Midnight Offering Chapter 36

Midnight Offering Chapter 36: Queen of the Underworld

How could you two let strangers in?! Madness!

Old Yue raised his snowy white brows and rose. He looked at me, his expression filled with animosity, and tried to drive me out with his walking stick.

When An Ning saw how he treated me, she immediately came forward, her tone angry, It was your grandson that told Little Hua to come here if she had time today. Now were here and youre driving us out, are you making a joke out of us?

Thats not what I mean!

Yang Yi hurriedly flailed his arms. He saw that the situation was getting out of control, and interrupted, Grandpa! Grandma! Its not what you think! I really did tell Rong Hua to come.


Old Yue was so angry he sat again huffing and puffing. Since An Ning did not know what had happened yesterday night, she obviously did not know the real reason I decided to visit the teahouse.

I could not ignore yesterdays events, the old site of the Yue family must not be allowed to continue existing. If one person could break in and explore, so could two people, three people.

So I decided to find Yang Yi and help him deal with the mess that his ancestors had left behind.

As long as the thing in the old site of the Yue family was still there, this area would never be at peace.

I knew that Pervert would not help. He did not like taking care of other peoples problems. If all the people on earth were troubled by evil spirits, would Pervert have to deal with all of them?

Although.even if he didnt come help personally, he could at least send a subordinate to come lend a hand.

That thing in the mansion would not be easy to deal with.

Grandfather Yue, grandmother Yang, I do not have any bad intentions. I came here today first to see Yang Yi, and second.Id like to discuss something with you two.

What can there possibly be to discuss, youre an outsider, dont go butting into our affairs, go, go.

Old Yue motioned at me. He seemed to really want me to leave. I was hurt by his disregard and my cheeks reddened. I clenched my jaw.

I was embarrassed. It felt like all my enthusiasm and offers of help were met with coldness. I wanted to help them shake free of the shadows of the Yue family, and they treated me like this, leaving me with no face at all.

Yang Yi saw my expression, rapidly turning from green to red, and then looked at his grandparents. He was angry but he pressed down his emotions and forced his voice to stay calm.

Grandfather, grandmother, Rong Hua is my friend, I invited her here, if you dont respect her can you at least respect me. I asked her to come here and now youre telling her to leave right in front of me, it makes me very unhappy.

I saw that Yang Yi was about to start arguing with his own grandparents and immediately said, Its okay, Yang Yi, if your grandfather and grandmother dont welcome me, then Ill leave. Sorry to disturb you.

Im sorry.

Yang Yi looked at me apologetically. I smiled and shook my head, signalling that I didnt mind.

I understood why Old Yue and Old Yang did not welcome me. The old site of the Yue family was their family secret, and since Id overheard their earlier discussion, they would obviously try to find various excuses and reasons to attack me verbally.

Largely because they did not know about my connection to the Underworld, my connection to Hades.

Just before leaving, I thought of something a little harsh, but that thought could work. I coughed and looked towards Old Yue and Old Yang, smiling, Grandfather, grandmother, I was going to discuss with you two how to deal with the problem that your ancestors left behind, but since you are so unwelcoming, clearly I was thinking too much. Goodbye.

When I finished speaking, I grabbed An Ning by the wrist and started walking towards the exit.

I spoke very clearly, each word and phrase enunciated well just so they could hear all of it and understand what I meant.

Just as I expected, Uncle Yangs face was filled with shock and he called for me to stop.

Youre called Little Hua, right? Dont go yet, what did you.what did you mean by what you just said?

Uncle Yangs forehead was beaded with sweat, and he swallowed repeatedly. His lips were pulled tight and his eyes staring right at me.

I meant exactly what you heard me say, I know about what happened in the old site of the Yue family. Last night, I met Yang Yi when he went to strengthen the enchantments.

I pointed at Yang Yi and raised my brows, He hasnt told you about what happened?


The old couple and Uncle Yang replied simultaneously.

They were all frozen in place and shook their heads. Suddenly, Uncle Yang finally absorbed what he had heard and looked at me anxiously: You know everything?

I nodded, not at all afraid that they would kill me to keep their secret. I came today to discuss about how to deal with it.

This kind of development shocked all three adults, and Yang Yi who was standing to the side.

What are you saying.

I nodded at him and replied, What youre thinking is right, Pervert wont help you, but that doesnt mean that I wont. That thing in the mansion has to be destroyed, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.

After listening to what I said, An Ning just stood by my side, confused, as if she was trying to remember if something had really happened at the old site of the Yue family last night. However, her mind told her that after she returned to the hotel from sightseeing, she had not gone back out!

An answer popped up in her head!

I saw the dawning realisation on her face, and started to laugh. Before the smile even had the chance to spread on my face, she had already jumped up and pointed at me, yelling out, Yesterday you and your husband were making out! I wasnt dreaming!


Her words almost scared me to death, and with my face completely went red, I raised a fist and was ready to hit her!

This girl! That kind of thing shouldnt even be mentioned in public! Why didnt she have any awareness of the situation!

An Ning had completely ruined my calm and collected appearance, and what I had been planning to say flew right out of my head. As I was still trying to recover, I gave Yang Yi the mission of describing what had happened.

You can tell them what happened last night at the old site of the Yue family. Tell them everything you saw.

My face was still red and while I attempted to slow my rapidly beating heart, Yang Yi told his family about everything that had happened last night.

Also, Rong Hua is Hades wife.

Yang Yi said calmly, pointing at me.

I could visibly see the three in the living room slowly petrifying. It was clear that what Yang Yi just said had given them too much of a shock. They looked at me as if I was a ghost, and their eyes were fixated on me. Minutes passed and they didnt even blink.

Embarrassed, I rubbed my cheek and smiled, I lived in a small village when I was eighteen and was taken to a hut and sacrificially married to Hades, but I didnt die.

Yang Yi stepped forward and asked: Wait, you mean you were forced into being a sacrifice, and the girls that were sacrificed before you all died?

I glanced at him, impressed. I had only said one sentence and he had already deduced the whole situation. I nodded, my smile filled with a warmth I did not even notice myself.

But I am very lucky, Pervert treats me very well.

I remembered that now was not the time to be talking about my past, and looked towards Old Yue and Old Yang, then said seriously: I honestly want to help you. If you two arent willing to accept, and dont want an outsider to interfere, Ill leave right away.

Queen of the Underworld!

Tears flowed down Old Yangs face, and he walked towards me, hands and jaw shaking, My husband and I were unreasonable, please do not take our actions to heart.

Clearly my status had scared them. I walked to her side and helped her to the nearby sofa. Theres no need to call me by my status, this isnt the olden days, Im Rong Hua, just call me Little Hua.

Old Yue had gotten a rolled up painting from somewhere and brought it over to me with trembling hands, then undid the red string holding the painting closed and shook it out before handing it over to me.

I took it, confused, but when I saw what was on the painting, my eyes went wide.

At first I had wondered how Yang Yi knew what Pervert looked like, and how he could tell immediately that Pervert was Hades.

Turns out, he had a full body painting of Pervert in his house. I had no idea who had painted it, but the painting definitely depicted Pervert. Although the clothing was different, the mask could not be more familiar.

Grandfather, where did you get this painting?

Old Yue stroked his eyebrow and sighed, When the faction of our family that worshipped spirits disappeared, I was still young, and was sent to the old mansion to deal with the matter of the land. I found this in a small house there. It was hidden under the bed. If I hadnt been cleaning, I would never have found it.

The Yue family was definitely not simple. They even had a painting of Pervert. Ordinarily, the King of Hells visage could not be seen by anyone, even the spirits of the Underworld were unlikely to look upon him, let alone a living person.

Old Yang had stopped shaking and took a while to calm down. A pair of rough, old hands gripped mine and she looked at me, eyes filled with hope. Her voice was hoarse as she spoke, You will help us, right?

Yang Yis brows furrowed angrily, Grandmother!

I sent him a signal with my glance. What had happened before was unimportant, the old couple had not known who I was and tried to drive me away, but it was also their way of protecting me.

I can help, but I need to know what kind of ritual the last people of the Yue family performed before they disappeared.

Old Yues whole body jolted! His slightly curved back bent even further and the wrinkles around his eyes deepened. Even Yang Yis uncle sunk into silence, frowning.

The living room was completely still, deadly quiet.

Then, a voice tore through the silence!

Ritual? Little Hua, I listened to what Yang Yi said, and now I know what you did last night. Im relieved that you came back unharmed, but hearing you mention a ritual, I really cannot be a bystander.

Her expression was serious and a sharp glint appeared in her eyes which caused my heart to skip a beat.

I thought of the An familys profession and knew that An Ning must have some understanding of the ritual.

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