Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast Tamer Empress Chapter 527

Very well, I will be responsible for the southern lever then. Without hesitation, Cong Lu stands up to take charge.

Milord, I will go shut down the switch lever in the north. Towards Feng Shens word, the big guy Du Nao (bodyguard) didnt question it one bit and firmly believes it to be true.

In this case, I will take responsibility for the east side then. All lax in his demeanour, Chen Minzhi casts a meaningful look at the Phoenix Lord before turning to face that direction.

Of the four forces present, three have opened their mouths to help after the first. Now all that remains were Hong Ming Yues side who hasnt offered a helping hand. But sure enough, not even Luo Songs terrible nature could ignore the gazes coming his way and volunteered not long after.

I will say it again. The four switch levers must be closed all at the same time. As for everyone else, they will be in charge of cooperating and backing the four up by leading the monsters away. Make no mistake, we only have one chance here considering our current remaining numbers. Losing his gentle faade, Feng Shens face looked exceptionally stern and serious.

The group didnt object, in fact, they all gave a nodding confirmation without realizing they did so. This also included Chen Minzhi and Luo Song who was normally arrogant and dismissive of others.

Make no mistake though, these two would never lower themselves to anyone, especially a famed medicine pot. Therefore, it came as a huge surprise to them both when they did the strange act of submissive behavior. For some reason, they just followed the norm like some unknown power was propelling them to do so.

First up to take combat was Alchemist Wen Xu from the North Qings team. The old seniors an eight-cauldron master, making him a powerhouse among the group. And without disappointing, the old fella immediately tore a path open on his side after blasting out with his spirit force.

Then next up was Zhu Gi Yi and his granddaughter Hong Ming Yues turn. Together, one flute and one Dan fire in hand, the pair was quickly able to push the monsters back to give everyone some space for maneuver. But then thats when the trouble started again.


Annoyed by the fact that Ling Yue didnt have anything to do while she fought at the forefront, the ice beauty suddenly increased her intensity and provoked an abnormally large group of the creatures to chase herself. Using this momentum, she then proceeded to run over to her half-sisters spot like a freaking train wreck. Of course, she deliberately made the act look like an unfortunate accident, but anyone with a brain knew exactly what shes planning shes trying to use the monsters to kill.

As for Ling Yue herself, she didnt move. In fact, she couldnt because if she did so, the one to take the blunt of that charge would undoubtedly be Feng Shen thats behind herself. Then again, the girl didnt need to.

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Raising a smirk at the scheming bitch thats still zooming over, nine dark chains promptly shot out of Ling Yues back like tails of a fox. This was the Soul Reaping Chain she used back in the previous cave passage and the power was far more destructive then anything thats currently being used at the current moment.

One whip equated one monster. Of the dozen or so monsters that were stampeding over, only a few remains after the first wave of assault, which immediately got destroyed as well after the second whip came flying around.

This absolutely astounded the two remaining siblings from the Hong House. Theyve never witnessed anything like that.

What sort of ability is that? Even Luo Song from the Three Life Valley was gawking at those chains after witnessing its power.

While some were still busy fighting and some busy being shocked Chen Minzhi and the other three designated individuals have already rushed over to their respective switch levers using this opening and pulled at it hard.

In a rumbling click, the compartment doors promptly came slamming down to seal off the small tiny rooms. There was still constant banging from the other side after the act, but it didnt take long before the sound finally died down.

Now safe and free of imminent danger, everyone thats still alive finally understood what President Jia Hou Shu of Da Xia meant when he wrote the word dont on the ground for.

But just when everyone wanted to take this breather to go over the wounded and figure out their casualties, the ground suddenly shook and sent a deathly shade of white across the remaining survivors.

They knew this couldnt be good and sure enough, after the initial tremor, the floor beneath their feet seems be disappearing as well as the walls around themselves. In fact, even the bodies of their fallen comrades were now gone, nowhere to be seen.

However, instead of more traps and more monsters coming their way, what happened next was breathtaking and beyond their expectations.

Its as if their bodies were transported to a whole new world. Stars, an incalculable number of stars were being shown in front of themselves from all directions while the world darkened into an endless blackness.

Look, those are comets flying over! One of the participants cried out, mesmerized by the surreal light show.

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As the hundred if not thousands of stars collided and converged into dozens of light masses, thats when the brightness grew so blinding that everyone had to close their eyes in order to protect themselves. Then by the time when they finally opened them again after the blinding light diminished away, all of the twinkling stars were gone, leaving only ten large blops of reddish glow in the sky.

This spectacle naturally drew their focus, in particular were to the middle part where theres a blood-red bow suspended in the air!

About half a persons height, the weapon gave off an oppressive glow of red that somehow hinted at the color of blood. Matched this with the bowstring made out of a dragons sinew, everything about the weapon was majestic and awe-inspiring.

The party gasped of course. Some may not understand the importance of this bows existence, but they sure knew what a treasure was when they saw one.

As for Ling Yue herself, theres only one name drumming up in her head right now and that was the Spatial Piercing Bow!

Shes here specifically for this spirit artifact, thats the whole reason she ever entered the Star Cave. And now, the target of her mission now lay suspended before her eyes.
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