Miracle Throne Chapter 518

The Miracle City City Lord had encountered assassins in the city, if this was known, it would have a bad effect. Chu Tian didnt want to break Miracle Citys peaceful image, so he chose to stop this information.

Didnt no one see this?

Chu Tian also wasnt injured, so treat it as if it didnt happen!

This matter however was an alarm for Chu Tian that people havent set their hearts down on destroying Miracle City. An open spear was easier to guard against than a hidden dagger, there would always be thieves hiding. There would be a second time if there was a first time!

The Eternal Forest vice speaker Ulysses was sent by the Elven King to Miracle City to help Chu Tians group investigate.

Meng Qingwu asked, Can you tell who did it?

Its hard! Ulysses shook his head and said, We have investigated the corpses, but we havent found anything that could identify them.

How could they feel assured with this answer?

Chu Tian and Meng Yingying were almost hurt and this was their territory! The ambushers were this strong, even including Spirit Transformation Experts with rare source spirits. If Chu Tians cultivation did not increase and he learned a new technique, who knows what would have happened?

Meng Qingwu asked in a dissatisfied voice, Being able to send this kind of lineup, there are several dozen powers that can do so. Which one do you think is more suspicious?

This ambush included spirit beasts and dark elves. Ulysses knit his brows and said, If speculating from their race, the spirit beasts favour the Savage Highlands, but the Savage Highlands dont have any dark elves. Only the Dragon Ridge has this group.

This guess was groundless and even if it were right, there was no meaning.

Although we dont have any proof, Im certain it was done by them! Chu Tian stood up and said, Not settling a grudge is not my style!

Miracle City could barely keep itself safe, could they fight against these giant powers? They were existences that were on the same level as the Eternal Forest!

Everyone looked at him.

This fellow wouldnt be wanting to do something astonishing again, right!

Chu Tian announced, This matter is a warning. We need to strengthen our defenses and finish the city protective barrier as soon as possible. Moreover, each high level members must bring enough guards and City Return Scrolls to prevent any accidents. On the other hand, we cant swallow this insult. We need to use action to tell the forest that Miracle City is not a soft persimmon that anyone can pinch!

Naturally we need to increase our defenses, how are you prepared to deal with them? We cant easily afford to offend these fellows and it might create a large war if it is handled improperly. Miracle City cant afford another fight!

City Lord Chu Tian, dont be swayed by your emotions! Ulysses was covered in sweat. Now that the elves cooperation with Miracle City increased each day, if Chu Tian made a mess, the Eternal Forest would be in for bad luck, Let me say this first, the elves will not enter any fights!

Look at you thing!

Chu Tian revealed a look of disdain.

Forget it, he never expected the elves to help at all.

Chu Tian said with a smile, What are you so nervous for, it isnt like I dont have any brains. Relax, I have my discretion, so you dont need to worry about this matter!

Although the news of the City Lord being attacked was stopped, there were still a few rumours.

This was because less than two days after Chu Tian was attacked, Miracle City began building in large amounts. In order to create a defense for Miracle City, the things they built the most were Undead Towers.

The Undead Towers in the Miracle Mountain Ranges increased by four times, with there being over a hundred towers. Each tower could only control ten thousand undead, so these Undead Towers could already control a large army of one million!

As for the choice of undead? Of course it was skeletons!

Although giant monsters like Abominations, ruthless monsters like Undead Knights, or flying soldiers like Gargoyles all had much more battle power than the skeletons, the production and maintenance of these soldiers cost too much and they could easily corrupt the area.

The skeletons were relatively weak, but after processing, they wouldnt cause plague or corruption. It was because they were weak that more of them could be controlled. The skeletons wouldnt just be soldiers for Miracle City, large amounts of them could be placed in mines and factories, thus creating a labour force of a million who would never be exhausted.

Miracle City sent thousands of people for a large excavation of the death ruins.

There were many bones on the surface layer and the surrounding area of the undead ruins.

These remains were immersed in death energy for tens of thousands of years, containing a powerful energy. As long as they were awakened as undead, they wouldnt be weak.

Large amounts of bones were gathered.

Miracle Citys airships sent the boxes back after they were filled.

Miracle Commerce mobilized several hundred gnome alchemists and with Chu Tians formula and the material provided by the company, they prepared large amounts of a potion to soak the bones in.

This potion could take care of the death energy inside the bones, so not only would they become stronger, the energy inside wouldnt corrupt the surrounding environment. After the bones have been simply taken care of, they were sent to a special awakening area. Several hundred Black Moon Sect cultivators with innate death energy were sent for to activate the soul flame and awaken the undead.

One skeleton soldier after another stood up.

These skeletons werent the same as normal skeletons. Although they were terrifying, there wasnt any energy leaking out. Their bones were pure white, like it was carved from white jade. Miracle City created large amounts of armour, spears, and blades in the Great Summer Country to arm them with.

Finally several thousand skeletons completely armed with weapons and armour stood in rows, heading towards their assigned area. If their helmets werent open, people would think they were normal soldiers.

Miracle Commerce had enough resources, so they quickly produced the skeleton soldiers.

In just a few days, they had already made tens of thousands of them.

At this time, Miracle Commerces territory shook. A layer of faint grey rose from the Miracle Mountain Ranges. Finally with Miracle City at its center, it created a giant cover of energy, completely surrounding Miracle City.

The Miracle City citizens were stunned as they all shouted out.

Long live, long live!

Miracle City also has a protective barrier!

The energy barrier was supported by the energy in the spirit veins and the death ruins, it was a giant barrier that could surround the entire mountain range! This barriers defenses were not bad and the most important thing was that it would be way harder to ambush Miracle City with the protective barrier!

Miracle City could prepare a Smart Brain to monitor the situation with the barrier. As long as any corner was attacked, how could Miracle Commerce not know about it!

How difficult was it creating a city protective barrier?

The forest cities needed to spend several dozen years to make it and then spend over a hundred years to strengthen it!

As for Chu Tian? He connected the spirit veins and released the energy in the death ruins to create a giant barrier for Miracle City. Dont look down on this barrier, just this protective umbrella was enough to make the Miracle City citizens feel safe enough to stay in the city. Increasing the safety of the city was very important for the stability of the city.

Yin Spirit arrived in front of Chu Tian looking a bit exhausted, The first batch of a hundred thousand skeletons can be completed in another week!

Its been hard on little sister sect master! Chu Tian was very satisfied with the Black Moon Sects efficiency, I think you should just construct a branch at the death ruins, that place is very suited for your cultivation!

Yin Spirits eyes lit up.

This was a very good thing!

The energy in the death ruins were very strong. It was not only suited for cultivation, it was also for refining corpses, this was an ideal place for the Black Moon Sect. Because the death ruins were close to Miracle City, this was even more convenient for the Black Moon Sect. They didnt need to spend that much on transportation.

Yin Spirit however gave a soft snort, You can be this kind? You most likely want us to stay and develop the death ruins in the long run for Miracle City!

How can little sister sect master say this? What relation do we have!

Nangong Yun came in at this time, Boss, I have finished investigating the matter you wanted me to check out!

Oh? This quickly! Chu Tian was very surprised, How is it!

Nangong Yun raised her brows and said in an impolite manner, Do you still need to ask? I have investigated it, the Savage Highlands are fighting with several outside spirit beast kingdoms, they want to annex them. I have reached an agreement with those spirit beast kingdoms to sell Miracle Citys firearms to them. Not only will we earn a large amount, we can make the Savage Highlands suffer a large loss!

The Dragon Ridge?

The Dragon Ridge was even easier to take care of. The Dragon Lord is very greedy, his city has the most in the Forest of Chaos, but he doesnt have his own people and the other races lack unity. This amount will eventually lead to a rebellion. At least four-five cities have come together to rebel against the Dragon Ridge and we can also support them with weapons to fight against Death Wing. These people dare to rebel against Death Wing, so they must have confidence in winning. If Miracle Commerce support them with firearms, Death Wing will not have time to deal with us!

Then do it like this! Chu Tian said to Nangong Yun, Nangong, Miracle Commerces firearm business will be handed to you, you will be the largest firearm dealer in the Forest of Chaos. Remember, firearms are a good card, not only will it bring large benefits to Miracle City, it is also a sharp weapon to weaken enemys controlled areas!

Nangong Yun was very happy. Such an important matter was handed to her, this meant Chu Tian trusted her very much, Boss, just be assured handing this to me!

After Meng Qingwu knew of Chu Tians arrangements, naturally she understood Chu Tians thoughts.

Miracle Commerces Source Energy Weapons had been developed for a long time. The current weapons power and capacity were ready to be commercialized. This was a very profitable business, so they should start selling them.

Chu Tian sold the Source Energy Weapons to their enemys enemies, this was a very smart method. He would not directly fight them, but he would exceed fighting them directly.

Burst Claw and Death Wing would be so depressed they would vomit blood.
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