Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 446

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Guan Xi Lin’s voice was slightly hesitant. “Just, I didn’t expect that such a small piece of jade would actually come from the third grade Great Concord Country.”

If it was in the past, he could not even imagine that the people of their small ninth grade country would dare to clash head-on with the people of the sixth-grade country. It was even harder to imagine that they would inquire about the affairs of the third grade country one day.

It seemed that his life had changed tremendously since he met Little Jiu. He could even be sure that not only the third-grade power, he would also be able to enter the first grade kingdom in the future.

“Oh? That strictly managed matter is the third grade Great Concord Country’s thing?” Feng Jiu lifted her eyebrows and nodded. “That should be it.”

“What is it?” Guan Xi Lin asked in surprise.

“Knowing that Grandfather was taken away, I have analyzed it. The other side has unfathomable depths. He could easily sneak into the Feng Residence to take Grandfather away without hurting the people her. It can be concluded that the other side will not hurt Grandfather’s life. People who have such cultivation level can’t be from Sun Glory Country. They should be from other countries.”

“Since it’s people from other countries with such cultivation level and also someone that Grandfather knows, I went to Grandfather’s room for a look after telling Father. And then, guess what I found?” Her eyes narrowed into a sly smile.

Seeing her expression, Guan Xi Lin was startled. He said with a strange expression, “Don’t tell me that you already found out Grandfather’s abductor?”

“Hee hee, not yet. But it must be Grandfather’s acquaintance, you see.” She took a scroll from the space and opened it. She said, “Grandfather’s room is usually inaccessible. I didn’t notice it until I searched through his room that day.”

“Picture of a beautiful woman?”

Guan Xi Lin was surprised because this painting was somewhat odd. It was a picture of a beautiful woman, but it was not only a picture of a beauty since she was also accompanied by a colourful phoenix. However, the strange thing was that the colourful Phoenix was flapping its wings, but was caught by the beauty who wore a simple and elegant light green dress in the painting.

The beautiful woman’s bright and clear eyes like limpid autumn waters showed anger. She looked at the colourful Phoenix flapping its wings with both odd and angry expression. That painting looked lifelike. The painting style was also odd and different from the ordinary painting of a beautiful woman.

Looking at the odd yet amusing painting, he grinned, “I didn’t expect Grandfather would also collect pictures of beautiful women!” The woman in this painting was truly gorgeous. Would it be a portrait of her grandmother? However, how could a person clutch a colourful phoenix? What a strange painting style.

“I thought so too, but I took it to Father and he said he had never seen the woman in the painting before. Besides, don’t you think it’s meaningful? Also, this picture scroll has a spirit picture seal.” She smiled softly, thinking of the meaning of the painting, and the smile on her lips deepened a little.

Hearing her words, Guan Xi Lin stared blankly. “Spirit picture seal? What is that?”

“There is a spiritual fluctuation in this beautiful woman’s picture. That is to say, this picture was drawn by an immortal cultivator with spiritual power. Do you see the two fingerprints below? It’s not cinnabar, but blood. This painting is not only ornamental but also has a function. If the two fingerprints disappear, it means that the person is dead. This spirit picture seal is similar to the longevity lamp and also has the same function. But it’s more advanced. I’ve seen it in ancient books. In general, no such spirit picture seal has appeared in an ordinary country.”

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