Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 447

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Listening to her explanation, Guan Xi Lin nodded as he only had a hazy notion. He did not know much about immortal cultivators’ magic and thus only vaguely knew something about it. While looking at the picture, he asked, “What do you mean by that? Its painting style is indeed a little odd, but it doesn’t seem to have much meaning!”

“Well, if the painting depicted other birds, then it’s alright. However, the one in this painting is a colourful phoenix. Think about it, our Feng family just happened to have “Phoenix” as our family name. I guess, of course, it’s just my guess, this colourful phoenix flapping its wings to fly away should represent a person of our Feng family.” She smiled, there was a bit of both curiosity and gossip behind her thoughts.

If it really happened that way, her Grandfather’s kidnapping was very interesting. However, all this was only her guess. Specifically, they had to wait until this matter was thoroughly investigated.

Listening to her only revealing thing in parts, Guan Xi Lin was at a loss. “I don’t understand most of what you said. In the end, who had captured Grandfather?”

“I guess it has something to do with her.” Her finger pointed down at a seal in the lower corner.

“Great Concord’s Su Xi?” Seeing these words, Guan Xi Lin was shocked. “What does this name represents?”

Feng Jiu stared at him. “Big Brother, your brain doesn’t seem to work, ah! Why did Grandfather hang this beautiful woman’s picture in his room? How can there be a colourful Phoenix on this picture? In addition to the clever impression on this picture, the small words inscribed on the seal are Great Concord Su Xi. Moreover, the jade fragment also pointed to the third grade Great Concord Country. Can’t you think that so much information can be linked together?”

“Then Grandfather is in Great Concord Country, one of the third rank great powers? Was the woman named Su Xi the one who had taken him away? That’s not possible right?” This woman should have kidnapped the young ones, but unexpectedly she took an old man away. Doesn’t it seem so weird?

Feng Jiu put the painting scroll away and said with a smile, “So I’m not worried that Grandfather’s life is in danger. I also told Father about it so that he didn’t have to worry about Grandfather. When things are settled here, we will find an opportunity to look over there.”

“You can rest assured that Grandfather will not be in danger, but what to do about Hell’s Lord who stays here now? He doesn’t look very easy to get along with. Does he plan to stay here for long? Would he want to take you with him?” Guan Xi Lin’s odd expression made her thought of that man in black, the matchless and majestic Hell’s Lord. He was somewhat scary.

The man’s pressures were so strong that she could feel his fearsomeness just by watching him from afar, let alone seeing him kill a Nascent Soul Old Monster with her own eyes.

“Well, that guy is indeed difficult to deal with. Let me tell you, I feel a little guilty about him too because I stole a lot of things from him! I’ve done too many shameful deeds. Now that the creditor comes in, I’m trembling too. I don’t have the guts to speak.”

Her face showed her helplessness. She was worried. She thought of the thousand-year-old ginseng stolen from him and the things she took from the Treasure Pavilion that time. These made her felt somewhat embarrassed.

Though she was not short of money, she could not, with her financial resources, buy things like him. With just a wave of his big hand, she could choose anything that she wishes from the space.She took too much advantage of him. So, when she saw him it was like a mouse seeing a cat. She just wanted to find a place to hide.

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