Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast Tamer Empress Chapter 519

What is this place and where is everyone?

Ling Yues first instinct was to scour her surroundings upon realizing shes been detached from the rest of her party and teleported into an unknown space. But that soon shifted to the item in her hand, the jade tablet instead.

Though the number three character engraved on it looked not much different from the first one, but there are differences. For one, the workmanship was crude and rough, evident its been done by someone not familiar with the art.

Who is it? It was then her eyes fell upon a certain corner of this chamber.

Little bitch, you do have some ability in light of that small brain of yours. To think my location would be figured by you this quickly. From within the darkness came forth a certain particular person who was all too familiar.

Although this individual lacked the luxurious clothes like she did back then at the Da Xia palace, but Ling Yue only needed one glance to recognize it was none other than Consort Luo, the mother of the former crown prince.

From the time when this woman fled from Da Xia to now where shes a heavily wanted criminal, its only been a few months in reality. Yet, her face was haggard and the sideburns that once outlined her gorgeous contour has now been stained with the color of aging white.

So you really are a member of Dan Palace like I suspected. Let me guess, the one who allowed you to enter this place without alarming that guardian elder outsider is Xue Pian Ran am I right? Ye Ling Yue already got it as soon as she saw this woman and needed no more guessing. Its too obvious and the stars are quickly aligning.

You are clever, pity though, your own cleverness will be your own undoing. Ye Ling Yue, this stone chamber is something I prepared specifically for you. Without my permission, you will never escape from the seal I placed around us. There are no friends to save you this time, hahaha!

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Consort Luos level of hatred was monstrous towards the one responsible for her sons death. She had hoped for Chen Hong Ru to take matters into his own hands when the girl arrived in North Qing. Sadly, instead of doing as she wished, the man did the polar opposite and threw the matter to others.

Now thats when Xue Pian Ran came up to the desperate woman craving for revenge. Through some sweet words and clever trickery, the end result was this situation where both parties are now confronted against each other in the darkness.

And where do you get the confidence that you could deal with me? The girls wording may have sounded confident and unworried, but her eyes were moving fast in this narrow space, evident of her worry.

Theres no signs of any traps or levers along the floor or walls. This woman is saying the truth about only she knowing the way out.

Understanding this much, Ye Ling Yues gaze eventually fell back onto Consort Luos presence. From her assessment, the womans spirit force level should only be around the five cauldron level, hardly a threat to herself.

Hoho, you must be trying to think of a way to force me to let you out of here right? The woman cackles menacingly like an erratic witch, Its useless. Today you will die for sure, I will make sure of that! With that said, Consort Luo then hurried to back up a few steps before throwing out a pair of abnormally huge pills from her hand.

Smoke spewed out of the items upon contact with the floor before eventually transforming into two hideous human shaped monsters.

Ill let you have a taste of the Dan Palaces golem technology so be sure to entertain me well! Breaking out a sinister cackle, Consort Luo had on the perfect persona of an evil villain who just summoned her lackeys.

Not willing to see what sort of ability these strange things are capable of, Ling Yue immediately attacked without a second delay. Little Measureless Finger: First Point Universe!

In a hollering roar, multiple light beams came flying out of her finger. Though the attacks were direct and point on, the effects were minimal. Not only did the golems remain motionless at the threat, theres not even a hole from the usually lethal skill of hers.

If only Ling Yue had known the truth then she wouldnt have tried something so futile. These puppets are all made by Chen Hong Ru who used the failed Dan pills in his previous attempts. As a result, these low-lever Dan golems are comparable to a reincarnation master in terms of strength, defenses, and endurance.

For someone only at the level of a Dan Realm martialist, its obvious the girls attack wouldnt work.

Just give it up little bitch. Even if you exhaust all your strength, these Dan golems would not fall no matter what you do. All cheeky in her smug grin, Consort Luo starts to laugh even harder until madness takes hold.

What troublesome monsters these things are.

Unnerved by these creepy humanoids slowly drawing closer to herself, Ling Yue gulped hard and pushed her brain into full throttle. Then thats when an idea hit her in the moment of desperation.

In the next second, a black little thing materializes from her hand and shattered the cheeky expression from Consort Luos face.

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Why do you have a Black Yuan Cannon!

Ho~ I knew it. Let me guess, Xia Hou Hongs real father is Chen Hong Ru am I right? As for this Black Yuan Cannon, Im guessing its also created by that person as well eh? Tell me, what would his reaction be if I used his own Black Yuan Cannon to destroy the Dan golems? Raising a playful smirk of her own, Ye Ling Yue was now back on the offensive.

Following a clacking sound of the ammunition being loaded, a thousand Illumination pills were consumed in that instant. What came out next was a flash of blinding destructive force that rocked the secret chamber ahoy. Sadly, even that wasnt enough to completely shatter the low-level Dan golems though. But no matter, the damage was done and the first signs of the effects were showing in the forms of small web like cracks along the surface of these constructs.

Ling Yue herself on the other hand still trembled from the recoil of the weapon in her possession. The force was much more than what she expected and it had left her hands numb to the touch. Nevertheless, she continues to grip onto her means of survival as the two golems struggled to break free of the chamber wall that confined them as a result of the impact.

Holy cow, theyre still standing! Damn it, that one shot alone costed me fortune!

Pulling the trigger again by gnashing her teeth, the girl hated herself for having to waste so much resources at some mere golems.

Thankfully this time around the results were satisfactory. In a loud thundering bang, the two humanoid beings finally blew apart for good this time. Bit and pieces were flying, raining down at the two occupants like a hail.

AHHHH, my two thousand Illumination Dan pill! I spent so much time at the Underground City to earn them all. Just you wait. Once I advance into the senior alchemist level, I too will make a hundred thousand Dan golems to play around with!
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