Mastermind: Genderbent Villainess Book 2 Chapter 109

Volume 2: Empress Hatching Chapter 109 Then Take It

It was but a normal day on the far side of the library. Tanya and Yuna were sorting out some books for the principal before the end of year ceremony where Tanya was predicted to be the valedictorian. Truth be told, the principal had received many letters telling him that if he did not give the seat of valedictorian to Tanya, he would end up without a life soon.

Tanya did not participate in these threats as she was not the type of person to extort people when they had nothing to do with her personally. Even the principal didn't take it seriously, there was not even a need to send the letters as he was the head of the TVFC. Besides, Tanya had the best grades in the entire academy, meaning she would receive the seat nonetheless.

It would be a happy ending for everyone involved. Tanya liked that about being someone that had already gone through advance education.

This life's education was just a revised course for her, nothing too difficult since she had already cleared this in her past life.

Now, she and Yuna were stuck doing some relaxing work. It was not degrading but it was not fun either. It was necessary. It was tradition that the best students of the year would put their own signed copies of their textbooks in the library, and with that, they would also have to sort them alphabetically with past valedictorians. Thus, the task had become a slight challenge when paired with the high bookshelves and the thick books.

"Tanya, no one is here right now, we can do you know~" Yuna inched closer with a smug grin on her beautiful face. Ever since she had been promoted out of being a mere subordinate, she had become much braver and perhaps even seductive. Her actions were a clear reflection of Tanya's techniques sometimes, perhaps even a perfect imitation.

However, Yuna still did not know an important trick.

"Yuna, come on, let's finish stacking our books. You are valedictorian for our year level. I might be valedictorian for the entire academy but you still have books to stack." Tanya calmly replied with a soft smile. Her passiveness had astounded Yuna. This side of Tanya felt so rare, so enticing.

"I'm just lucky if you didn't get valedictorian for the entire academy, I would not be here." Yuna faintly grinned, looking away a bit.

"But as the valedictorian, you receive many perks and privileges~ I heard you will be a Countess, a noble with a middle grade peerage. You are more powerful thanmy father now, perhaps you could take in a little girl like me~?" Yuna joked.

"As lovers, it is okay for you to let go when we are in private, you know? I have no qualms with letting you have your way in a quiet and secluded spot like this~ after all, you gave me everything I can hold pride in, so giving you my all is the just thing, right?"

Tanya finished stacking two books on the bottom shelf as she heard Yuna. The words were tempting coming from this former subordinate of hers. Tanya had crafted her into quite a fine woman, perhaps as refined as her in many ways. Yuna had actually been quite perfect from the start, it was just she had to deal with a cheating fianc that took up most of her time.

"Yuna, have I ever told you that your silly brown hair shines perfectly under the gentle lights of the academy? Not just that your face is astounding, perhaps like an angel. You are a true beauty, I would be a fool not to bed you one day and make you mine. But shouldn't you be stacking books right now?" Tany nudged Yuna on the shoulder and handed her some of the books that she needed to stack.

"Oh right"

"Are you going to take orders from me, again?" Tanya said as Yuna received the books dutifully.

"Of cour-"

"Yuna, am I your lover or your master?" Tanya asked with a stern voice. Her gaze was as clear as a mirror and peered right into Yuna's soul. The feeling of being observed like this so intensely felt so fiery for Yuna. It was like her heart was burning all around and her body was becoming an oven.

"*Ahem* Lover, of course," Yuna cleared her through and answered.

"Then why do you treat me like your master? You don't always have to do what I say. Stop treating me like some sort of lord. I would rather have you see me as a woman that you love and is worthy of your affections. When I helped you that time just a few months ago, I only asked you to be my servant. However, you are no longer in that position. It is time to adapt to change." Grabbing onto Yuna's shoulder, Tanya stood firm.

She did not need another servant now. She had many to serve her. Yuna had proven herself as quite endearing and loyal, even going as far as confessing. The first one to confess without Tanya seducing her outright. Naturally, there was also a special place for Yuna in Tanya's heart.

The first woman she did not have to intentionally seduce but still approached her with affections openly.

This was quite an achievement in Tanya's heart.

"So do you understand now?" Tanya asked.

"I understand." Yuna responded warmly.

"Okay Tanya, let me go finish stacking my books. I want to make out afterwards. I want to make out like what you do to your wives in bed." Yuna finally walked towards the shelves. She seemed rather determined. However, something about her words piqued Tanya's attention.

"How do you- nevermind." Tanya had given up when it came to privacy with the girls. They always know of where to hide and where to peek from.

When Tanya finally closed the closet, the girls hid in the bathroom. When Tanya closed the bathroom before her nightly sessions, the girls hid under the spare beds. There was simply no escape, and Tanya was beginning to predict at this point where they would strike next. However, she knew she would never be able to truly punish them for peeking, they were her precious girls after all.

She would probably punish Vira though, she hated Vira's guts. She hated Vira so much that she bedded Vira's mother just to become her stepmother. This was how far Tanya was willing to go when it came to personal grudges. Now Vira was living a life that befitted a woman in a stereotypical underdog daughter with an evil stepmother type story.

If Vira were to misbehave again, Tanya would force her to watch as Tanya made love to her mother again. This time, Vira would probably be strapped to a chair and rendered unable to close her eyes and ears. Of course, her mother would probably reward her daughter for being bad at this point. Every time Vira is punished, her mother would be rewarded.

"Tanya, I am done~" Yuna jumped down from the ladder as she said this, visibly beaming with happiness.

"Excellent, Yuna. Do you want me to pack up the ladder while you check out or perha-"

Tanya did not get a chance to finish.

Yuna was no longer so patient.

'Then take it.' These words finally came back to haunt Tanya.

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