Marvel Began Shuttling The Heavens Book 2 Chapter 747

Vol 2 Chapter 747: Strong Insight

Seeing that they were not directly defeated by this energy attack in an instant, but this kind of barely defensive situation appeared, Batman also secretly relieved.

If this is the case, they don't need the help of the mysterious Li Yue!

However, feeling the performance of Aquaman still made his heart full of questions at the moment.

He had no idea whether the information he had collected about Neptune had gone wrong, or whether Neptune had deliberately hidden his strength.

"Neither situation should be possible. First of all, I secretly collected their information and weaknesses, and they didn't know it!"

"Secondly, if he had hidden his power before, the same would not be true!"

"After all, the last time Daxede struck, he did not reveal such a powerful force when faced with a serious crisis that the entire earth would fall."

"And this time he has no need to expose the power he wants to hide!"

However, Batman quickly denied his guess.

"However, if so, what is going on in this situation now? Is there any other reason I don't know?"

However, both cases have been denied, so what are the facts?

Batman's heart was full of doubts, but for a while, even with his wisdom, he couldn't think of why this happened.

However, there was no time for him to continue thinking, he suddenly felt a stronger force attacking him.

"Is the impact of energy increased?"

Feeling this sudden increase in power, Batman's face instantly became very solemn!

"No, it should not be that our strength has increased, but our strength is weakening!"

However, Batman soon understood.

At this time, they must continue to do their best to barely block this powerful energy attack.

However, the energy attack has not diminished due to the passage of time.

However, their strength is slowly weakening due to exhaustion.

In this situation of barely maintaining evenness, any trace of power may become the most critical force to break the balance.

What's more, the strength of each of the three of them will slowly weaken due to consumption.


As time went by, after they continued to block the energy attack for nearly a minute, they finally showed their decay again.

Their bodies were again pushed back slowly by the powerful energy impact.

And as time goes by, the speed at which they are being pushed back is getting faster and faster!

However, at this time they had nothing to do, because at this time they had already tried their best.

It is almost impossible to burst out greater power again.

And the duration of this energy beam does not know how long it will be until it ends, and there is no time for them to rest during this period.

"I don't know, our state, can they persist until the steel frame they successfully complete their things!"

Batman's face was full of solemn expressions, and there was some worry in his heart.

Whether they can persist in this state until the steel frame successfully invades into the system of the watchtower.

However, Batman had some doubts at this time whether they could delay until that moment.

But deep down, Batman didn't feel the slightest concern for their safety.

Because he knew that if they really couldn't persevere, even when a death crisis was about to occur, Li Yue, who was next to him at this time, would never continue to stand by.

Although only after a short period of contact and observation, Batman has already gained insight into Li Yue's character.

He does not have the kind of justice that Clarke is very noble and even puts justice first.

But it was not like Hei Chao, because of his powerful power, he wanted to do whatever he wanted, even trying to rule the world with great ambition.

He seems to treat himself as an ordinary person without any ability until now.

In the face of certain things he agrees with, if he can help, he will basically not refuse. Just like his previous behavior to go to Apocalypse alone.

At that time Batman thought he made a decision with a mortal heart.

But until today, he didn't realize that it was because he had absolute self-confidence, and at the same time it was very easy for him to do that. It would not cause him much trouble, so he chose to help them.

Batman rarely meets people with such a character, but he also understands that this character also has his own justice.

For him, he feels that it is a just thing, and he will help.

And if it is something he doesn't agree with, or something that can make him feel troublesome, he will never participate in it.

And it is this character that makes Batman understand that he will never stand by when they are in crisis.

Otherwise, he would not be involved in this matter!


However, not everyone is like Batman who can gain insight into a person's character in a short period of time.

Not everyone, like Batman ~wuxiaworld.online~, can use other people's personalities to make choices that are beneficial to them.

And this is why Batman can always guard against Superman, but he is never afraid that Superman will retaliate wildly against him for discovering his little actions.

As in the comics, Superman did not feel very angry when he discovered that Batman was secretly collecting their information and weaknesses.

Even after Batman said that he couldn't believe that anyone could always have a heart of justice, he gave Batman his only weakness, a piece of green kryptonite.

In Superman's view, that should be the only piece of kryptonite that exists on earth, and it is also the only weakness of his existence.

However, just like some fans joked, maybe Batman will be "very moved" after taking the kryptonite handed to him by Superman himself.

After returning to his base, he threw it into a pile of kryptonite in his collection.

Although this is a joke made by DC fans, it is enough to show that Batman is still very powerful in using the psychology and character of other people!

At this time, after knowing Li Yue's character, Batman naturally took advantage of it without any hesitation.

Although this kind of use will not have any bad effect, because even if Batman doesn't use it, Li Yue will make his own choices according to his own preferences.

But if such a thing is discovered, it will still make people feel a little unacceptable.

Fortunately, Batman didn't show it, these are his hidden thoughts, so Li Yue naturally couldn't find out.

However, even though he knew that Li Yue would never stand by, Batman still tried his best to block the energy attack.

If he can, he wants to rely on his own strength to make this operation a success!


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