Miracle Throne Chapter 517

Miracle Citys Undead Towers had increased by several times since the war and the Smart Brains monitoring life signatures had also increased to two. There were also powerful Treants guarding Miracle City and many elven experts, so the defense couldnt compare to before.

Therefore if one wanted to attack Miracle City, it would be very dangerous and hard.

This attack went past several layers, as well as the defenses of the Treants, meaning this wasnt a normal person. When Meng Yingying was grabbed by Chu Tian, she immediately released her Mirror Source Spirit. She had it mimic the Spatial Dagger and they disappeared on the spot.

Meng Yingying didnt have spatial energy, so she couldnt properly control the direction. Adding in the fact that it was rushed, she directly sent them half a mile away, avoiding the assassin.

All of this happened in an instant.

They didnt even know what the attackers looked like.

Of course the other side didnt even have time to react.

Chu Tian said in a surprise, Your reaction is quite fast!

So close. How did assassins sneak into Miracle City? Meng Yingying quickly said, I have to have Zero arrange protection for elder sister, otherwise people sneaking into Miracle City is too dangerous.

Before they even finished speaking.

The spatial energy became chaotic.

With energy fluctuations, masked people surrounded the two of them. They didnt have any aura on them, clearly they were experts in hiding their aura.

They also had spatial abilities!

They had innate spatial energy!

Innate spatial energy was one in ten million. No matter what country or power it was, it was considered a rare property and was an object of key cultivation. This kind of precious and talented person was doing this kind of dangerous task, not hesitating to give up their lives to kill Chu Tian? It had to be one of the giant powers that would be willing to pay this kind of price!

They were giving this kind of assassination mission with this kind of price?

This showed how important they regarded Chu Tian.

What kind of mouse actually snuck into Miracle City

Meng Yingying didnt need to fight with the other side to know how strong the assassins were. Their cultivations far surpassed that of her and Chu Tian, therefore they needed to stall for time. No matter how sneaky they were, once Zero found that something was wrong, it would inform people to save them.

At least for a minute, they couldnt escape.

But the killers were more fierce than Yingying imagined.

How could Yingyings trick fool them? Before she even said two words, a black masked man released his power. Chu Tian and Meng Yingying felt at the same time like the space around them had frozen like starch. There were invisible chains that sealed the space, making them unable to move inside.

Thats right.

It was him.

The spatial energy user.

This was not a normal seal, but a seal on the spatial level. Chu Tian and Yingyings cultivation were far below the other sides, so they couldnt forcefully break through the space, otherwise they could have escaped. However, this assassin with innate spatial energy was at least in the 7th-8th True Spirit Layer, a true Spirit Transformation Expert!

The two lost the ability to move.

Another black clothed person released their source spirit and large amounts of dark energy was released, becoming a dark cloud above their head. The dark cloud very quickly surrounded the area.

Dark attributed source spirit?

Another rare source spirit!

It was no wonder they could come in so smoothly. Dark energy could dull surveillance and with the spatial energys teleport ability, it would have been the same even if Miracle Commerces surveillance system was several times stronger.

The dark cloud dulled the senses of everyone around. Even if Miracle City sent help, it wouldnt arrive soon, so they could only rely on themselves right now. The problem now was that Chu Tian and Meng Yingying were surrounded by experts, existences that all had terrifying powers.

The owners of the spatial source spirit and the dark source spirit were probably all experts of the Spirit Transformation Realm.

The other four were weaker, but they were still in the peak 6th True Spirit Layer. In other words, any one of them had cultivations higher than Chu Tian and Meng Yingying.


The six assassins had flawless coordination. The spatial expert sealed, the dark expert hid them, and the four other attack. The six moved with each other, so even a peak expert in the 9th True Spirit Layer wouldnt be able to escape this!

This was a very dangerous moment.

Chu Tians pupil turned gold and the six assassins felt a strong Divine Sense attack at the same time. This Divine Sense was the strongest one they had ever met and there seemed to be a kind of power inside the Divine Sense, causing blue and white flames to suddenly appear on their bodies.

Netherworld Ghost Flame!

Chu Tians Netherworld Flame was no longer a normal Netherworld Flame. It had been incubated in the Spirit Kings body for ten thousand years, swallowed the Abyss Hell Flame, swallowed the Undead Flame, and swallowed the Ice Spirit Sacred Flame cultivated in the ice hole. The Netherworld Flame was not something normal people could imagine and the six people couldnt ignore it even if they had rich spirit energy and protective cultivation techniques.


The four weaker assassins were frozen in place by the Divine Sense and their protective spirit energy was burned away. The flames drilled into their body and they came to their senses. They had no choice but to give up attacking and use their escape techniques, forcefully running away.

Divine Sense could bring a material attack?

This was just too shocking!

The dark expert moved very quickly as countless dark clouds began to gather where Chu Tian was. Chu Tian could feel that this was a flow of dark energy and it had the characteristic of dark energy. Corroding, swallowing, and polluting. If they were submerged in this power, Chu Tian and Meng Yingying would certainly die.

The spatial expert didnt react slowly. The energy waves surrounding him became stronger and a chain covered in seals appeared, which was the form of his source spirit.

A Spatial Chain Source Spirit, no wonder it had such a strong restrictive power.

From the intensity of his source spirit, this persons source spirit wasnt strong, but it was precious because of its rare space attribute. If it was Vivians spatial source spirit that was close to a God Level Source Spirit, being able to cut anything in the world, Chu Tian perhaps would have already been cut into several pieces.

The spatial experts power became stronger and the spatial chain moved like a snake.

This power seemed to pass directly through space to seal Chu Tian and Meng Yingying.

Chu Tian and Meng Yingying couldnt move at all as they had the space around the sealed. Meng Yingyings face was pale as this situation seemed bad. But at this time, Chu Tian gave a cold snort and his golden pupils looked at that assassin.

Endless Purgatory!

The spatial expert was shocked to find that his surroundings disappeared. When he came back to his senses, he found that he was in a burning hot deserted place. His body was half sunken in sand and he couldnt move. There were large amounts of ants in the sand dunes, with each ant being around the size of a fingernail.


Spiritual illusion!

The spatial expert knew that he was in a spiritual illusion, but he had no way of freeing himself. Thousands of ants came forth like a tide, drilling into him from his eyes, nose, mouth, and any other opening, there were also some that just directly bore into him.

In just a few minutes, his body was completely filled with bloodthirsty ants.

These ants did not just gnaw at his flesh and organs, they even bit his bones to pieces. The pain from the ants biting into him exceeded any kind of torture and when he couldnt take it anymore, when he thought it was over.


It all disappeared.

He was once again in perfect condition, but there were two bodies this time and he could feel both of them. He seemed to notice something and was filled with panic. As expected, the ants appeared once again, doing the same thing as before. This time, he needed to withstand twice the amount of pain!

Next was four times, eight times, sixteen times..A hundred times, a thousand times, ten thousand times, a hundred thousand times!

This spatial expert did not even know how many times he had stayed in this endless spiritual space. With the countless times of endless torture, his mind had already broken.


In reality, Chu Tian had only looked at him before he bled from all seven orifices, falling dead on the ground. Chu Tians pupils returned to their original colour. Because he had used this kind of attack, it consumed a lot of his energy and his Divine Sense couldnt be sued for a while.

Such a strong spatial expert had strangely died?

Even if the assassin was of high quality, they still couldnt accept this. They were stunned because of this.

Chu Tian recovered his ability to move and he gathered his energy as his eyes turned white.

Phaseless Sword Finger!

The dark attributed expert felt a cold killing intent cover him. In his shock, he used all his power to block this attack. In the end, it was all in vain as his head fell down like a dandelion seed.

Two Spirit Transformation Experts were killed by Chu Tian.

The strangest thing was no one knew just what Chu Tian had done!

The two of them seemed to have strangely died!

After the four other experts saw this, how could they dare keep fighting? They had seriously underestimated Chu Tians strength and immediately used their technique to escape. The four of them ran in four different directions, only thinking about escaping.


The ground trembled.

Four thick and sharp tree roots shot up and penetrated their protective spirit energy like paper. The four peak experts couldnt resist at all as they were pierced on the spot by the tree roots.

Was it Cenarius?

He could feel the matter here from the Miracle Gardens?

Chu Tian revealed a smile. Even if he didnt fight, it would have been impossible for the assassins to succeed. After a while, the Miracle City experts had gathered. The Elven King even brought Vivian over. However, the battle on this side was already over.

This process was very short, but it was just shocking without any danger!

But what they needed to consider now was just whose lackies were these people!
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