal life!

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