Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast Tamer Empress Chapter 518

Dao Nu was shocked by what he was seeing in light of he himself being in a difficult fight with a foe of his own, What sort of skill is that? Its so tyrannical and destructive!

Ever since Ling Yue bound the stolen Soul Reaping Chain to herself by refining it with the cauldron, the girls been able to use it like the Ghost Sects Thirteen Needle technique, just that the limit for her right now remains at nine chains.

First it was a winding chase

Then an attempt at ensnaring the blasted pill.

And finally whipping the chains around like a baton to knock the damn thing out of the air

Sadly, none of her attempts were working.

Huffing hard now, Ling Yue knew she couldnt keep going like this. The limited time aside, her strength wouldnt last at this rate. Out of desperation, the girl immediately orders the nine chains to create a giant web across the ceiling, covering the entire room in all directions and leaving no room for the pill to escape.

The impact was devastatingly loud upon impact. Explosions after explosions, the recoil from the shockwave left the entire room shaking left and right as the pill desperately collided with the web for a escape. Even so, the tactic worked and the pill subdued at last.

COME! In a girlish roar, Ling Yue orders her chains to return, allowing the troublesome bead to land on her hands.

Almost exactly at the same time as well, Dao Nu also made his final blow at the traitorous elder. In a palm strike, Zhu Ge Yi now lays defeated on the ground, blood seeping from the corner of his mouth and powerless to continue the fight.

The old senior could hardly believe his own fate. He had every confidence to overcome the enemy party prior to coming into the Star Cave, now hes the one at their mercy. Thankfully for him though, not all was lost. In the last moment before the loser here closes his eyes in acceptance, a flurry of footsteps had brought the disheartened fellas heart back to life.

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It was Hong Ming Yue and her group.


Upon seeing Zhu Ge Yi lying there paralyzed and unable to move, the three siblings of the Hong House all exclaimed in horror. They could clearly see the extensive damage within the stone chamber, indicating how much of a struggle it mustve been until they came.

Ming Yue, you came just in time. That little bitch snatched the Ninth Realm Reincarnation Dan pill. Hurry and take it back! Reinvigorated with hope, the old fella immediately points to Ye Ling Yue.

Damn you, hand it over! While Hong Ming Yue went forward to carry out the task, she didnt forget to instruct her older siblings to support the old grandpa who clearly appears weakened.

Mistress, I found it! The one crying out just then was Little Crow and shes found the two jade tablets in the room. In haste, she hands one of them over without forethought.

Ling Yue only needed a glance to confirm its the number three tablet. That aside though, she didnt forget to scan the other side for her friends and Xia Hou Qis presence. When finding none of them around, a sense of alarm immediately gripped the girls heart because that meant their well-being has become uncertain.

Ho~ If you people want the Ninth Realm Reincarnation Dan pill then come take it at the third cave tunnel. Connecting her hand with the rest of the group, Ling Yue infuses her spirit force into the jade tablet for the expected teleport.

Dont let them escape! Hong Ming Yue roars.

Yet. Instead of disappearing along with her party, only Ling Yues figure was gone following that flash of light!

How come? Standing there still was Little Crow and the rest.

Little Crow, what is this all about? Lan Caier hurries to ask, sending the lolly girl into a panic as she rushed to check up on the other jade tablet for a possible answer.

Wait. Taking the other tablet off of Little Crows hand, Feng Shen uses his fingers to rub against the number five character on the item to reveal whats truly underneath a number three!

There is still another jade tablet around here! Lan Caier searched hard after this revelation. From beneath one of the bookcases, shes now in possession of a third key out of this room.

Although both groups are uncertain why theres an extra key out of this place, or who placed the fake for them to take, its undoubtedly a suspicious thing to know regardless.

Were leaving. Understanding nothing more could be done now; Hong Ming Yue orders her people to depart after feeding her grandfather a healing pill. Theyre ready to head into the third cave tunnel since nothing noteworthy was left. Besides, shes not interested in messing with a third enemy thats lurking in the shadows.

For Feng Shen though, he wasnt so ready to move on yet. While Lan Caier and the other two scoured the room for clues to Ling Yues whereabout, the boy himself remained idle like hes contemplating something.

Sister, can we take the Phoenix Lord along as well? Hong Yu Ying suggests to her younger sister, the lovestruck look too obvious to miss.

Take him? What can a useless person like him do? Only Ye Ling Yue and you would be blind enough to treasure someone like that. Snorting at the request, the ice beauty instantly shot down the idea without minding her tongue.

This man may have a good piece of skin, shame hes a medicine pot who couldnt do anything.

No longer giving the other party anymore attention, Hong Ming Yues group then disappeared from view following a flash of light that enveloped their party.

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Useless. The girls voice still echoes within the boys ear, causing him to clench those fingers even harder against the object in his hand.

Miss Caier, Little Crow, the two of you stay here first. I and Dao Nu will enter the third cave tunnel and search for Ling Yue. Feng Shens voice sounded a little hoarse.

What are you saying Your Highness, you are entering the third cave tunnel? The big girl was still fretting over her younger sisters wellbeing, now shes not even sure how to respond to the boys willful demand.

Theres good reason for such worries actually. Of the five people that originally came together for this party, only Ling Yue was a user of the spirit force, that meant only she had the capability to break the seal.

Dont worry, its not just alchemists that can break the seal on these jade tablets. Letting his charm flow, Feng Shen smiles dashingly at the big girl to leave her absolutely stunned.

The boy wasnt acting the same like he usually does though, theres a hint of disdain and anger over being held in contempt. Then before anyone could say more, he and Dao Nu had disappeared from sight after Feng Shen snapped the tablet in half.

I will bring her back~ The voice echoes, leaving both girls popping their eyes in disbelief.

This, theyre all gone?! Lan Cai sounded baffled after being left behind.

Sister Caier, Little Squeak says he knows why Mistress disappeared by herself. Theres a scent of some other person, and it smells like Consort Luos. Following the lolly girls explanation, the little rascal whos been quiet all this time had finally called out to back up his claim.

Consort Luo?! You mean that very same woman who fled from Da Xia? Lan Caier exclaims, finding it difficult to believe the twist in event.

Damn that woman. Where did she send Ling Yue off to?!
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