Miracle Throne Chapter 519

The matter of Chu Tians assassination attempt did not even have time to brew before a series of things covered it up. Miracle Citys protective barrier was formed, an army of a hundred thousand skeletons was created, the citys defenses were greatly increased, and the firearm business was started!

The number one firearm merchant of the continent, Nangong Yun had won her first battle!

The two buyers had showed great interest in the Source Energy Weapons.

Therefore, after some negotiations, the two customers purchased large amounts of Storm Rifles, destructive machine guns, heave Source Energy Cannons, as well as new type of Source Energy Weapons. The two orders came to a high total of close to five hundred thousand source stones. In reality, these weapons costed less than fifty thousand source stones to create. It could be seen that the firearm business would be as important to Miracle City as a money tree.

Other than this, the one and half million source stones from the Elven Bank had arrived.

Miracle City began to give more loans to the surrounding tribes and encouraged people to start businesses. Other than that, a portion of the money went into the company, going to develop the Great Summer Country, the Great Zhou Country, and the Northern Militant Country. They developed large amounts of oil fields, rare mines, factories, as well as adding funds to research facilities.

The financial dilemma of Miracle Commerce had already been solved. This money loaned out would need less than half a year to earn several times the investment back!

Chu Tian, the Elven Bank has been opened and the Elven Bank has started to function. The Elven King has invited you and elder sister to the Eternal Forest for the opening ceremony.

Chu Tian cultivating in the Miracle Gardens received Yingyings call.

The elves efficiency wasnt bad, they opened the bank already. However, this was a good thing and avoiding a long delay means less trouble!

The Elven Bank has already been established in the active parts of the elven territory and the technology from Miracle Commerce had already arrived. It seemed like the elves would be the first race in the forest to benefit from Miracle Commerces technology.

The Elven Kings invitation had to be given face.

Chu Tian found his followers Meng Yingying and Vivian, before finding the young miss, Delores, and the others. They went through the Transport Tower to the Eternal Forest.

Everyone look, this is the Elven Bank! After Vivian arrived back in the Eternal Forest, she first brought everyone to a large building. She pointed at the building behind her like it was a treasure and said in a high spirited voice, What do you think about it!

The Elven Bank stood in the center of the Eternal Forest.

It followed the natural style of the elves, the Elven Bank had a tree house as a base and the surface was covered in vines. It was a full five stories tall and in a hexagonal shape, having a diameter of over a hundred meters. It looked like a giant tree stump, but it was covered in luxurious branches and leaves.

But this truly was a building because one could see windows and delicate flower patterns carved into the tree if one looked carefully. The symbol of the Elven Bank was a lush ancient Tree of Life.

It looked simple, but it was elegantly decorated.

The interior design was very suited. The vault and Smart Brain were very hidden, with many secret dark rooms that had barriers around them, which could isolate the inside. In short, there were many functions that gave people a sense of security and secrecy.

Meng Yingying couldnt help praising, This elven building is quite strange!

Tree houses were everywhere in the elven territory and the normal kind of house for elves. Normal elves like small and elegant houses and their houses were purely made of plants. Only those large buildings of the Elven Imperial City were made of stone.

There is nothing wrong with the characteristics. Vivian said, This is because the our Elven Bank wont just be opened in the elven territory, were also planning to open them in other forest cities. This kind of tree house is not just safe, it will attract peoples attention. It is the symbol of the elven race.

They didnt have time to look it over.

Vivian released her spatial energy.

They were sent to the Eternal Forests Elven Kings palace.

The Elven Bank was about to begin business and the Eternal Forest elves were hit with success in succession. The high level elves were all standing in a corridor in the cliff, looking down over the entire Eternal Forest.

This many people?!

Meng Yingying looked down from above at the people in the Eternal Forest. Perhaps everyone had been gathered today!

This is a special day for the Eternal Forest citizens. The Elven King Lancelot wore a fine Elven King cloak and held the Forest Scepter in his hand, After a period of hard work, Elven Banks have been established in all the important elven territory, which the elves have all paid attention to. Todays ceremony will be passed to all the elves through the image transfer mirrors, allowing every elf to see this moment! First, lets invite the Miracle City guests to say a few words!

The first to speak was Delores.

Delores status couldnt compare to Chu Tian or Meng Qingwu, but as Miracle Citys financial minister and the Miracle Bank director, she was the leader in terms of the bank. In the future, the elves would mainly be cooperating with her, so it wasnt strange for Delores to say a few words.

I am very honoured to represent Miracle Bank. The elves have a very strong influence and power, as well as a reputation that everyone on the continent praises, there is no other race more suited to creating a bank than the elves. Miracle Bank as the Elven Banks most important partner in the future, we will certainly work together to expand the economical field and contribute to the prosperity of the continent! Following this, I will announce the details of the cooperation between the Elven Bank and Miracle Bank..

Delores represented Miracle Bank to speak, therefore the contents of her speech were related to the two banks. The contents to the elves were something they had never heard before, which was very novel to them. When Delores finished her speech, the elves broke out in a wave of applause.

It was Meng Qingwus turn.

Delores represented Miracle Bank and Meng Qingwu represented Miracle City.

Meng Qingwu first gave a magnificent introduction and some praises, raising the elves high up before she came to the core of her speech, For a good day like today, I want to announce some good news. Weve already reached an agreement with the Eternal Forest before the Elven Bank agreement. When the Elven Bank opens, Miracle commerces spiritual network, transmission network, and communication network will all cover all the elven territory!

The elves stood up to give their applause!

This news was just too great!

All the elven brothers and sisters could enjoy a more beautiful and convenient life!

As the cooperation between Miracle City and the Eternal Forest deepens, we will not only provide full technological support for the Elven Bank, we will connect the Elven Bank with all of Miracle Citys services. Whether it is the shopping center, the theater, the trial field, the broadcast stations, the communication devices, even the restaurants, shopping streets, the Transport Towers, and etc., as long as one has an Elven Bank card, they can use it to pay directly. In the future, Miracle City will invest large amounts of resources to create a giant information database and create identity cards for each elf. Well make forest live much richer and Miracle City will be the connecting platform for the entire forest!

In the Eternal Forest and the various large elven cities, each elf clapped until their palms were swollen.

Meng Qingwus words filled the elves with expectations and yearning for their future lives!

Finally it was Chu Tians turn to take the stage.

Chu Tian walked to the corridor and looked down. The millions of elves of the Eternal Forest all had passionate gazes as they looked at him. With a faint smile, he cleared his throat to say, Our beautiful director Delores and vice City Lord Meng Qingwu has already said everything that needs to be said, so Ill talk about something else!

The elves instantly fell silent.

Everyone looked at him without even blinking.

This is the best time and the worst time. Chu Tians voice passed through the speaker to the entire Eternal Forest, The world is filled with chaos and natural threats, as people die from the chaos of war, people still face many challenges. But the continent is rich in resources and technology and civilization have just been enlightened, not separating chaos and order yet. Each race and each person are filled with endless possibilities!

The elves are one of the worlds most outstanding races and one of the most noble race, so you should shoulder the mission of this time. Use your strength, wisdom, and rigor to influence more people. Have your pureness, kindness, and songs spread to every corner of the continent.

All the beings in the world are related and not a single species can be thrown away, the elves are not an exception. You have already met the greatest chance in history. So, please bravely break the shackles, rip off those heavy chains, and chase a new elven era!

Even the most lowly and humble being should have dreams, dont be afraid that you cant fly high enough because you are now sitting on Miracle Commerce, this dream ship! Now please loudly tell me, do you want to be the top entrepreneur? Do you want to be the most popular singer on the continent? Do you want you be an artist who has their work passed down through the ages? Do you want to become a peak expert?

The elves were seething with excitement.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Then create a new era with us, starting from this forest and the continent!

Vivian was moved to tears and she shouted with the countless elves with a red face. Currently in the eyes of the countless elves, Chu Tian was like a giant.

Almost at the same time.

The elves in cities and other forests all shouted like a tidal wave.

Chaos, chaos, its all chaos! Augusta was so angry his beard came up, Lancelot, do you hear it? This is openly going against the statutes! Someone come and take away this nonsense speaking human!

The other conservative council members were also filled with anger.

This was because in their opinion, humans were simply filled with evil intentions. Actually stirring the elves to go against the statutes, how could this matter be allowed? If they werent being blocked, they would have sent him flying with a kick.

Sir speaker, please calm your anger!

Ulysses and the others quickly went forward to stop the enraged Augusta.

The Elven King ignored the chaos among the council members behind him because the words Chu Tian said was what the Elven King wanted to say, but his identity never allowed him to say it. Now that Chu Tian was saying it for him, of course his heart was filled with gratitude towards Chu Tian.

Were very grateful for the words from the three Miracle City representatives, this will surely be a moment written down in the history of the elves. The Elven King came forward to announce, I, the master of the Eternal Forest, the forty third Elven King, Lancelot hereby announce the formation of the Elven Bank!
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