Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 445

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“He wants to destroy the kingdom that the Murong’s ancestors built for hundreds of years!”

His voice and gnashing teeth displayed his incredible anger. He couldn’t imagine nor understand why his father did it. The Feng family had been the guardian of their Murong family for generations. Not only were they guarding the Murong family, but also the Sun Glory Country. Now, he unexpectedly wanted to destroy the family with his own hands once again!

He stood up angrily and strode to the palace with a flick of his sleeve. Without getting the carriage ready, he directly flew and came to the palace in less than the time it took for a stick of incense to burn.

When he reached the palace, he went straight to the hall and saw Murong Bo, who was talking to several martial art experts about something that he was unaware of. Murong Yi Xuang lowered his face and shouted angrily, “What on earth did you want to do? Do you want to ruin all this before giving up? Do you think nobody knows what you did? When Murong Bo heard what he said, his face sank, He waved his hand to signal all the people inside the palace hall to withdraw. Then he shouted loudly, “You’re insane!”

“Insane? Ah! I don’t think I’m crazy, but you! You’ve become mad! You are insane to want to destroy the Feng family, you are insane to want to destroy a loyal protector of Sun Glory Country!”

“Do you think nobody knows the “good deeds” you’ve done? Do you think nobody knows that Uncle Xiao’s assassination attempt was done by your men? Do you think people you sent to the Feng Residence to take captives will not know? Hahaha, my father, when did you become so naive? Murong Yi Xuan laughed tauntingly. He looked at his father’s shocked face then turned around and strode away…

Because of his words, Murong Bo’s complexion changed greatly. His whole body trembled. When he watched his son leaving, he wanted to call him and ask how he knew that Feng Xiao had been ambushed and assassinated. But he had already disappeared from the hall.

“How was this possible? How did he know that? I obviously did a clean job, how could he know that I had done it?” He murmured, his voice trembling. “Do the people at the Feng Residence know that? Will they know?”

Leaving the palace, Murong Yi Xuan was filled with loneliness and sorrow. He turned his head to look at the palace. He thought it wouldn’t be long before this palace ceases to exist.

The Feng family bore with it the first time it happened. Even though Uncle Xiao was still unconscious, there was no movement at the Feng Residence and there was no plan to deal with the Murong’s family. This had always been clear to him.

But this time, he was afraid it was not so easy to suppress. Although he did not know much about the current Feng Jiu, he also could see that she was not a pushover. Otherwise, the Green Gallop Country’s men would not be taught a lesson time and again.

Suddenly, he was fed up with it. He felt an urge not to stay in this land any longer. He did not want to stay and see the kingdom destroyed. He had an impulse to leave, but he still remembered that person in his heart.

Originally, he wanted to see her again in the Feng Residence, but he thought of what his father had done. He stopped walking, paused for a minute, and looked toward the Feng Residence. At that moment, he had a deep longing and a strong reluctance. Even so, he still took a step to leave without hesitation.

Inside the Feng family compound at Feng Jiu’s courtyard, Guan Xi Lin was talking to Fengjiu about the latest information from the black market.

“Fortunately, that was not an ordinary thing. Recently, it finally showed a little progress.”

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